Top 25 soft launch games for Android, iPhone & iPad

Refer to the Top 25 soft launch games for Android, iPhone & iPad that you shouldn’t miss.

If you’ve been looking for something new and exciting, maybe something that isn’t even available worldwide, and could well be the next big thing, then look no further, you’ve found the list of the best games currently in soft launch, and we’ve brought all of the best into one place.

The biggest games yet to launch on the global market

Sometimes developers like to make sure the paying public is willing to play their game before they push it to every device in the world. And thus, we find ourselves with soft launch games. Available in just a handful of countries and regions, a soft-launched game is subject to drastic change as developers take on board customer feedback (and other metrics) to alter the game and ensure the best possible product is ready for when it goes to worldwide launch.

But here’s the kicker – we can see when developers do that. And when you’re looking at some of the big games, like the ones we have on this list, then you can find yourself getting very excited, and even a little jealous that you can’t play it yet.

So to help you out a little, we’ve collected a huge list of some of the biggest and best games currently available in soft launch, which you might well be able to get if you have the right Apple ID or Google Play account to download it with.


As mentioned above, these TestFlight games are likely to change massively throughout their soft launch periods, and it’s nigh-on impossible to keep up with their development for months at a time. Some of our info might therefore only be accurate at the time of writing – sorry about that! Please let us know in the comments, and we’ll get it fixed!

In case a game suddenly disappears, it might be because the developer has decided to stop development on it early and save themselves the cost of a big launch, or because the developer is gearing up for a big launch and wants to surprise the world. Whatever the case, we’ll try and keep you updated when these things happen.

Whet your appetite enough yet? Dig into the list of games below and find out what you could be playing later this year, or right now if you’ve got the right account in the right region.

1/ Snowbreak: Containment Zone

  • Publisher: SEASUN GAMES PTE. LTD.
  • Platform: Android, iOS, PC
  • Country: China

A stunning anime RPG shooter, similar to NIKKE in a way, Snowbreak: Containment Zone is probably the next big title to grace our mobile devices or PC with its presence. It shows a lot of potential right now, so once it will be officially launched in July, you should definitely give it a shot.

2/ Starship Survivor

  • Publisher: Brainium Studios LLC
  • Platform: iOS
  • Country: Canada and Australia

Starship Survivor is a new roguelike game for iPhone and iPad. In this game, you will have to fight against many enemies and defeat bosses. You can use power crystals to increase your level and coins to upgrade your spaceship and buy new weapons and items. The game has an incredible retro atmosphere and dynamic gameplay.

3/ Argent Twilight

  • Publisher: NEXON
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Canada and Malysia

Argent Twilight is a new RPG and strategy game in anime style. The game is a fantastic adventure full of mysteries, characters, and secrets. You will have to create a group and explore this wonderful anime world. You can use the different abilities of your group to defeat enemies. Also, you can explore dungeons to get new items. Moreover, the game has a PVP mode.

4/ World of Warships: Legends

  • Publisher: Wargaming
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Canada, the Phillippines

World of Warships: Legends is a new free-to-play multiplayer ship combat action game for mobile devices. In this game, you will have to fight in 9v9 battles against other players. There are many different ships for various playstyles. If you are a fan of the original World of Warships, WoWS: Legends won’t disappoint you.

5/ Onmyoji: Yokai Duel

  • Publisher: Leniu Games
  • Platform: Android
  • Country: China

There are several other Onmyoji games out there at the moment, and Yokai Duel is just the latest one to add to that collection. Where Yokai Duel is different from the other Onmyoji games is not exactly in the characters, which are present throughout all the games, but rather in the play style.

You will be able to collect hundreds of characters and challenge other players in intense PvP battles, as well as enjoy a more peaceful idle gameplay when you’re not actively PK’ing others.

6/ Rebel Riders

  • Publisher: King
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Canada, Germany, Indonesia, and Malaysia

Rebel Riders is a new action shooter that is worth trying. In this game, you will have to collect toys and cars, customize them, and fight against the other players in crazy battles. There are many dynamic modes, and you will definitely find something to your taste. Rebel Riders is one of the best games to play with your friends.

