Tips and Tricks to Play Forspoken

Dealing with difficult enemies, unlocking spells for free, or how to make exploring the world so much easier, this Forspoken guide will have you covered all the best tips and tricks.

1. Essential Tips and Tricks for Getting Started in Forspoken

  • If you’re playing on a PS5, you can turn off the feature that allows Cuff to speak through the Ps5 control by going to the sound settings and turning off the Wireless Controller voice playback setting.
  • Improve Frey’s spells with Spellcraft Challenges. Be sure to always have some Spellcraft Challenges active, as they will improve Frey’s Magic and Stamina abilities once completed. You can activate these after you visit the Archives in Cipal, by using bookcases located there and in Pilgrim’s Refuges.
  • The Spellcraft Challenges aren’t limited to combat abilities. Try setting the Spellcraft Challenge for some of your movement abilities to receive Stamina regeneration and movement buffs upon completion.
  • If you’re completing Spellcraft Challenges, remember that the challenges are tied to the spell line they’re associated with. For example, the Burst Shot’s “Hit enemies from behind” challenge can only be progressed with Burst Shots.
  • Upgrade your pouches ASAP. When you visit a Pilgrim’s refuge, you’ll have access to a crafting bench that you can use to upgrade your gear or craft new items. One of the things you can craft are upgrades for your medicine and material pouches. Upgrade them as soon as possible to be able to gather more ingredients and carry more Healing Draughts with you.
  • If you run out of Healing Draughts, head to a Pilgrim Refugee. Not only will you be able to craft more Healing Draughts there, but you can sleep to restore your health. These refuges are marked on the map; once you’ve discovered one, you can fast travel there.
  • Don’t underestimate Mana Pools. You will only get one mana point when you walk toward a Mana Pool. However, if you make it a habit to reach Mana Pools whenever you see them, you will stock up on Mana without realizing it. Mana Pools will also refill Frey’s stamina when collected. While this can only be done once per Mana Pool, it can simplify exploration.

Forspoken: Tips and Tricks (2)

  • You can solve puzzles by spending Mana. If you’re having trouble solving the the Mystic lock-picking puzzlest, spend some Mana points to solve it in no time. . If you’d rather skip all of them at no cost, head to the Accessibility Settings in the Options menu and turn on Automatic Lock-Picking.
  • Increase Frey’s attack and defense stats by visiting monuments. Monuments are scattered all over Athia. You can go to these locations and interact with them to increase Frey’s stats.
  • You can check on the map which type of gear you’ll get. If you’re trying to gear up, check on the map first before going to a specific location. This way, you’ll know if the type of gear you’re looking for (i.e., a cloak or a nail design) is in the location you’re going.

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  • Detours won’t always be available. Check often for detours when exploring Cipal in between story missions. Some of these sidequests won’t be available after specific chapters of the game, and you will miss them.
  • Make sure to check if you can upgrade Necklaces. Doing so will often unlock new equipment perks that you can apply to your other gear, and open up new perk slots too!

Forspoken: Tips and Tricks (4)

  • The resources for upgrading Cloak and Necklace stats will increase in rarity the more you upgrade them. However, resources that are rare at the start of the game will be more readily available in later areas, so if you need them, try visiting these later parts of the game.

2. Exploration Tips and Tricks

  • Unlock fast-travel points. Athia is so big that getting from point A to point B will take you a fair amount of time, even with Frey’s super-fast parkour skills. To save you some time, unlock fast-travel points by visiting Pilgrim’s refuges and Belfries. Some Pilgrim’s refuges also contain books revealing more Refuges or other points of interest, and even rare resources like Nuggets!
  • Minimize fall damage. If you’re falling from a high height, use Tanta Sila’s tendril ability and point it to the floor before you land to soften the fall and avoid fall damage. Moreover, landing on a body of water will have the same effect.
  • Use Zip To Move Around Better. Acquiring Tanta Sila’s red magic at the start of Chapter 6 unlocks the Zip spell. This spell allows you to pick an anchor point on a distant wall or mountain and zip toward it at high speed. You can combine this spell with your other parkour moves to move around flawlessly.
  • Be quick if you don’t want to engage with enemies. If you’re quick enough, you can grab stuff from chests and flee using magical parkour spells before enemies can even get a chance to attack you.
  • Rest on flat surfaces when parkouring. When using parkour to go up a big mountain, make sure you rest on a flat surface between jumps, so you don’t lose your grip and fall down, losing all the progress you made.
  • You can use the 3D Map to help plan an approach for climbing up cliffs. It’s surprisingly detailed, to the point where you can actually spot Tether Crystals on the walls, which can save you time scouting around a cliff looking for a way up.
  • Regularly press Up on the D-Pad to scan the area with Cuff, especially after a fight. This will highlight items you can pick up, NPCs you can talk to, and enemies to be aware of. It has a very wide range too, making it very useful in finding nearby Chests and other goodies.
  • If there’s a group of enemies gathered around nothing important, it’s likely that they’re actually guarding some resources not marked on the map. It won’t be as bountiful as a Treasure Chest, but every little bit helps!
  • Many minor sightings like camps or broken carts will also have Resources to find in them. Remember, you can identify these easily by pressing Up on the D-Pad to ping them with a yellow icon.
  • Frey has one more climbing Leap than you may expect: the amount she normally has, plus one extra one if she can vault up a ledge onto flat ground. Use and exploit this to get to where you need to go!
  • Make sure to explore every route in a Locked Labyrinth by opening doors leading away from the objective. You’ll often find dead-ends with Old Coin Chests, or even lots of Mana Pools to pick up

