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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in Android. What are they? Check out for the answer.

Samorost 1

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Amanita Design is best known for its Machinarium point and click adventure game. However, the Samorost series is fairly similar, albeit a little older, and this week the first title in that collection has finally been released on Android. Both Samorost 2 and 3 were already available on the Play Store, so this means 1’s release completes the trilogy, which has been a long time coming. Why Amanita Design released this series backward, I don’t know, but it’s finally complete, so if you dig point and click adventure games, make sure to check out Samorost 1. Best of all, the game is free, so there’s no harm in giving it a try.

Unholy Adventure

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Unholy Adventure is the latest point-and-click title from Dali Games, the people behind the Lucid Dream series. As you would expect, this release offers tons of puzzles to solve as you try to figure out what’s going on in the mysterious story. While the game is somewhat short, it’s completely free, so if you dig point and click adventure games, then this is definitely a title to check out this week. Best of all, the sequel is already available for pre-registration, so expect more from this series soon.

Woven Pocket Edition

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Woven Pocket Edition is a port of an indie PC game that has found some success on the platform, and so the game has now made its way to mobile. More or less, this is a narrative-heavy puzzle-based adventure game, and the story is fine enough, though the controls struggle a little. All in all, Woven is an enjoyable enough 3D adventure game, and since you can try before you buy, everyone is free to take a look to make up their own minds, which is always lovely to see.

Solitaire Master VS

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Yes, I know, solitaire games are a dime a dozen, but how many can boast competitive play? Not many, which is why Solitaire Master VS is worth a look. The single-player experience offers tons of new themes to unlock, and the versus mode is a hoot, where the player that completes their sorting with fewer moves wins. While the game is monetized a bit more than I’d like to see, the gameplay holds its own, especially the multiplayer mode. So if you’re looking for a new twist on classic solitaire without losing out on classic gameplay, Solitaire Master VS is a good option this week.

Ears and Burgers

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Ears and Burgers plays like someone was thinking of the classic Burger Time during an awful acid trip. It will be your job to assemble burgers and other foods by stacking them, but you’ll have to avoid the ingredients your patrons hate, which is where the game’s challenge enters the picture. You’ll have to pay close attention to what you’re stacking to avoid these foods, and so this is a casual game that feels familiar but offers its own twist on a classic formula for something that’s easily enjoyable in short bursts.

Call of Mushroom

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Call of Mushroom is an early access release from X-Land, and it plays like a tower defense game where you send out troops to collect resources and take down your opponents. It’s a simple setup we’ve seen before, and the graphics leave a lot to be desired. So even though this title isn’t a looker, it still may be worth a look at if you’re hard up for a new tower defense game, and at least it isn’t monetized heavily yet.

Spin Rhythm

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Spin Rhythm is not a port of the popular PC rhythm game Spin Rhythm XD, but a new version for mobile that’s easier to control and play. This is why the Play Store reviews mention that the gameplay is too easy. It is. Plus, the designs for the song mapping are nowhere near as good as the core game, and the monetization stinks. Flat-out. Basically, this game plays as if some no-name third-party studio made an interpretation of Spin Rhythm XD without any knowledge of what made the original fun, and so we get a cut-rate version filled with greedy monetization. This is why the mobile version uses an energy system. It’s also why you’ll have to watch ads unless you pay to remove them for 30 days at a time, which is as smarmy as it gets. Just play the PC game, it isn’t demanding, and it’s actually fun, unlike this greedy garbage.

Battle Pirates: Brawl

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There’s a reason why Battle Pirates: Brawl doesn’t show a single in-game screenshot or video of gameplay on its Play Store listing, and that’s because this game is a blatant Clash Royale clone, and so the developer chooses to keep everyone in the dark so that potential users won’t learn this is a clone until the game is installed, which is the entire point of using non-descript vids and pics. As you would expect, you’ll face off against other players to defeat their troops and take down their base, all to earn resources that will be used to strengthen your troops and build up your base. It’s a typical cash-grab setup using familiar gameplay mechanics designed to soak up the player’s money, which is precisely why this early access release that is clearly unfinished is already loaded with in-app purchases.

Auto Defense

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Auto Defense is the latest generic tower defense game to land on the Play Store. What’s odd about this release is that it comes from Gameloft, a studio that usually pumps out branded shovelware but has for some reason decided to publish a no-name TD title on a store filled with no-name TD titles. As you would expect from Gameloft, the release is already filled with aggressive monetization despite the fact it’s still early access.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG

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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG is the latest anime/manga to receive a mobile game interpretation. This release comes from Sony, and it’s basically an instance-based brawler where you’ll explore an overworld where you constantly get into fights, and it’s also a gacha game because, of course, it is. As you would expect, the game is filled with in-app purchases because Sony is clearly cashing in on this popular franchise, much as you would expect from just about any branded game on the Play Store. So to nobody’s surprise, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG is blatant shovelware designed to empty the pockets of children, so everyone should make sure to thank Sony for being such an upstanding company.

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