7/ Gundam Supreme Battle

  • Developer: Bandai Namco
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Country: Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau

Gundam Supreme Battle is a real-time action game that sees players pilot an array of Gundams. Whether you prefer a beam saber, a beam rifle, or a mega particle cannon, you’ll be well catered for. You can explore a host of recognisable locations such as Jabro, Abaoaku, Yakindue and battle powerful bosses such as Big Jam and Psycho Gundam.

8/ Opticale

  • Publisher: Furinkazan
  • Platform: iOS/Android
  • Country: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg

If you’ve got a device that can take it, Opticale is a mobile game based on AR and geolocation. Explore the astral world and discover what mysterious creatures are waiting to be found.

9/ The Division Resurgence

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platform: iOS/Android
  • Country: UK (CBT)

Fairly similar in playstyle to other Tom Clancy titles, but with a story of its own, The Division Resurgence is a brilliant title that follows The Division 1 and 2, and ties together their story even better. With plenty of weapons and gear to collect, and exciting battles, it’s an action shooter that every player who loves the genre will thoroughly enjoy.

10/ Rainbow Six Mobile

  • Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS/Android
  • Country: India, Canada, US, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Philippines

Tom Clancy’s name has been lent to more games than he has actually had a hand in creating, but his Rainbow Six series remains one of his most popular. This is an FPS tactical cover-based shooter with adaptable AI enemies and solid multiplayer support. You’ll play as the member of a skilled and well-armed law enforcement agency being sent in to eliminate a terrorist force positioned throughout various urban environments.

From casinos to suburbs, the areas provide a lot to use to your advantage as you try to make the most of your tools and weapons. It’s always performed well on consoles and PC, so here’s hoping it does the same on mobile.

11/ Clash Mini

  • Publisher: Supercell
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Philippines, Chile, Singapore, Canada

It’s a board strategy game that’s using characters we already know very well from other Clash games. If you are eager to test it out, we have made a guide on how to download Clash Mini beta, so you can run through it quickly and try the game in case it’s your cup of tea.

12/ Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: N/A (limited number of players via invitation only)

Another massive CoD title will bless our mobile gadgets in the (near) future under the name of Call of Duty: Warzone, better known as Call of Duty: Project Aurora. We don’t have a lot of details right now, as the game is still undergoing a lot of updates and testing, but if you’re eager to learn more about it, you can check out its TapTap page and pre-register.

13/ Endless Survival

  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Platform: iOS
  • Country: The Netherlands and the Philippines

We don’t know much about Gameloft’s Endless Survival, besides the fact it was recently renamed from Survive Together beyond it being a multiplayer game set in a world overrun with recently raised from the dead monsters. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out on it for you, but if you’re lucky enough to live in The Netherlands or The Philippines then feel free to dive in and give us the lowdown.

14/ Dragonheir: Silent Gods

  • Publisher: Nuverse
  • Platform: Android/iOS/PC
  • Country: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, US, UK

If you are familiar (and a fan) of D&D games, then Dragonheir: Silent Gods is most definitely something up your alley. It’s a beautifully stylised games, with 3D visuals which focus on real-time battles and key skill combos. The gameplay tells a story in and of itself, being one of those RPGs worth immersing into.

15/ Avatar: Reckoning

  • Publisher: Archosaur Games
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Canada, the Philippines

Avatar: Reckoning is an interesting multiplayer role-playing game where you will have to create your Avatar and start a fantastic adventure in Pandora. The game has high-quality graphics and an incredible atmosphere of the journey. In the game, you will find both a single-player campaign and multiplayer mode where you can play together with your friend.

16/ Awaken Legends

  • Publisher: Webzen Inc.
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Canada and the Philippines

Awaken Legends is an incredible idle RPG game. There are more than 50 characters in the game. Each of the heroes has its own interesting backstory. You will have to increase the level of your characters, create your team, and destroy your enemies in epic battles. Also, it is a multiplayer game, and you can create your guild and fight bosses together with your friends.

