Tips to Get Bloodless Scream (& Best Builds for It) in Diablo 4

Trap monsters in the cold embrace of death with the Bloodless Scream, a unique Necromancer weapon in Diablo 4.

Tips to Get Bloodless Scream (& Best Builds for It) in Diablo 4

The Bloodless Scream is a Unique Two-Handed Scythe in Diablo 4 that opens up an entirely new build path for Necromancers—one that revolves around freezing enemies while generating a ton of Essence along the way. The Chill effect is usually off-limits to this class, but this item makes it more than accessible with the right build.

Necromancers have a lot of viable Diablo 4 endgame builds, and there are a few that might work better with the Bloodless Scream equipped. Here’s a rundown on how to get this weapon, as well as some tips on how to make a build around it.

How to Get the Bloodless Scream Unique in Diablo 4

Tips to Get Bloodless Scream (& Best Builds for It) in Diablo 4 - 1

Like every other Unique weapon in the game, the Bloodless Scream can only be obtained as a random drop. Players have a very small chance of getting this by killing monsters or opening chests while in World Tier 3 or higher.

The best way to farm Uniques is to farm Helltides. All Helltide chests can drop Unique items regardless of what chest they are, which means that a Tortured Gifts of Protection chest may still drop a Unique weapon or accessory when opened. For most efficiency, players should hunt down the Tortured Gifts of Mysteries that spawn randomly in Helltide-afflicted areas.

Farming Nightmare Dungeons is also a good way to get Uniques. Apart from the enemies and chests, the completion rewards for finishing a Nightmare Dungeon can potentially reward players with a Bloodless Scream (if they’re playing as a Necromancer). Also, all items that drop within these dungeons have a higher chance of being either Sacred or Ancestral compared to other open-world loot sources.

Best Bloodless Scream Builds

Tips to Get Bloodless Scream (& Best Builds for It) in Diablo 4 - 2

Bloodless Screams causes all Darkness skills to Chill enemies on-hit while also restoring Essence every time a Darkness skill hits a frozen enemy. This affects all Darkness abilities, including Blighted Corpse Explosion as well as Bone Storm and Blood Wave with the Aspect of Ultimate Shadow. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Shadow Mages.

This weapon works best with a Shadow Summoner build that uses Blight, Corpse Explosion, and Cold Mages. Bloodless Scream’s Essence generation will keep players topped off while Shadow damage from Blight and Corpse Explosion help the Skeletal Mages keep enemies Frozen, which, in turn, also keeps the rest of the Necromancer’s minions alive.

The extra Essence from Bloodless Scream’s procs are useful in theory for Bone Spear, Blood Surge, and Bone Spirit builds, but players will end up trading a lot of damage without really gaining much in the end. Bloodless Scream is best used for builds that go all-in on Darkness skills and effects that Chill or deal Cold damage, such as the Penitent Greaves’ unique effect and the Coldbringer’s Aspect for Skeletal Mages.