Top 12 Legend of Zelda clones for Android in 2023

You are addicted to Zelda, and you are searching for a game like Zelda. This article below lists the top 12 Legend of Zelda clones for Android in 2023 that you shouldn’t miss.

Saving Hyrule from the evil clutches of Ganon will never be a story told on Android natively. Instead, you’ll have to turn to Nintendo to experience the classic adventures of Link and Zelda across different games. Unfortunately, acquiring multiple gaming ecosystems for our favorite titles isn’t always in the cards.

But it isn’t the end of the line if you’re looking to play respectable alternatives to one of Nintendo’s flagship IPs. Some fantastic Android games have taken great inspiration from Zelda titles, ranging from the classics like Link to the Past to modern-day entries like Breath of the Wild. So we’ve rounded up the best Legend of Zelda clones that pair well with your favorite Android gaming phone.

1/ Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is more than a Legend of Zelda ripoff; it contains plenty of Easter eggs full of canonical gaming moments (like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Metal Gear Solid), along with famous pop-cultural references. Evoland 2 feels a lot like a Legend of Zelda with the core gameplay; exploring, using tools to remove obstacles in dungeons, and defending yourself with a sword at hand.

And even if you’re not seeking a vanilla clone, you’re still introduced to other genres like card games, shooters, and platformers to keep you on your toes. Evoland 2 is the slightly superior game (based on content quantity) versus Evoland 1, but both games will inevitably give you your Legend of Zelda fill on Android.

2/ Swordigo

When Legend of Zelda meets platforming you get Swordigo. Graphically, it brings us back to the Nintendo 64 era, so it pushes the nostalgia button for the legendary console titles, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Playing through Swordigo, you’ll explore caves, dungeons, and towns, and fight enemies on the field while acquiring weapon upgrades and items to grow stronger.

Your health bar and accumulated currency are basically Rupees and the heart system in Legend of Zelda. Swordigo provides challenging gameplay that welcomes clever puzzle-solving and strategic planning to overcome levels, leaving extra room for replayability, so you’ll never be bored.

3/ Oceanhorn

Mechanically it feels a lot like Legend of Zelda, and it’s also visually stunning on Android without suffering any noticeable performance. Oceanhorn is closer to Legend of Zelda’s Windwaker, where you’re traveling across islands and sailing around uncharted territory on your trusty boat.

As previously mentioned, Oceanhorn resembles Legend of Zelda with the UI, items you obtain (like bombs), the control scheme, and the overall movement in dungeons. However, as you play this adventurous title, you’ll find that it’s much more than a copy-and-paste Zelda-like game.

4/ Sparklite

Sparklite is a game published by Playdigious, the same publisher for Evoland (1 and 2). Sparklite discerns more toward the GameBoy style of Legend of Zelda games based on the UI design and gameplay. However, it isn’t just a run-of-the-mill top-down action-adventure game. We now have roguelite elements introduced in the mix.

Prepare to throw the expectation for casual Zelda-like experiences out the window, as clearing levels may take a lot of trial and error and require careful selection for upgrades. It also should be noted that the game is only free until the first Titan, which is why we recommend treating the experience like a demo, and if you like what you’ve played, then, by all means, grab a copy of the game!

5/ Dash Quest

Dash Quest isn’t a full-on Legend of Zelda clone — it pays homage to Link to the Past with retro graphics and an added archery game mode. However, Dash Quest plays differently from any Legend of Zelda game since it’s an endless runner with adventure-fantasy elements.

The game mechanic has your character always running, while the only movement control you have is side-to-side dodging to clear levels. The game features an upgrade system, an adventure mode, and some grueling boss fights that’ll test your adversity. So even though this game wears Link to the Past as a skin, it still has a distinctive style.

6/ Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Now we are heading toward parody territory. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a play on the typical hero-goes-on-adventure-to-save-the-world, which is pretty much the bread and butter of every Legend of Zelda game. Instead, you are playing a turnip, a character deemed a menace to society, failing to pay his taxes and losing his home.

So rather than going on a selfless adventure filled with heroism, you are simply trying to pay back your massive debt so you can return to your comfortable life. Even if Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a parody of the hero adventure genre, you still see a lot of similarities to Legend of Zelda.

7/ Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is another game full of gaming and pop-cultural references. It was even so very apparent in its Legend of Zelda references that Nintendo removed a few from the Switch port.

