Try The Best New Android Apps Of April 2021 Right Now

What are the best new Android apps of this month? Check out this list to try something new for your phone.


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EKA2L1 is a Symbian emulator and one of only a couple in the Play Store. It supports a few different versions of Symbian, including S60v1, S60v3, and S60v5. This gives it the ability to emulate a long of things, including the old N-Gage console. The emulator also comes with functions like keymapping if you want to play games along with things like frame rate adjustment. It’s a free app so N-Gage fans can enjoy this on the cheap.

FCC Speed Test

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The FCC launched its own speed test app this month. It works like most speed tests. You hit go and the app checks things like your download and upload speeds, latency, jitter, and packet loss. It also runs in the background to periodically test your network connection. This gives the FCC a better idea how good or bad the Internet is in your area. We particularly like the inclusion of packet loss, a unique function in this space and important for troubleshooting. You can set the app to not run in the background if you want to preserve your mobile data.

Microsoft Whiteboard

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Microsoft Whiteboard is an app that is popular with Microsoft Teams subscribers. This is its first full mobile release. It’s a bit basic compared to other platforms, but it is a work in progress. It lets you draw out ideas, take notes, and collaborate with other people. The app is only available to work and school accounts right now. It should get better and more widely available as time goes.

News in Bullets

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News in Bullets is a newsreader app. The app’s main function is summarizing an article’s contents for easy and quick digestion. It supports thousands of publications, hundreds of topics, and a pretty decent search function. The news is a more complex machine than it’s ever been and this helps simplify it a little bit. News in Bullets is a free app with ads.

Phocus II

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Phocus II is a blur and portrait mode editor. You basically import an image and it helps you add things like bokeh along with other style edits. There are also things like portrait mode lighting, a tool to change the background color, and various other adjustments you can make. The app is a tad pricey for what it does, but people who take selfies a lot may find the yearly price easy to swallow for what this app can do.


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Stack is the latest app from Area 120 by Google. It’s a basic PDF scanner with an OCR element. You scan in documents like receipts or other such things. The app parses the information and saves a PDF to your Google Drive. This is obviously a niche app that everyone won’t need. However, it’s actually pretty good for folks who do things like save receipts for tax season. Plus, PDFs are small so you can store a ton of them in your Google Drive. This app works surprisingly well and it’s also free to download and use.

Stories Now

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Stories Now is another RSS newsreader. This one is a little more traditional than News in Bullets. It supports RSS and ATOM. Some other features include categories, a dark theme, and more. The big feature that sets it apart is the story presentation. It shows you news stories from your sources in the form of Instagram Stories. You hit the bubble and see an Instagram Story style post with the headline. It’s easy to click through and read the article from there. It’s a little basic, but we like the idea and direction.


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Untrack is a privacy app. It removes the extra nonsense at the end of website URLs. The extra junk is usually used to track you. This is usually not a big deal to most folks, but this app is a nice idea now that people are starting to take privacy seriously. Basically, you make this app your default browser and then assign your actual default browser inside the app. Then, when you click links, the app removes all link tracking from it and launches the base link in your actual default browser. It’s barely noticeable in practice. The app runs for $1.99 with no in-app purchases or ads.


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Wateria is an app for plant care and watering. The base function of the app is a watering reminder app. You simply input your plants and the watering schedule and it reminds you to water them. The app also gives you tips on growing your plants, and even Google Lens support (on devices with the appropriate versions of Android). It’s a niche for sure, but it worked well in our testing.

We have put together a list of the best new Android apps of April 2021. Join Appvn right now and own the update new and hottest app releases every day. 


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