Top 16 Android Rhythm Games for 2023

Learn more about the top 16 Android Rhythm Games for 2023 in the post below.

The top Android games frequently manage to drain our phones’ batteries. Nonetheless, despite these negative conditions, we nevertheless want to develop a broad library on our preferred Android gaming phones. Also, no library should be without some engrossing quick-tap rhythm games. So, to keep your game collection thriving, we’ve put together a list of some of the top rhythm games you can find on Android. These games offer well-polished gameplay for all the finger-tapping exercises you can masterfully handle.

1. Deemo

Not only does Deemo provide an amazing rhythm game, but it also incorporates a lovely modern fairy tale that centers around Deemo and Alice. You’ll follow Alice, a young girl who inexplicably appears in the sky and is unable to find her way home, as Deemo, a shadowy figure of mystery, tries to assist her.

Deemo is a story-focused rhythm game that can be played offline. After completing the story mode, you’ll be able to access new tracks that are thematically composed of lovely piano versions. Piano enthusiasts won’t want to miss out on this endearing favorite due to the concentration on piano-themed songs.

2. Arcaea

With captivating features you won’t find in other rhythm games, such as the opportunity to hit sky notes and arcs during your playing sessions, Arcaea is a visually spectacular experience. There is something available for everyone because you can choose to play online multiplayer or offline.

The plot is excellent for a rhythm game (given that most don’t place a significant emphasis on narration and world-building), but if you want the updated story, you’ll need to spend a few dollars on additional packs. Fortunately, the majority of the content may be found in the free pack that is offered. Arcaea is a beautifully designed and highly produced rhythm game that is worth checking out.

3. Lanota

Remember that Lanota only offers the free download as a trial edition before plunging in; if you intend to play the game entirely for free, this might not be the app for you. Yet, the value of Lanota as a game does not worth the cost. Lanota is best defined as a picture book with rhythm gameplay that tells a story. The world is becoming monochromatic due to the exhaustion of colors and music, and your mission is to repaint the image in order to add the missing colors.

Playing rhythm games in Lanota has a unique twist because you won’t have to wait for the notes to appear on the screen. You are limited to utilize a circular compass instead, where each note is free to land and spin anywhere inside the circle. Lanota’s storyline is actually artistic, but if you want the full experience, you’ll have to pay more.

4. A dance of fire and ice

Many rhythm games have an animated aesthetic, but you could prefer a more straightforward rhythm game without all the extra visual goop getting in the way. That is indeed a fire and ice dance.

In the game, you’ll control two circling planets to move along a route in perfect balance, but this time, you’ll need to learn the rhythm by listening to the audio cues rather than seeing them. Although having straightforward controls, the game will undoubtedly be difficult for enthusiasts of rhythm.

5. Beatstar

Beatstar features both contemporary music and timeless classics for you to jam out to. Beatstar’s layout is strikingly similar to that of Guitar Hero/Rockband, but instead of holding an instrument in your hands, you’ll be tapping on the screen of your device. The game requires an internet connection to play, but as the app is always available, you can use it to compete with your friends’ high scores and show off your position on the leaderboards.

Considering that everyone has a phone ready to play, of course, Beatstar is the ideal rhythm game for an icebreaker in your social events to bring back the good ol’ days of playing party games in the living room. Who can score the highest first? Let’s find out!

6. Cytus II

The same studio that created Deemo, Voez, and the original Cytus, three well-known rhythm games available on Android, also created Cytus II, the original Cytus’ spiritual sequel. Another visually focused tale rhythm game that ups the ante on gameplay and narration is Cytus II.

There are more than 100 songs and 300,000 charts available to go through, each with a different level of difficulty. Give Cytus II a try if you’re a huge lover of the aesthetic and don’t mind an abstract tale; it’s also available for free with the Google Play Pass.

7. Muse Dash

Perhaps you appreciate the music in rhythm games, but you don’t fully connect with tapping on displays with visual artwork or reading through an abstract plot. Imagine playing a side-scrolling beat ’em up/parkour game while jamming to some upbeat Japanese music. If so, Muse Dash is what we advise. You can’t take your hands off the screen because it’s so endearing and colorful, and the pacing makes sure of that.

8. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Have you ever imagined what a rhythm game might be like if roguelike components were added? Crypt of the NecroDancer is here to provide that taste-testing experience, so you no longer need to wonder how that mixture ended out. The music in Crypt of the NecroDancer has great strength and will push you to your limits if you want to survive the game’s toughest stages.

The featured music is taken from the outstanding soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky, but if that isn’t enough, you can choose songs from your own personal library. Do you have what it takes to keep up with the beat and defeat your enemies?

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9. Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage

The Hatsune Miku video games are extremely well-liked and have been released on numerous platforms, including Playstation, PC, and Nintendo. Fans of rhythm games have enjoyed the bright graphics, memorable Vocaloid music, and challenge of unlocking new songs over the years. In this regard, Colorful Stage is very much a Hatsune Miku game.

