Top 10 RTS games for Android in 2022 (Include download links)

Strategize your way to victory with the best RTS games for Android in 2022!

People usually play real-time strategy (RTS) games on desktop computers. Navigating a rapidly evolving battlefield is challenging to emulate on a touchscreen, so it’s taken a while for Android RTS games to catch on.

Developers usually design mobile games to be easy to play in short chunks, and the RTS genre is no different on Android. While ports of games like Rome: Total War encourage extended gameplay sessions, others like Element fit comfortably in your morning commute.

No further ado, let’s get into the best RTS Android games 2022:

Best RTS games for Android in 2022

Cultist Simulator

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Cultist Simulator is one of the best card games on Android, but unlike most, it’s played in real-time. In Cultist Simulator, you’ll embark on a Lovecraftian adventure, where you’ll summon spirits, encounter gods, and eventually die. While it might not seem like an RTS initially, you’ll soon find yourself caught in a web of plots and deceit that requires plenty of strategic planning.

Part of Cultist Simulator’s appeal lies in its lack of tutorial, so you’ll learn by playing and failing until you figure out the game’s twists and turns. It’s unforgiving, immersive, and utterly fantastic.

Rusted Warfare

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Don’t let the ultra-retro graphics of Rusted Warfare put you off. It’s a throwback to the days of games like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander – and it’s just as good. Rusted Warfare doesn’t waste time with a slick UI or beautiful animations; this is a game for fans of classic RTS games who want the same experience on mobile.

Rusted Warfare offers players a staggering array of buildings and units to command, but it’s challenging to understand everything that’s going on. However, thanks to a slick control system, you’ll be commanding armies to victory in no time.

Rome: Total War

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Rome: Total War’s Android port brings a brand new UI that is a beautiful demonstration of how to adapt a complex RTS for mobile gaming. Commanding hundreds of soldiers from your phone is remarkably easy and never feels clunky to play.

Rome: Total War lets you control one of nineteen factions. You’ll attempt to conquer Europe, North Africa, and the Near East throughout your campaign. While the massive RTS battles are the game’s centerpiece, a thoughtful turn-based campaign gives players space to reflect and strategize before their subsequent conquests.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

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Bad North puts you in control of an island kingdom under siege by Viking invaders. You’ll hop between a series of stunning procedurally generated islands to lead your people to safety as you fight off waves of ax-wielding marauders as you progress through the campaign. Missions are long enough for victory to feel satisfying but short enough to hold your attention.

Before each mission starts, you’ll position your troops around the island and issue orders. No micromanaging here; each unit is smart enough to interpret your orders as they feel best. Don’t get disarmed by the charming aesthetic; within minutes, you’ll be knee-deep in Viking blood as you frantically issue orders to defend your land.

Mushroom Wars 2

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Mushroom Wars 2 is perfect for people looking to play a quick RTS now and again. It is not as complex found as other games on our list, but that’s not the point. Mushroom Wars 2 is designed to be easy to pick up and play.

While easy to learn, Mushroom Wars 2 isn’t a casual game. Missions can be exceptionally challenging sometimes, so be prepared to take a break when things go south. It also includes online modes so you can battle your friends.


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Northgard is reminiscent of games like Age of Empires. The gameplay revolves around managing your resources to grow your settlement and send waves of troops to capture enemy territory. The focus here is on carefully managing a few units rather than large-scale combat.

While Northgard includes a campaign introducing players to its main factions, its multiplayer is where this game shines. Each faction emphasizes a different path to victory, and while Northgard is easy to learn, it’ll take a while before you regularly win. Don’t let the unforgiving nature of Northgard put you off, as it’s easily one of the most rewarding RTS games available for Android.

Plague Inc.

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Plague Inc. is the game for you if the global pandemic hasn’t dampened your urge to destroy our planet. It’s a complex game that rewards planning and careful maneuvering to wipe out humanity successfully. Failing multiple times in a row is a rite of passage for newcomers, but when you finally see the last person succumb to your disease, you’ll be itching to do it all over again.

After you choose what type of disease you wish to use, you’ll spend the game researching new traits for your disease. Traits can be new transmission methods, symptoms, or abilities. Evolving and implementing unique characteristics must be carefully done. Once humanity notices your disease, it’s a race against the clock before they develop a cure.


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Element was designed from the ground up to be quick to pick up and play. While the gameplay follows a classic RTS formula (gather resources to build troops to defeat your opponent), it takes mere minutes to finish a round. But while many games advertise the same benefit, Element’s strength lies in its flawless execution.

Element is not an easy game. While the options available to the player are kept to a minimum (there are only four types of buildings/units), utilizing them correctly takes a ton of practice. While there is a brief period of “peaceful” setting up, the turning point of a game is often reached in less than a minute.


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Rymdkapsel defies definition. It’s a base builder, puzzle game, and tower defense in one that knows you don’t need fancy graphics or complex features for a fantastic RTS.

A game of Rymdkapsel follows a simple premise: build your base, research monoliths, and defend against murderous triangles. While the focus is on building your base to your liking, your plans will fail without careful resource management and corridor planning. It’s ideal for those who like to be rewarded for perfection.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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MOBAs are traditionally the realm of desktop computers, but League of Legends: Wild Rift proves you can have a complete MOBA experience from your phone. It’s a trimmed-down version of the main game, offering 5v5 gameplay and no pay-to-win mechanics, and like all MOBAs, it’s derived from RTS gameplay, so it takes place in real-time.

Wild Rift is a live service game, so it’s an ideal choice if you want something that’s continually updated. However, if you prefer an offline experience, give this a miss.

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