Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds

Refer to the list of the 17 fantastic Minecraft village seeds to try in the post below.

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds

When you first start Minecraft, you can feel very alone surrounded by the vastness of the blocky world ahead of you. Depending on randomization, you can wander for quite a while before you find any other lifeforms. There’s some peace and tranquillity in that, but sometimes you just want to interact with things to see what you can do and how the game will respond. You’ll likely run into some animals within the first few minutes of playing, but if you keep exploring, you may actually run into villagers. If this happens, that means that a village isn’t too far away.

Villages are exactly what they seem: An arrangement of buildings with farmlands and people living around them. These people are Villagers and are harmless to you as long as you mean them no harm. While you can’t always communicate with them, some will offer services. Villages also give you a chance to claim a pre-made home of your own. However, maybe you want a village with more interesting surroundings or a more interesting layout. You can keep exploring to see if the RNG grants your wish or you can make your own wish come true. Check out these fantastic Minecraft village seeds to put into your game.

1. Taiga Village (-4533787685252424435)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 1

x: (25) y: (64) z: (150) Welcome to the beauty that is the Taiga Village. Despite what the pronunciation of the name implies, you don’t have to worry about running into any tigers around here. The village is comprised of homes made mainly of wood stones, resembling reinforced log cabins. They’re positioned at the edge of a forest on a hill overlooking a sandy basin. This place seems to have some of the best natural elements going for it while maintaining a lovely rustic feel. You can enjoy the sounds and sights of nature as you search for a spot with the best view.

2. Village and Mansion (-1577163360414241589)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 2

x: (300) y: (70) z: (175) While villages tend to be pretty balanced in terms of the types of homes, there’s no rule that says some homes can’t be more grand. That’s what you’ll get when you plant this seed. Doing so will spawn a village by a river surrounded by trees. The buildings are the primary focus of this place, having wide and bright-wooden roofs. It draws your attention to the main attraction, which is the huge mansion that you can explore and try to claim it for yourself. If you don’t feel like making your own luxury, this is a good place to visit.

3. Desert Temple and Ruined Portal Village (-4807721116809566626)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 3

x: (-250) y: (71) z: (200) The main mystery of Minecraft is in the exploration and coming across all the weirdness that you won’t be able to explain right off the bat. There is some lore to Minecraft and this village adds a bit more to it. The village is an odd arrangement of old-looking homes spread out across a desert area with structures that look like ruins. This is strengthened by the two main points of interest: The Desert Temple and the Ruined Portal. Why are they here and what happened to them? Perhaps you can solve this mystery as you walk around the houses.

4. Double Mountain Village (-2518165757048628356)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 4

x: (200) y: (65) z: (25) Like with all mining games, Minecraft tempts you to dig down as fast and as far as you can. On the other hand, sometimes you may wonder just how high you can go via building or climbing. One answer is provided by this village which is surrounded by mountains. More accurately, it’s a series of classic villager homes located to the side of a valley leading between two mountain ranges. You can roam the village square taking in the majestic sight as you plan your strategy for climbing to the top of each peak. There might be enough space at the top for a castle too.

5. Zombie Village (2736651426138416156)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 5

x: (-350) y: (69) z: (75) The undead are a hazard you’ll run into in Minecraft. Particularly, zombies will emerge at night and prowl the area in search of prey. But what impact does this component have on other areas? This seed produces a village that might have the solution. It’s a serene area that runs alongside a wide ravine and the edge of a forest. Hardly no one lives there, and most of the houses are in varying states of disrepair. There is hardly any proof that anyone has ever been here. They might have turned into zombies, and the zombies might not have left anything behind.

6. Snowy Mountains Village (-515616061425514285)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 6

x: (0) y: (72) z: (125) A word that is easy to associate with mountains is cold. There are so many photos of snowy mountain peaks that look chilling but also inviting. You can see whether this is true by planting this seed. From it, a village will grow at the foot of a snowy mountain as it spreads across a snowy plain. The homes are a mix of stone and snow igloos and huts made to fight the cold while still appearing cosy. You can also take in the warm glow of the lanterns set along the different pathways. Take your time to take it all in or spend time building tons of snowmen.

7. Iceberg Village (-1726916498423192890)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 7

x: (-230) y: (63) z: (125) Although most people would assume that rivers and lakes are the main sources of freshwater, icebergs and glaciers also contribute significantly. The settlement that grew from this seed is proof of this. It would be an understatement to say that there is a ton of water. The village is still on the coast, but the buildings are spread out on a small area of land that is surrounded by water, and there is even a castle-like building close by. Also, if you gaze out over the sea, you’ll notice an iceberg forest, which is obviously quite cool.

