Top 5 Squid Game Inspired iOS Games

What are the best Squid Game inspired iOS games 2021? Here are the best games like squid game iOS for great gaming moments. 

There are a lot of different games that could pair well with the Korean horror series, but the Squid Game inspired games listed below match this survival series themes more than the actual events that take place in each episode.

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List Of Best Squid Game Inspired Games For iOS

The Danganronpa Series – Squid Game iOS Game Alike

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Weirdly enough, Squid Game and the Danganronpa series actually have a lot of narrative elements in common. In the Danganronpa games, a group of high schoolers is tasked with playing a “killing game” that has the students kill one another secretly and not get caught in a student-led trial. The protagonist of each game needs to root out who committed the murders and correctly identify them.

Thematically, the games have a lot in common with Squid Game. The series pits over 400 people against each other, and the game makers encourage them to win by any means necessary – even if that means killing. In both narratives, it becomes clear very early on that not everyone in Squid Game wants to play the deadly games, but they don’t have much of a choice in it. The “good guys” are separated from the “bad guys” in both narratives by the way that everyone adapts to the horrific situation; those that are going to make the most out of the lawless nature of the games for their own gain, and those who are trying to make sure everyone leaves the games alive.


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Anyone genuinely looking to experience the madness that is “Squid Game” might have the best chance to do so in the sandbox title “Roblox.” Like “Fall Guys,” “Roblox” is not often associated with the level of graphic violence seen on the show, but dedicated fans have managed to recreate enough of the challenges to help “Squid Game” make its video game debut.

The “Roblox” take on “Squid Game” isn’t exactly a single cohesive experience. Instead, it consists of games recreated by different users. Although the quality can vary, it is currently the best way for viewers to try the actual “Squid Game” challenges in a virtual setting.

Players can explore, for instance, a module called “Red Light, Green Light EPISODE 5!” that contains versions of Honey Comb, Tug of War, Red Light, Green Light, and more. Anyone who doesn’t find the recreation they’re looking for in that offering can try “Squid Game X,” which features many of the same games but with a slightly different take on each.

Grand Theft Auto V (with mods)

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“GTA 5” has enjoyed an especially extended life with the help of its modding community. One mod even added 70 new missions to the game, giving gamers extra playtime in their favorite setting. However, some modders have used the assets of “GTA 5” to create entirely new worlds, or recreate pop culture favorites. Now, several streamers have posted videos of a mod that brings “Squid Game” to life.

For instance, Caylus began his “Squid Game” run by telling viewers he forgot he signed up for the event. Then, he proceeded to maneuver his way through each game, starting with Red Light, Green Light. Though Caylus didn’t name the mod he was using, it mimicked “Squid Game” perfectly, capturing its bleak landscape. The mod even allowed for masked guards in pink jumpsuits, ominously standing around the games, but refusing to speak. Caylus made it through two games — Red Light, Green Light and the infamous glass bridge challenge — but lost the challenge in the third round, which featured jumping cars over the entire map of “GTA 5.” After falling from the sky on a motorcycle, Caylus was “wasted” by the game’s moderator.

Kwebbelkop seemed to have a different “Squid Game” experience. Though he also began with Red Light, Green Light, he then moved on to a chaotic game of Simon Says and his own walk across the glass bridge. Finally, the group played a game of musical cars and, at last, a slap-off. Kwebbelkop did win the game, but many weren’t so lucky.

Playing “Squid Game” in “GTA 5” allows players to dip into the tense thriller for just a bit before jumping back into Los Santos, which can be equally as intense.

Hello Neighbor

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When it comes to Squid Game mobile game ios, I can’t think of any name that fit the theme other than Hello Neighbor. 

Hello Neighbor is a stealth survival game with a horror feel. You try and sneak into the basement of their neighbor’s house to uncover a “horrible secret”. The game responds to your strategy by setting traps along paths the player followed in previous attempts.

As you explore the neighbor’s house from the first-person perspective, you have to avoid being spotted or be chased down and be captured. Creeping around like this leads to high suspense and jump scares. You can stun them and throw objects. Each time you are caught you go back to your house and try again.

There are a few games in this series

  • Hello Neighbor (2017) on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Switch
  • Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek (2018) on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Switch
  • Secret Neighbor (2019) on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Switch
  • Hello Neighbor 2 (2020) on PC, Xbox Series X

In the Secret Neighbor version of the game, one plays as the neighbor and six as the intruder. The neighbor chooses from several classes and uses everything in your power to prevent intruders from succeeding. The neighbor is initially in disguise and tries to lure other players away from the group. As the game page states, “It feels like that scene from The Thing where characters test each other for who’s the traitor. Practice your roleplay skills.”

If you are finding some Squid Game inspired games, this game will have all you need. 

Brawl Stars 

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“Squid Game” is all about turning kids’ games into a realm of chaos and horror, and what better game to sum that up than Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a fighting game where you battle the computer or other players in all against all and team matches. You can play as any of the game’s 50 plus characters, called “Brawlers”, in an arena. The cartoon style lends the game a more lighthearted aesthetic.

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Each Brawler has a main attack and 3 other abilities:

  • Super, which is like the Brawler’s special attack
  • Star powers, which are passive abilities that can deal damage to opponents or aid you in myriad other ways
  • Gadgets, which are unlockable abilities that deal massive amounts of damage.

By winning fights, you move through a progression system called the Brawl Pass. The rewards are quite generous, giving you loot boxes, skins, emojis, coins and Brawlers. It refreshes every two months. You can also view your progress and claim milestone prizes on the “Trophy Road”.

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