Thankfully the original version of Guardian Tales on Android remains untouched. Be aware that Guardian Tales is similar to Legend of Zelda in gameplay (most iconically Link to the Past). Still, it is primarily driven by the gacha elements found within the game. Comparatively, Guardian Tales is still one of the best gachas on Android.

8/ Genshin Impact

Today, Genshin Impact has proved to be more than a Breath of the Wild clone, but it still receives this label anyway. Essentially the allegations are based on similar mechanics like solving puzzles, a quiet protagonist, collection and cooking, stamina bar management, and tools for gliding. Funnily enough, the developers at HoYoverse have admitted to drawing inspiration from the hit Switch title while this game was in development.

But now the game has transformed away from its accusations of being a Zelda carbon copy into an arc-based anime-like open-world RPG gacha game. Fans of Breath of the Wild will quickly realize the differences once they’ve put enough hours into Genshin Impact.

9/ Adventures of Mana

Becoming a hero, a story that involves a mystical tree, having an arsenal of spells and weapons available to brute your way through puzzles — does this all sound familiar? Adventures of Mana is a 3D remake of the classic Gameboy game Final Fantasy Adventure on Android.

It’s essentially the closest take from Square Enix on the early Zelda franchise. However, even with the Final Fantasy name initially tacked on, don’t expect it to feel anything like a Final Fantasy game; you have ample freedom to move around in the fields, combat is done in real-time (auto-targeting makes its way in this remake), but most of all, progress is tied through overcoming tricky puzzles and mind-boggling challenges, much like dungeons, in the old-school Zelda games.

Nevertheless, Adventures of Mana is still one of the more colorful Square remakes on Android, so if you’re looking for a blast from the past with a modern-day take on the fantasy adventure genre, check out Adventures of Mana.

10/ Ys Chronicles 1

Ys Chronicles 1 plays out much like Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Like Link, Adol washes ashore without memories, and both characters share the theme of silent protagonists that allow the game’s story to unfold. The primary storyline pressures you into saving a kingdom consumed by demons, much like the revolving plot behind Ganon’s army and Hyrule Castle’s impending demise (in the other Legend of Zelda games).

The battle system is simple, face enemies on the field and run into them on angles to unleash the “bump” system, where Adol repeatedly attacks the collided target; this simple system shines on the touch screen, but it also works just as well on a controller. Remember that Ys Chronicles is the remake of the first game released on PC/PSP, but if you prefer a nostalgic view, you can swap to the original pixel graphics in adventure mode.

11/ Labyrinth Legend II

If Legend of Zelda introduced a rogue-lite game, it would bear many similarities to Labyrinth Legend II. Labyrinth Legend II thrives on randomly generated dungeons, using tools to loot and acquire rare chests and then carefully leveling up your character to overcome the dungeon’s boss.

Bosses add gimmicks, an infamous trait of Zelda titles, so you must use your wits, skills, and weapons to finish each level. However, Labyrinth Legend II isn’t as formulaic as Legend of Zelda, and devising the ideal strategy may take many tries. Still, the challenging rogue-lite gameplay may be a breath of fresh air to some.

12/ Stranger Things: 1984

Netflix Games brought over a small teaser to promote the second season of Stranger Things through a retro-styled RPG adventure game. Stranger Things: 1984 has eight playable characters (from the Netflix series Stranger Things) with signature quirks and abilities; these specialized abilities will become the key to solving puzzles (much like how you’d use a combination of relics in Legend of Zelda) for each area/level.

The game is short (approximately 10 hours for the main story), and the story is non-canon, but even so, we still highly recommend watching the first season to understand the origin of the character cast and lore. Stranger Things: 1984 is available for free to Netflix subscribers, and it delivers well as a bite-sized course for fans of Netflix’s critically acclaimed show and Zelda (gameplay) appreciators.

Legend of Zelda may not be on Android, but plenty of quality clones are out there

Unfortunately, the likelihood of the beloved Legend of Zelda series reaching Android is very low. It would require Nintendo to make more of a presence in the mobile market, but even then, the chances are slim for first-party IPs to get shared out. So the best option is to make do with games that borrow elements from the classics and find ways to appreciate what they offer.

But in reality, these games will only sometimes emulate the true Legend of Zelda-like experience while still being their own game. As a result, we’ve rounded up the top games that do justice to the series while providing a unique imprint on the formula.