Tips to Get Best Taste in Dave the Diver

Learn more about some tips to Get Best Taste in Dave the Diver in the post below.

Tips to Get Best Taste in Dave the Diver

If you want to rank up in the Cooksta app in Dave the Diver, you need to enhance the best taste of your dishes. This is a rating you can find under the price of any dish, and it shows how much satisfaction a customer gets out of eating the dish. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the best taste out of your sushi.

How to Get Best Taste in Dave the Diver

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The taste of a dish is noted under the price when you look at the dish in your menu. Some dishes inherently have a higher taste rating, particularly those with more and rarer ingredients. You can enhance the flavor of any dish, though, increasing both the price and the taste rating.

Outside of unlocking new recipes, you’ll want to enhance your dishes to get the best taste. You’ll know you have materials to enhance the dish by the two green arrows that show up next to it in your menu. Enhancing a dish is permanent, so you’ll be able to reap the benefits of enhanced flavor and price without sacrificing more ingredients when you put the dish on your menu.
However, the more you level-up a dish, the more ingredients it requires to enhance. We recommend choosing a basic dish that you can continually enhance to get the best taste. Choose a fish in the Shallows and catch a lot of them, aiming for a three-star rating for the most meat. Keep some of them at your farm to raise more, and you’ll be overflowing with ingredients to enhance the dish after a few nights.