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8. Coral Reef Village (3116600303022152324)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 8

x: (-125) y: (64) z: (-175) Coral reefs rank among the top natural resources that we should work to protect. This town gives you a glimpse of the various lovely creatures that inhabit the underwater habitats. Everyone wants to keep an eye on the reef that begins where the sand ends, where a mixture of wooden and stone dwellings have been built along the coastline. You can dive down after swimming along the surface to get a closer look. Be alert for jellyfish and sunken treasure as you observe the coral and wildlife.

9. Ravine Village (6219333231150631233)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 9

x: (135) y: (70) z: (-175) The most astounding aspect about ravines is how they pierce the landscape, sometimes even through the mountains themselves. Add this seed to your planet to witness evidence for yourself. The village that develops will be elevated and surrounded by thick foliage on all sides. They are located at the bottom of what appears to be a mountainous ravine. As the snow melts and flows into a waterfall, water can be seen playing another role. It is both grand and serene, making it ideal for the casual traveler.

10. Savanna Village (610287737851732549)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 10

x: (25) y: (64) z: (0) Traveling might be a significant commitment, but it is one that must be made if you want to experience a savanna-like environment. The savanna, which is characterized by large open plains and dispersed vegetation, is somewhat encapsulated by this town. Homes in this area have intriguing raised designs as well as some stocky structures to withstand the various elements in such a setting. Due to its flatness, the area may be seen in its entirety from a decent vantage point. You can take a dip in the adjacent waters if the weather becomes too hot.

11. Beachside Village (-2463624627578775778)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 11

x: (100) y: (64) z: (225) For many of us, the idea of a beach vacation is a fantasy and the idea of living there is an even bigger one. There are so many soothing and comforting sounds associated with the seaside and you can visit a lovely Minecraft version using this side. It will spawn a very small but rustic village positioned on a peninsula. You’ll have easy access to the sea on multiple sides where you can swim through some pretty deep waters. The environment is varied with a nice mix of sand, grass, and trees. Torches adorn the different paths and could be used to lead the way to your new home.

12. Snow Village (8728761322896572220)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 12

x: (0) y: (70) z: (50) You might not have been able to enjoy the splendor of snow depending on where you live. Thank heavens for digital experiences like this one provided by video games and other seeds. Visit a cozy little community of mostly-wooden houses that are styled to resemble log cabins. The settlement is surrounded by a number of adjacent bodies of water as well as some small, snow-covered hills and cliffs. You can set yourself the goal of creating an igloo with a warm, cozy basement interior, much like in other icy locations.

13. Double Church Village (-7794481189465718274)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 13

x: (100) y: (70) z: (-150) Despite not being very intricate, the villagers remain quite enigmatic even after all this time. Although little is known about their society, this village seed sheds some light on it. It enables you to go to and interact with a village that is distinguished by having two churches. These impressively large buildings are generally composed of stone and have towering glass windows that let light shine through. If visiting the tiny stone homes and strolling along the docks aren’t appealing enough, try them out. But, there are now two places where you can ask for forgiveness if you ever do something wrong in Minecraft.

14. Forest Edge Village (2583884361771191619)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 14

x: (0) y: (69) z: (-125) Naturally, you’ll want to be close to a forest because almost every session of Minecraft will begin with you hitting trees to collect some wood. You should look into this village seed if your passion for them is that deep. In addition to being bigger and wider than the typical village, this one is encircled on all sides by a thick forest. As you wander about, you’ll see that many species of trees are coexisting peacefully. This would make a great location for some farms, and you may even consider using one of the neighboring hills as a view point.

15. Double Village (7117761285715771979)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 15

x: (-125) y: (64) z: (225) When you do come across a village while wandering, it is typically made up of a small number of identically built homes that are all situated on the same level. This can be confirmed by providing you with a completely unique type of settlement using this seed. Simply told, it creates an unusually shaped, much larger settlement in a relatively open location. But, there are still coasts to explore and a sizable forest in the distance. The town itself is laid out in a cross pattern and is made up of different building types, sizes, and designs, some of which have specific purposes. How are you going to make your house unique?

16. Plains Village (-6373821514732479035)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 16

x: (215) y: (69) z: (200) Large, naturally flat, open regions covered in grass and flowing are what constitute plains. Even though blocks are a limitation in Minecraft, this seed lets you experience what it’s like to live in the plains. It brings back memories of a time when houses were sturdy, straightforward, and wholesome, and communities were small. The way it blends in with the surrounding plants, trees, and ground gives it the appearance of a suburban neighborhood in the middle of a wilderness. This location is ideal for creating a home, not simply a house in Minecraft.

17. Desert Village (-7783637467294793237)

Try these 17 amazing Minecraft village seeds - 17
x: (100) y: (66) z: (125) Those who can survive in the desert are resourceful and strong, making use of whatever they may find. In this village seed, you can see how this might develop. The homes have brilliant tan colors and resemble sandcastles, giving the impression that they could be made of clay or sand. A river flows around the village’s edge to keep it alive, and there is enough of sand for making glass. If you do choose to settle here, you can think of strategies to support desert life.