17/ Project RushB

  • Available on: Android
  • Genre: Action, Shooter

  • Publisher: Press Fire Games
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Canada, Brazil, Philippines

If you’re looking forward to some action, Project RushB is a 5v5 first-person shooter similar to other popular titles, more specifically Counter-Strike. You have a limited time to complete certain objectives for your team to win, and in order to do that, you can use various strategies and techniques, from setting up bombs, attacking enemy players, or setting up ambushes.

18/ Watcher of Realms

  • Publisher: Moonton
  • Platform: Android, iOS, PC
  • Country: Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, New Zealand, Poland, Australia, and the United Kingdom /li>

One of the most alluring, beautiful, realistic and complete strategy/TD games currently in soft launch, Watcher of Realms is a masterpiece of its genre. You can collect heroes each with its own type and skill, and deploy them into battle in order to defend your base.

It’s got a simple concept, which has been executed perfectly!

19/ Black Clover Mobile

  • Available on: iOS + Android
  • Genre: RPG
  • Publisher: Vic Game Studios
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: Japan

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a popular anime and manga title such as Black Clover has received a mobile adaptation. The game is not currently available in the West, but it will most certainly catch the world by storm once it releases globally. The game features fully 3D animations and renderings of the beloved characters, along with unique CVs, interactions and much more. It’s a title that we will hopefully get to enjoy this year!

20/ Transformers: Heavy Metal

  • Publisher: Very Very Spaceship
  • Platform: Android
  • Country: New Zealand, Philippines, Denmark, Netherlands, Malaysia

Niantic has teamed up with Hasbro to create a new augmented reality game called Transformers: Heavy Metal. This means players can expect to team up with the likes of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime whilst working for the Guardian Network. As you may have guessed from Niantic’s involvement, Transformers: Heavy Metal will make use of real-world locations in its gameplay.

21/ Train Riders

  • Publisher: Sybo
  • Platform: iOS/Android
  • Country: Canada, The Netherlands, Philippines, Belgium

Sybo, the creators of the famous Subway Surfers, have changed up the setting a little and made a few new technology changes for Train Riders. We’ve not managed to get our hands on the game yet, but I think we’re all hoping that they can capture the spirit of the original.

22/ Ensemble Stars!!Music

  • Publisher: Happy Elements
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Country: US, UK, Australia, Canada and 10 more countries

Ensemble Stars!! Music is an up-and-coming title that will make all players who’ve watched the Netflix show jump with joy at the news of a worldwide, global release. While the game is available in a lot of regions already, it is still not widely available for everyone. so if you’re not in one of the countries it was released, hang tight. This rhythm-based game features beautiful 3D animations and original character voices – a true delight!

23/ Omega Legends

  • Publisher: Skyunion Hong Kong
  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Country: South America, SEA

A sci-fi battle royale shooter, Omega Legends pits players against each other in battles with 99 oppositions. It’s apparently going to be filled with heavily tweaked character classics which cover a full spectrum of playstyles. Notably, as it’s based in the near future, the combat will revolve around modern weapons and modern sidearms.

In addition to the standard survival mode, there’s also a Covert Operation mode.

24/ Cybernom

  • Publisher: ZeptoLab
  • Platform: iOS/Android
  • Country: United Kingdom

Om Nom is back, however this time he’s a bit closer to Stealth Espionage Action rather than being up to his traditional candy consuming or rope cutting antics. In Cybernom you’ll move him around, hack terminals and outwit the various defences of a futuristic office-complex/sinister-lair.

There’s some footage below, courtesy of iOSTouchPlayHD on Youtube.

25/ XCOM Legends

  • Publisher: Take Two
  • Platform: Android
  • Country: Malaysia and The Philippines

XCOMs next foray into mobile steps away from the tactical gameplay we are used to seeing, and instead toward the gacha-powered, team-based RPG that we’ve seen popularized by games like RAID: Shadow Legends.

Gameplay is already starting to come out for the game, which can be currently be played via Google Play in The Philippines.and Malaysia. Keep your eyes on the site, as we’ll have our opinions out on it shortly.

What do you think about the top 25 soft launch games for Android, iPhone & iPad? Leave a comment in the section below if you have an new idea.