3. Combat Tips and Tricks

  • You can get a quick glance on how well your attacks are doing by looking out for pop-up text. If you see “Resistant”, then the enemy will be taking less damage with that set of spells. “Weakened”, meanwhile, means they’re taking extra damage! “Immune” meanwhile means that the target will completely ignore a Spell.
  • Fighting isn’t always the best option. While you might be eager to test your newly acquired magical powers, there are better solutions than fighting everything that moves. This is especially true in the game’s early hours when you only have one type of magic available and only a few spells at your disposal. So if you’re low on health or feel overwhelmed by a horde of enemies, take advantage of Frey’s parkour moves to get out of combat situations just as quickly as you got in them.
  • Think creatively. As you can imagine, Frey’s magical parkour skills allow her to access hard-to-reach places. They also enable her to position herself in strategic points during combat, so if you’re battling a big enemy, use your powers to climb buildings and attack them from above where they can’t reach you.
  • Attack first. You’ll deal slightly more harm with your first blow if you attack an enemy first.
  • Make a camp before a big battle. Getting from point A to point B in Athia can take a long time, so if you don’t want to rush back to a Pilgrim’s Refuge to rest or craft some Healing Draughts before a big battle, then set up a campfire in a safe area near your final destination. On these camps, you will be able to rest and craft stuff just like if you were in a Pilgrim’s Refuge.

Forspoken: Tips and Tricks (5)

  • Make sure to tap Up on the D-Pad to use Cuff Scan at the start of every battle. This will clearly mark enemies with icons, letting you know how close they are to spotting you, or if they have spotted you and are on the offensive. This is particularly useful when facing smaller enemies, which can easily be lost in long grass.
  • If you need to take a breather during combat, you can bring up any of your Spell wheels using the bumpers, which will slow down time. You can make this stop time entirely by going to the Settings menu and changing the Spell-Switching Slowdown to Full Pause.
  • Time will always remain slowed down or paused so long as you’re holding L1, R1 or both, which you can use to your advantage. For example, you can hold L1 and R1 to switch to a different spell set, then hold just R1 to choose an Attack Magic spell, then switch to L1 to pick a Support Magic spell, all without returning to real-time! This is incredibly helpful when taking advantage of enemy weaknesses.
  • Frey’s magic Parkour (called Flow) is one of the best ways to avoid enemy attacks. This is especially useful when an enemy is using an unblockable heavy attack (indicated by a red glint), as this will allow Frey to get out of its range in time if you’re quick enough.
  • Every single one of Frey’s Support Magic spells have their own separate cooldowns. Make sure to utilize a different Support spell while you’re waiting for another one to recharge.

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  • Further, dealing damage with an Attack Magic spell on R2 will fill the cooldown meter a bit, reducing the cooldown time of all of Frey’s Support Magic spells.
  • Charged magic spells allow Frey to use the more powerful versions of her Attack Magic spells without having to stand around charging them first. Simply use the spell normally while also using dodges and Magic Parkour, which will very quickly charge up the spells.
  • Make sure you consider when and where you use charged Attack Magic and Surge Magic: Frey will be completely vulnerable during the process, and if she takes damage, the attack will be interrupted!
  • Make sure to visit the Settings menu to tailor the combat if you find it overwhelming. You can adjust the Damage Received, Stamina Recovery Speed, the Enemy Knockdown time, and enable helpful settings like automatically using Healing Items or evading attacks.
  • The Scatter Shot’s rapid-fire reduces Frey’s aiming speed, making it poor against fast-moving foes. However, you can tap the right trigger to single-fire large chunks without affecting aiming speed. Make sure to use the right method for the job!
  • Several attack spells have alternate forms when you trigger them in mid-air. For example, the Blast Slice spear will have Frey slam into the ground and cause spears to appear around her, while the Arc Slice sword will throw fire a long distance ahead of her. Be sure to experiment with this!
  • Shielded enemies like Errant Soldiers have formidable defenses. If attacking them from behind is proving too tough, try using the Burst Shot spell of Frey’s Magic: the higher tiers can knock them down, opening them up for a Critical Strike!
  • If you get blasted into the air by an attack, you can press the Dodge button to do a mid-air recovery. From there you can fire off a mid-air Attack Magic spell, and if you keep holding dodge, Frey will Flow-dash when she hits the ground!

Source: IGN