Top 5 Mobile Football Games in 2022 to Celebrate Qatar World Cup

In the bustling atmosphere of the 2022 world cup in Qatar, let's take a look at the 5 best football games available on mobile phones.

The 2022 men’s football World Cup in Qatar kicks off in November with a lot of excitement, not going out of this event, we covered up the 5 best 2022 football games that will help you immerse in the excitement for the biggest sporting event of the year.

Score Hero 2022

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Score Hero was initially released in 2015 but unlike any other game, the hype has not died down yet. It is a football game where the user can control his /her personalized hero/player in a team. The game itself is officially affiliated with La Liga, Jupiler League, Eredivisie and Bundesliga.

Furthermore, the user does not play the entire match but rather participates in key plays during the match. The hero/player progresses throughout different levels and gets the opportunity to play for better teams as well. The new Score Hero 2022 has the national team feature embedded in it.

Soccer Super Stars

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Ever since the introduction of Score Hero to the football gaming world, many new similar ripoffs have come up. However, not many games have been able to grasp the concept of Score Hero or perhaps simply copy it.

Nevertheless, Soccer Super Stars, inspired by Score Hero is definitely a hit. The game has over 100m downloads on Android and IOS. The developers focused more on “realistic football” which is expressed throughout the game. There are different outcomes for every pass played. The standout aspect of the game is there are no limited lives like in Score Hero.

Dream League Soccer 2022

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Dream League Soccer, also known as DLS 2022 is one of the biggest and most popular offline football games you can play right now. Players can build their dream team from a pool of 4400 licensed players. DLS allows you to build your dream team and compete in championships.

The game also gives the players the ability to edit and develop stadium and training grounds. One can also organize different training sessions, and design your team jersey as well. The graphics in the game are also very high and realistic.

FIFA Football

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FIFA is arguably the greatest football game of all-time. The 2010-14 editions are the most famous ones on the Sony PlayStation platforms. FIFA 14 and 15 made a revolution in the mobile gaming world with online matches as well.

As FIFA progressed over the years, the game has expanded its horizon. The League or Seasons mode consists of more than 100 leagues. There’s no better game than FIFA with regard to graphics, opening packs and the design of player cards. FIFA Football has recently introduced a new live market system. The system is quite different from the old one in which only bots were there. The new one has a live market system in which other users can buy from the market.

 eFootball PES 2022

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eFootball PES and FIFA are the undisputed rivals in the football gaming world. eFootball PES on the mobile platform has many special distinctions as well which makes it one of the best games.

The layouts, controls and realism of PES are arguably the best with a very user-friendly interface. This puts all users on an equal stage with only their skills to separate them. The game is not incredibly difficult as well and consists of many 85-100 players which are easy to acquire. The graphics and suspense in opening new packs or acquiring new players is as good as FIFA. Moreover, the game is up-to-date with teams from the Top 5 Leagues and enables users to acquire players from those teams.

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