Top 12 best Android games on PC you shouldn’t miss

Check out the top 12 best Android games on PC below and will immerse you in a true-to-life space.

Top 12 Android games are also available for PC (1)
Source: Hitman GO: Definative Edition, Punch Club, Riptide: GP Renegade, Out There: Omega Edition

The scale and design ideas of the PC and mobile platforms used to be very dissimilar. Modern examples of the mobile platforms’ streamlined core loops include renowned Android games like Vampire Survivors and Downwell, which forego graphics in favor of gameplay created for portable devices.

1. Punch Club

This 2D brawler follows a budding martial artist in the vein of a Rocky movie from the 1980s, but there are no training montages, you have acquire bulk the traditional way. In order to develop your character as a martial artist, Punch Club’s gameplay includes RPG life simulation elements like proper nutrition and consistent exercise. The brawls take place in a variety of pixel art-styled streets and arenas, which look fantastic on PC and much better on Android.

Use your equipped special moves to gain an advantage in battle during the serviceable and severe 2D brawler that serves as the fight. The RPG gameplay lends the concept of street warfare a special blandness. Money, nutrition, and work are some of the less interesting components of this kind of story that the game transforms into fun gameplay.

2. Downwell

Downwell is a fun rogue-lite that drops you right into a well and has a black and white color scheme reminiscent of Undertale. Players must descend at all costs while using unconventional yet incredibly potent gun shoes to obliterate rocks and foes.

Your guns blast downward with thrilling percussion and deadly efficiency during gameplay, which is simple in the best possible way. Additionally, maybe everything beneath you deserves it. As you descend, you’ll come across side caverns with varying upgrades, such as enhanced health or firepower, before returning to the battle.

3. Vampire Survivors

The rogue-like and idle bullet hell gameplay loop that Vampire Survivors invented is immensely addictive. In order to counter the hostile danger that is always growing, move around and increase your destructive skills.

Even without the inventive improvements, the game’s graphics are endearing in a low-res sort of way, and it’s fun to blow up the foes. Your runs may swiftly come to an end because the difficulty quickly increases and switches out easier adversaries for more difficult ones. However, restarting Vampire Survivors is so simple that losing doesn’t even register.

4. Dead Cells

Dead Cells, a long-running success in the rouge-like genre, combines brutal combat and permadeath with Metroivania-style exploration. The game is excruciatingly challenging, requiring players to use a variety of lethal tools and skills in order to advance.

Every rogue-like run is different, so explore the dynamically generated areas, find upgrades, and use them to crush the opponent ranks. Dead Cells gets you covered with razor-sharp inputs and first-rate controller support. Tough games require responsive controls to feel fair, as evidenced in our roundup of souls-like titles.

5. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

The core loop of Hitman GO Definitive Edition might surprise you given the reputation of the Hitman franchise for harsh stealth gameplay and gun-toting violence. In order to eliminate everyone else on the gaming board, players command an Agent 47 figure.

You must choose wisely who to kill first because you are intended to assassinate covertly. The challenge is to map out the best path around the board while eliminating each of your targets, which are stationary chess pieces. This turns oddly interesting and demonstrates how enjoyable Hitman gameplay can be when simplified.

6. Riptide: GP Renegade

This game needed the PC platform. Third-person jet skiing racing is included in the intriguingly future world of Riptide GP Renegade. Unsurprisingly, the plot is less interesting than the gameplay. The majority of your time will be spent racing through urban settings and recalling your first experience playing a racing arcade game.

You compete in races where you must ride across water and pull off stunts to earn more points. You can customize your vehicle’s parts to increase speed, maneuverability, and style. The PC upgrade is a tremendous improvement for the larger screen, especially given how frequently the game takes abrupt twists.

7. Levelhead

Levelhead is a humorous, fast-paced puzzle platformer that will suit your needs. As a test for a robot prototype created for a galactic postal service, players must deliver packages. While exploring vibrant alien environments, players can bounce on the skulls of enemies in Mario-style combat and movement mechanics.

Your package serves as the focal point of the puzzle mechanics; you can use it to push switches back, as a platform, and even to fight foes. I hope there isn’t anything delicate inside. Players can submit their own levels and play others using the game’s comprehensive level editor and builder.

8. ScourgeBringer

ScourgeBringer is a cool little game that combines the conventional explorative gameplay of the genre with a rogue-like twist, making it one of the many excellent Metroidvania games available on the Play Store. The ScourgeBringer, a hero exploring a relic that has fallen to Earth, is the character that the player assumes. While slicing through foes, you’ll be exploring various biomes.

9. Out There: Omega

Top 12 Android games are also available for PC (2)

If you’ve ever played FTL: Faster than Light, Out There: Omega will feel very familiar. The gameplay, end goal, and tone are more or less the same. You are lost in space and need to travel across the galaxy, mining fuel and other resources to survive. The biggest difference between the two is the graphic quality. Out There: Omega presents stunning backdrop art for the various planets you explore and the beauty of deep space.

The defining mechanic of Out There: Omega is the role-playing aspect. Every run is random, and events can play out differently every time. While this game is perfect for mobile, given its simplicity, the PC port allows a more laid-back experience. For a low-fi resource management experience and atmospheric test of judgment, Out There: Omega is a no-brainer.

10. Genshin Impact

A fantasy open-world Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) with gameplay right out of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Genshin Impact. Similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the primary quest is helpless in the face of tampering in the overworld when the protagonist wakes up in it and is given the responsibility of saving their twin. Teyvat is a vast and beautiful game environment that is jam-packed with puzzles and collectibles to encourage exploration.

Real-time combat is based on switching between four different characters, each of whom has their own assault aspects, to take on a smorgasbord of foes. When combined, these components have the potential to interact, which promotes exploration.

11. Summoners War: Chronicles

An official guard to the king, you enter the fantasy land of Rahil in the real-time combat MMO Summoners War: Chronicles. As a summoner, the options available to you in a combat are based on both your stat-based avatar and the summon monsters you are bringing with you.

A bigger focus is placed on exploration; you are free to traverse the stunning open world and discover dungeons, embark on raids with friends, or engage in PVP arena conflicts with other players.

12. Tower of Fantasy

The anime open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy puts a strong emphasis on exploration and stunning real-time combat. The plot transports you to a distant future in which Earth’s resources have run out and humankind’s last chance of survival lies on emigrating to Aida, an alien world that just so happens to be our vast open globe.

A new era of mobile gaming evolution is available on PC

These games are our attempt to breathe new life into the PC platform’s lineup, which offers a variety of original content to discover with precise, responsive controls. Technology no longer restricts mobile game production, resulting in titles that can easily transition to PC.

There is something for everyone on the PC market, including your favorite Android platformers, visual novels, racing games, Metroidvania rogue-likes, and fantastic anime titles. If you want to keep playing, check out these stylish Android controllers to keep your gameplay on point.