Tips for Repair Gear in V Rising

Learn how to repair gear in V Rising, keep repair costs low, and other helpful tidbits. Learn more about the tips for Repair Gear in V Rising in this article below.

Tips for Repair Gear in V Rising

V Rising is an exceptional MMORPG that has plenty to offer for everyone. V Rising has an excellent combat and crafting system but also features gear degradation. Unfortunately, many players do not know what to do when their gear has worn out.

This guide will give players step-by-step instructions regarding repairing gear in V Rising to prepare them for the next boss battle. Most importantly, this guide will provide tips for players to avoid high repair costs and other helpful tidbits.

How to Repair Gear in V Rising

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To repair gear in V Rising, players must follow these instructions after gathering the required resources:

  1. Access the Character menu by pressing Tab on the keyboard.
  2. Select the Equipment tab if it does not open by default.
  3. Select the gear in need of repairs.
  4. Hold down the scroll wheel on the mouse to repair the gear using the required resources.

It is worth noting the status of the gear can be identified by the color of the indicator that appears at the bottom of the screen on top of the player’s HP. A yellow or orange indicator will pop up when an item needs repairs.

  • Yellow Indicator – The item has taken considerable damage.
  • Orange Indicator – The item has lost all its durability and will break down, requiring immediate repairs.

Gathering Resources to Repair Gear in V Rising

Typically, repairing an item in V Rising will require half the resources needed to craft a new one. For instance, if crafting an item requires 10 Copper, it will cost 5 Copper to repair it instead.

How to Keep Repair Costs Low

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The cost of repairing gear will skyrocket as the player progresses in V Rising. The good news is there is a workaround to solve this problem.

For instance, a broken weapon can be used to farm. Players can continue collecting resources using the broken weapon until they have enough to repair other gear. This simple method will allow players to recover the costs of repairing other gear they normally use during combat.

With the information provided above, players should now be able to gather resources and keep repair costs low while repairing gear to have a fantastic gaming experience like never before!

V Rising is available on PC.