Top 22 Android RPGs for 2023 You Shouldn’t Ignore – Part 2

Let’s come over more about the top 22 Android RPGs for 2023 in the next part 2 below:

12. Siege of Dragonspear

Siege of Dragonspear is a game that Baldur’s Gate fans must attempt. Characters from those games are combined in the Siege of Dragonspear, which takes place between the events of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II. Over the course of a 30-hour journey, you’ll guide your band of heroes as they face off against monsters, explore dungeons, and discover a mysterious new world.

Sadly, accessibility isn’t one of Siege of Dragonspear’s guiding principles. It will be difficult for series newcomers to navigate the complex game mechanics, but it’s worthwhile to keep going to reach the core of the game. But keep in mind that while Siege of Dragonspear is playable on any device, it is optimized for Android tablets, thus for the greatest experience, we suggest getting one of the finest Android tablets.

13. Eternium

For those seeking a unique fantasy RPG experience that stays close to the standards, Eternium is perfect. Yet it’s much more approachable than the older RPGs. With modern features, this game is contemporary. You’ll be smashing skeletons and looting dungeons like a pro in no time thanks to its shockingly simple tap-to-move controls.

A fully developed RPG, Eternium can compete with any major PC or console exclusive. It’s free, but unlike other F2P games, there are no pay-to-win elements. For those who love old-school role-playing games and have played Baldur’s Gate a hundred times, this is a must-play.

14. Portal Knights

The RPG Portal Knights is geared toward artistic players. Sandbox dynamics and traditional RPG elements are combined in Portal Knights, a game that is heavily influenced by Minecraft. In addition to building sophisticated constructions, this fusion of genres gives gamers something to do in the sandbox environment.

Portal Knights carefully balances the two genres so that sandbox creation isn’t sacrificed in favor of an RPG experience. Bosses may be defeated, NPCs can be recruited, new skills can be unlocked, exciting events can be experienced, and players are free to explore and construct at their own speed.

15. Chrono Trigger

In 1995, Chrono Trigger was first made available for the SNES. The DS version from 2010 that included additional content and cutscenes is directly ported to Android. Chrono Trigger was referred to as “one of the best games of all time in a convenient package” in our initial review. It’s a great RPG for players of all ages, though we suggest it to everyone who played the original version.

Chrono Trigger’s graphics are completely timeless; you’ll never find yourself cringing at janky animations or confusing imagery. Graphics in the 1990s were a mixed bag. Beyond this, Chrono Trigger is an RPG you won’t want to put down because to its endearing narrative, endearing soundtrack, and astounding amount of replayability.

16. AnimA ARPG

Retro RPGs served as inspiration for AnimA, which emphasizes intense customization and quick-fire action. In some cases, especially if you’re used to RPGs like Chrono Trigger, it can feel tedious and monotonous. Yet, everything in this game can be solved with strategy and perseverance, and it pays off handsomely after you’ve located that elusive item or taken down a challenging enemy.

AnimA is the perfect RPG for anyone who find today’s games too simple and prefer to overcome obstacles on their own. Casual gamers can still enjoy it, despite this. This game is a must-play since it offers a ton of personalization choices, plenty of replayability, simple controls, and stunning graphics.

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17. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar might have a ridiculous name, but there’s nothing silly about how it plays. A throwback to the JRPGs of old, Battle Chasers: Nightwar offers players an original experience that keeps gameplay fresh and cut down on the grind. Dungeons are randomized each time you re-enter them, avoiding the repetitive slog that afflicts many JRPGs.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an excellent choice for players who like a decent amount of complexity in their RPGs. Combat can seem overwhelming at first, but once you’ve mastered the available options, you’ll be amazed at how rewarding it can be.

18. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest is another classic RPG ported to Android. It’s a hack-and-slash game centered around slaying classic mythological beasts (as well as a few original ones). Players interact with mythical creatures throughout the game, explore ancient civilizations, and master multiple combat skills.

It’s advertised as offering over 60 hours of content, so you’ll have plenty of time to lose yourself in its frenetic combat system and open world. The Legendary Edition contains all the DLCs, so we recommend picking this over the base game.

19. Sky: Children of the Light

RPGs don’t have to be about endless inventory management and stressful combat. Sky: Children of the Light is an atmospheric RPG bound to put your mind at ease. It’s online, so you’ll interact with other players but don’t mistake this for a traditional MMORPG. While there are other players around, it progresses at a much more relaxed pace. Team up to adventure into dungeons, or relax and play your instruments. Don’t worry about microtransactions either; while they do exist, they are purely cosmetic.

20. Exiled Kingdoms

Exiled Kingdom is for people who are nostalgic for 90’s RPGs but have played all of the classics multiple times. The developers carefully designed Exiled Kingdom to emulate that era of games, including isometric camera and movement, flat green and red health bars, and deliberately unhelpful NPCs. Unlike games like Eternium, Exiled Kingdoms doesn’t attempt to modernize itself.

The best thing about Exiled Kingdom is that it evokes the feeling of classic RPGs without feeling like an amateur fan game. Even if you aren’t familiar with titles like Baldur’s Gate, Exiled Kingdom is still a fantastic RPG. While it’s free to download, the entire game requires a one-time purchase of $4.99.

21. The Banner Saga

Part RPG, part turn-based action, The Banner Saga is a fantastic strategy game in its own right. However, it’s the RPG elements that make it shine. You’ve got one of the finest RPGs on Android mixed with a unique fantasy realm, beautiful 2D animations, and a branching story.

The biggest flaw with The Banner Saga is that the third and final segment is unavailable on Android, so you’ll have to switch to a different platform to conclude the fantastic story. That being said, the first two segments are a must-play.

22. Sands of Salzaar

Sands of Salzaar is a fantastic RPG with unavoidable flaws. But if you can overcome the wonky translations, repetitive battles, and bugs, you’ll find it more ambitious than games like Diablo Immortal will ever be.

Sands of Salzaar takes inspiration from the Mount and Blade series, allowing you to recruit armies on your adventure and field them in massive pitched battles. There’s plenty of content to discover, and despite their lack of personalization, you’ll become attached to your minions as, after all, they’re the ones that win you the battles.

Lose yourself in another world

The variety of RPGs on Android is a blessing and a curse. While hundreds of hours of gameplay are included in this list, it’s hard to pick which game is worthy of your time. If a game’s story is the most important element to you, we recommend exploring some of the best adventure games on Android instead.