Top 6 Intriguing 2021 Point-and-click Adventure Games

What are some best point-and-click adventure games for Android and iOS? We dedicated you to a roundup of the best games in this genre. Now let’s sit back, tune your brain to another frequency, and enter another world!

If you’ve never played a point-and-click adventure game before, typical ingredients include a focus on puzzles and dialogue over action. Such games tend to feature at their core an elaborate chain of cause-and-effect puzzles involving the unlikely interaction and combination of multiple items. These 6 point-and-click adventure games of iPhone and iPad should be a great place to start.

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Purrfect Tale

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Purrfect Tale is a casual genre game by BadMouse which got a huge base of fans though it’s just been released not long. This game would be widely welcomed by players who have pets, especially cat lovers since cats are the main characters as well. You’ll not get bored though after a few hours of playing. Have a good and relaxing time in this virtual world, meet some adorable cats, and choose your own lifestyle.

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Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

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Chicken Police: Paint It Red is a gorgeous looking film noir style game that takes everything you love from the classic buddy-cop movies and mixes it with a huge cast of anthropomorphic characters. The story, voice-overs and adult humour are great making this a must play.

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Magnus Failure

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Magnus Failure is an isometric exploration and adventure game with logical elements. Solve puzzles using the right combination of items, find them in the surrounding world and solve mini-logic games. The world is full of mechanisms that open up new locations for the player.

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MechCube: Dark Stories

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This is the second point-and-click game from the MechCube series – a truly titanic structure discovered by an ill-fated expedition in the ancient ice of Antarctica. The Cube consists of many rooms; in the center of each room there is a puzzle device; once you solve the puzzle you can unlock the doors to the adjacent rooms. But be careful! The space and time inside the Cube are intermixed; an open door can lead you to prehistoric Earth, to a dimension of unimaginable horror, or into the vacuum of open space!

Tales of the Mirror

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What to expect from this visual novel puzzle inspired by Chinese legend?

Tales of the Mirror begins peacefully enough – you lounge around along the south of Yangtze River, enjoying the gorgeous view of the lake. But the appearance of a woman named Ren Sanniang disrupts the humdrum of your everyday life, and you’re thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and murder – all to bring justice to her family and bring a happy ending to her tearful tale.

With an engaging storyline with branching narratives, a breathtaking hand-painted aesthetic, this game definitely is one of the best point-and-click adventure games for you to binge playing.

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The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

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THE WALKING DEAD: NO MAN’S LAND models itself after the hit TV show The Walking Dead. It features locations and heroes from the show and lets players relive many of its scenarios. Like Rick Grimes and company, players work to build and upgrade a home base by going on scavenging runs. With resources and experience gained from these runs, players can collect heroes, then train and equip them, thus making them better able to fight off the drooling zombie hordes. Raid Mode also lets players fight each other for bragging rights and in-game currency.

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If we missed any great 2021 point-and-click adventure games, tell us about it in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android apps and games.

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