Top 5 Mobiles Survival Horror Games For Resident Evil Alternatives

Resident Evil has been the best survival horror series so far. Unfortunately, not every version of the series is available on mobile. So, here are the top 5 best survival horror games for someone who fans of this game.

Resident Evil has become a survival horror runaway success property for Capcom, spawning multiple video game consoles, Hollywood movies, and anime. The series continues to truck the survival horror formula along with the most recent chapter, Resident Evil Village.

For mobile users, gamers can dig back into the past and satisfy their hunger for scares with some previously survival horror games released. Whether it’s a terrifying movie adaptation or a unique first-party franchise, horror fans are definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to punishing themselves with fear.

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Dead Trigger – Best Survival Horror Games

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Dead Trigger is a free-to-play, one of the best survival horror games, first-person Shooter, and Single-player video game by MadFinger Games. The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic world full of bloodthirsty zombies, and only a few people have survived. In this game, the player can assume the protagonist’s role, who starts his adventure to rescue other survivors and eliminate all the zombie creatures before it too late.

The game offers a huge range of weapons. All that player needs to choose his best weapon and get into the game world, explore the indoor and outdoor environment, collect resources, and kill all the enemy creatures before eating his brain. The game offers full 3D characters with an environment and a high-quality soundtrack, making the game more interesting. Dead Trigger includes core features such as unlimited random missions, powerful enemies, high realistic weapons, free updates, unlocks new weapons, etc.


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Another survival horror game like Resident Evil is Doom II RPG, an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, First-person Shooter, and Single-player video game developed by Fountainhead Entertainment and published by Jamdat Mobile. It is a sequel to the game Doom RPG that offers a new story plot with more enjoyable gameplay. According to the game’s story, a mysterious distress signal calls a team based on two hundred Marines and scientists to the Union Aerospace Corporation research facility on the Earth’s Moon. The player’s force has taken hold of the station filled with various zombies and monster creatures. In this game, the player’s main task is to use his weapons and kill all the enemy creatures to complete his game objective.

There are series of missions, and each new mission of the game offers more challenging gameplay than the last one. The game offers a limited amount of weapons, but it allows the player to get new weapons using his experience points as he advances in the game. There are three different playable characters, more than nine different playable maps, power-ups, interaction with the non-player characters, hack security system, and customizable controls. Doom II RPG offers quite impressive gameplay, a well-written storyline, and brilliant visual details.

Dead Effect

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The next game in the list of best survival horror games like Resident Evil is Dead Effect, a fantastic Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi, 1st person Shooter, and Single-player video game developed by inDev Brain and published by Bulkypix. The game offers similar gameplay to the other first-person shooter games such as N.O.V.E. and Modern Combat series. There are two different characters in this game: Gunnar Davis (male) and Jane Grey (female). Choose one of them and get into the game world. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment full of bloodthirsty zombie creatures, and the ultimate mission of the player is to use his weapons and kill all the zombie creatures. It has a massive range of powerful weapons such as a shotgun, laser gun, machine gun, and much more.

It also allows the player to unlock new weapons to make the game interesting. The game features more than twelve missions which the player can complete in sequence. During each mission, the player encounters a massive wave of zombies and completes various tasks such as gather power-ups and find codes to open the door. To make the game more complicated, the player also has to face lots of enemy bosses. Dead Effect offers multiple modes such as Story mode, Survival mode, biohazard mode, content-rich story plot, smooth controls, and brilliant visual details.

Radiation Island

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This is an addictive survival horror where the player crafts his own destiny in the massive open-world environment. In this game, the player plays the part of the Philadelphia Experiment. He aims to discover the new and mysterious world, collect items, solve puzzles, and survive in this challenging world.

There are multiple maps available in the game, such as dark forests, caves, Snowy Mountain, and much more. Each area of the game consists of multiple levels, and in each level, the player faces different dangers and deadly puzzles to solve for progress through the storyline. The game offers a crafting system that allows the player to gather useful items and craft different weapons and tools to help. Radiation Island includes core features such as hunt animals, resources, deadly puzzles, achievements, day and night cycles, excellent game setting, and brilliant visual details.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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We can’t complete top 5 games to replace Resident Evil without this. Last Day on Earth: Survival is created and published by Kefir. It is an Action-Adventure, Exploration, Survival, Crafting, and Single-player video game. The game takes place in the futuristic post-apocalyptic world, where an outbreak of an unknown infection destroyed almost all the human race. Due to disease, all people have turned into zombie-like creatures, and only a few survivors hardly survived.

In the ruined world, the remaining survivors are looking for a way to a safe place. The game puts the player into the role of a survivor whose main task is to survive by collecting valuable resources, crafting weapons, and defeating all the zombie creatures. During the gameplay, the player can move freely with the objectives of following the maps and gathering all useful things that will help the character to survive. After completing the starting stages, the game allows the player to build the area using multiple buildings.

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Thank you for reading. If we miss out on any survival horror games like Resident Evil, please remind us in the comment section below. 


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