Top 8 games for iOS and Android that can be played together

You are searching for a good game that can be played together. Don’t worry; in this article below, you can clearly find out the top 8 best games for iOS and Android.

Imagine you and your friends are excited about playing together in a new multiplayer game. However, you all own different devices. Now, the group of friends you can play with is potentially limited. Sure, we all have our preferences, but whether you rock the latest Android smartphone, or the hottest iPhone, shouldn’t stop you from interacting with each other.

Thankfully, despite using different OS’s, most devices are often intimately interconnected. Cross-play lets you play with friends and strangers across the globe, regardless of their chosen device. Not only that, it ensures that a game maintains a healthy user base within its live service.

However, not all games offer the ability to play among different devices. In this list, we’re taking a look at what games iPhone and Android users can play together. So, regardless of what side of the fence you are on, you’ll be able to match and play with your friends in the games listed below. Enjoy!

1/ Among Us

Among Us is one of the more unique and interactive multiplayer games out there. Players are assigned various tasks, while up to three of them are randomly chosen as impostors. The impostors must do everything in their power to either sabotage progress or kill other players.

It wouldn’t be much to write home about if not for the game’s in-game chat system. Players can call meetings to collate clues and hopefully single out suspicious characters. This simple yet interactive addition turns Among Us into an intriguing whodunit premise.

Better yet, Among Us offers full cross-play support. Meaning Android and iOS users can play together with those on consoles and PC.

2/ Genshin Impact

Few games capture the open-world wonder and attention to detail of Breath of the Wild. But Genshin Impact has a lot going in its favor. For one, its combat system gives you just as much opportunity to experiment and explore. For two, it’s one of the best-looking games on Android.

Genshin Impact entices you with a vast open-world setting to explore, and an equally impressive amount of characters to unlock. Consistent content updates ensure that the game is enjoyable on your own. But if you prefer to team up, then you can do so on Android and iOS without restrictions.

3/ Hearthstone

Nearly a decade after its release, Hearthstone remains one of the best card games on mobile. Its slogan, “Deceptively simple. Insanely fun”, is an accurate descriptor of the game’s qualities. Hearthstone is easy enough to learn. But consistently getting to the Legend rank in constructed mode, or amassing 12 wins in Arena, requires an exceptional amount of skill.

This, in turn, leads to an immensely fun and rewarding gameplay. Rotating card metas also means you don’t need to own older collections to enjoy the game. Finally, cross-play between PC, Android, and iOS means that you can play with your friends regardless of what device they own.

4/ League of Legends: Wild Rift

When it comes to PC MOBAs, League of Legends enjoys unprecedented popularity. Its vivid visuals, varied characters, and strategic gameplay reel in millions of players and spectators on live-streaming platforms. Wild Rift does pretty much the same as an exclusive title for Android and iOS.

It offers the same MOBA experience that you’ve come to expect from the PC version. There’s an ever-increasing total of over 80 heroes to choose from, with more being added via regular content updates. And you’re also incentivized to pick one that not only appeals to your play style but compliments the overall composition of your team.

5/ Mario Kart Tour

What League of Legends is to the MOBA genre, Mario Kart is to the kart racing genre. Nintendo’s portfolio of titles is unimaginable without the iconic Italian plumber’s foray into the racing world. Understandably, most entries in the series remain exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

Aside from one, that is. Mario Kart Tour brings Nintendo’s vibrant kart racer to Android and iOS, along with the ability to play together across both platforms. In addition to hectic online races for up to eight players, Mario Kart Tour features several game modes. On top of that, you can play either in portrait or landscape mode and unlock tons of new drivers and karts.

6/ Pokémon GO

With Pokémon GO, Niantic proved a point that augmented reality games aren’t necessarily a gimmick. Grab your phone and head out into the real world, explore to find elusive Pokémon, and interact with other players.

Pokémon GO encapsulates the very essence of Pokémon: the abundance of cute little creatures and the thrill of taking them to battle against other trainers. More importantly, it captures the sense of community that this augmented reality experience brings with it.

This game is made with phones in mind, as most of the game’s features unfold when you venture outside. Android and iOS users can play together, which means that the community stays active.

7/ Rocket League Sideswipe

As it turns out, cars and soccer go well together. Thanks to its satisfying physics-based gameplay, Rocket League continues to draw in millions of players on consoles and PC. Sure, the in-game chat might prove a bit tough to handle at times, but that’s what friends are for.

Rocket League Sideswipe brings similar gameplay to mobile, and it’s every bit as good as its console and PC counterpart. The main difference comes in the form of a slightly more confined 2.5D environment. That aside, you can team up with your friends, either on Android or iOS devices, fight for the ball, and unlo.

8/ Streets of Rage 4ck new content while you’re at it.

The beat-em-up genre is possibly the most entertaining one to play with friends. That statement holds true today just as it did 20 years ago. Streets of Rage 4 revitalized a franchise that was dormant for nearly a quarter of a century. Aside from the new gorgeous visuals, not much has changed. You can still enjoy the simple yet satisfying beat-em-up combat, fan-favorite characters, and the mesmerizing soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro.

Streets of Rage 4 features separate crossplay for consoles and PC, but players on mobile can play regardless of their device of choice. Meaning you can pick Axel on Android while your friend on iOS plays as Blaze. Or as any of the other newly added heroes.

There are plenty of quality games that Android and iPhone users can play together

Open-world games, card games, MOBAs, and beat-em-ups; there’s no shortage of genres to choose from when playing with friends.

Moreover, all of the games on this list let you play with players on Android and iOS, but many include consoles and PC. You can be sure that the online communities for these games won’t run dry anytime soon.

Which game do you like best on the list of the top 8 games for iOS and Android in this article? Don’t hesitate to leave a review in the section below.