Songs may be unlocked by completing tasks and using song tickets, and there is also a ton of customisation available for your band, characters, and music videos. You feel brave? Four of your buddies can join you in the fun. By participating in virtual concerts via the app, Colorful Stage also enables you to interact with fans all around the world. Everyone who likes Hatsune Miku video games ought to try this one out.

10. OverRapid

Perhaps you are not looking for rhythm games with strong narratives and eye-catching animations when you play. Nevertheless, OverRapid offers back an arcade-style experience where you control two lanes to increase your score if you prefer simplicity.

The simplicity of OverRapid’s gameplay, similar to that of Guitar Hero, primarily involves timing your taps with the on-screen cues. In a rhythm game, the tap choice doesn’t always fit the tune and the UX design isn’t the friendliest. According to your preferences, you will therefore either adore or loathe the app.

11. Beat Blade: Dash Dance

Beat Blade: Dash Dance is a music runner game where the mechanics require slashing through the notes while avoiding obstacles and traps. The controls may take some adjusting due to the main constraints of being an endless runner. But somehow, this mechanic works perfectly in a rhythm game.

But the gorgeous stylization is the main attraction of picking up Dash Dance steps; it has a brilliant combination of neon-themed colors with snappy lightsaber slash effects, which truly complement the modern-day music from 2022 (ranging from EDM to Hip Hop). There’s a reason why Dash Dance has earned the Editor’s Choice badge on the Play Store — it delivers on all fronts for what you’d expect in a top-tier rhythm game.

12. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! might be more of your jam if you’re looking for casual fun, like playing against your friends or auto-generating content by uploading your favorite tracks. The premise is simple: you must hit the notes to prevent the bouncing ball from falling. Tapping and dragging the ball to land on the tiles keeps the beat going. Once you get the ball rolling, it isn’t easy to stop.

After loading up Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!, you will find the default song selection mostly pop-based, but it does allow you to upload your own — however, it comes with a caveat that a custom tracklist may not necessarily match the tile-hopping rhythm. Another added (fun) detail is the ability to customize the game, such as the ball style and the background theme.

13. Rotaeno

Rotaeno adds a unique element of rhythm that most games don’t lean into. Instead, it makes full use of your device’s gyroscopes. Turning your phone into a steering wheel to tap the beat may seem like a nightmare at first glance, but Rotaeno manages to keep this activity short and precise. As a result, you can almost describe the Rotaeno app play similarly to how you’d handle a machine at an arcade.

Rotaeno’s song selection might not be at the highest volume compared to other entries on this list, but the diversity in music styles between EDM to Opera makes up for the lower number. Also, given that the release was only in mid-2022, there’s still room for updates with adding new songs. Overall, Rotaeno already plays superbly well on mobile devices and will only continue improving from here.

14. RhythmStar

RhythmStar borrows from popular RPG-rhythm hybrids like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy to introduce side mechanics to work along with your tapping exercises like character collecting, leveling, and monster slaying. But instead of bringing in Chocobos and Moogles to save the day, we now have famous music composers like Mozart and Beethoven to pummel the baddies away.

RhythmStar is a great app to dabble in when bored or unsatisfied with the typical vanilla rhythm gameplay many popular apps focus on. So to re-spark your interest in this genre, embarking on a musical adventure full of heroism and epicness may be the right medicine to prescribe — so maybe consider giving RhythmStar a try to get that tempo going.

15. Phigros

When you’re on a budget, Phigros would be one of our top picks for free rhythm games; you can access the entire game’s content without cost — the dev’s source of funding comes from selling Phigros merchandise and profiting off of Rizline (another rhythm game with premium features). Originally, Phigros was a passion project that turned into a full-fledged game. Now, it is considered highly-rated within the genre.

Phigros does away with the lanes and utilizes agile judgelines with four different types of notes to create a newly unique dynamic. You will find a massive assortment of music, including some licensed tracks. All covers are hand-drawn, enhancing this rhythmic experience with some eye-catching illustrations. Overall, Phigros is a must-play for F2P (free-to-play) fans.

16. D4DJ Groovy Mix

If you’re into Japanese anime-inspired card games, you may have heard of Bushiroad. Bushiroad does more than publish collectible card games overseas; it also owns various multimedia franchises that have expanded into mobile games. One example you may know is BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, a fantastic rhythm game that’s slightly held back by some mixed performance issues. However, D4DJ Groovy Mix exists, which is already a great DJ-themed alternative to the former for having that same sparkle, gloss, and shine that Bushiroad masterfully produces.

Tap to the rhythm and feel the beat

After loading up a few rhythm-based titles, you may find something about this genre that hits differently than other top-tier Android games. It combines playing catchy tunes that satisfactorily raise dopamine levels coupled with a new self-gratification for reaching personal highs on your favorite tracks. Regardless of your aim, you ought to try some rhythm games the next time you boot up your gaming device, and hopefully, this list helps kickstart a musical adventure on Android.