Tips and Tricks for Rocket League Sideswipe: The Best Methods to Get You Started

In this article, Rocket League Sideswipe tips and tricks will be reviewed and will quickly elevate your gameplay to the platinum level.

Tips and Tricks for Rocket League Sideswipe: The Best Methods to Get You Started

While Rocket League has been a favorite of console and PC gamers for more than a decade, Psyonix Studios has done a fantastic job of bringing the series to your Android gaming phone. There is only one significant distinction: Rocket League Sideswipe takes place on a 2D plain.

Other than that, Sideswipe perfectly blends the excitement of competitive sports with the best aspects of racing games. To score a goal and keep your adversary from scoring one of their own, all you have to do is use your car. It seems easy, doesn’t it? However, because of its tactical, physics-based gameplay, Rocket League has long been the best in the business.

In a similar vein, mastering Rocket League Sideswipe requires persistence, practice, and time. Down below, we cover a few useful tips and methods to get you started if you’re ready to study, climb the competitive ladder, and leave your rivals in the dust.

1. Adapting your controls and settings

To advance your game, think about altering your setup. Let’s discuss some ways for transforming your casual play into effective rated play.

Compared to three fingers (or a claw), two thumbs

The key to playing with touchscreen controls rather than a controller is to have your setup optimized (Rocket League Sideswipe supports controllers). In Sideswipe, the inherently comfortable two-thumb grip won’t get you very far because the most complex moves demand precise coordination with flip resets, tapping boost, and jumping.

The benefits of learning three finger controls (claw)

Therefore, using multiple fingers to operate separate buttons helps to solve this problem. Your competitive experience will go further if you shorten the response time and reduce any input pauses. This will result in more actions per minute (APM). Your greatest option when using a touchscreen is to learn to utilize three fingers (also known as claw style). As an alternative, you could decide to connect in a controller to get an advantage.

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How to install a claw

Put your left thumb on the joystick for movement and your right thumb and forefinger on jump and boost to begin. We suggest you to practice your new finger location until it comes naturally. Fortunately, the game’s alone training mode is the ideal setting for this.

Hidden leap boost button that is optional

You can program a third extra button such that pushing it causes your automobile to leap and boost at the same time. You will need to explicitly enable it in the game’s settings because it is not available by default.

How to unlock the hidden jump boost button

  1. In the top right corner, tap the gear icon. Game Settings can be tapped.
  2. Select Configure from the Control Customization menu. You’ll find a faded-out, faintly red button inside the grid screen; tap on it, then select the Enabled checkbox. The light red color of the button will disappear.
  3. Click on Close.

Cut back on the graphics in-game

Lowering your graphics improves the performance of your mobile device, maintaining optimal FPS and battery life.

How to turn down the graphics in games

  1. Game Settings > Graphics can be tapped.
  2. Select Low under the Quality Presets option by using the arrows. By doing this, you lower the graphics in-game.

Disable the joystick air roll

We understand that rolling an automobile continuously in the air looks cool. As you soar through the air, you’ll likely turn heads and make new players believe you have mastered the Rocket League Sideswipe. However, the joystick air roll has little to no real-world applications.

Think about disabling this option:

  1. Click on Accessibility under Game Settings
  2. Uncheck the box to the right of the Joystick Air Roll option as you scroll down.

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2. Master your Kickoff in Rocket League Sideswipe

Mastering the Kickoff is very important to retain control of the ball. Learning a few basic moves to throw your opponents off while learning to anticipate the same moves when they are used against you is the perfect place to start. We’ve gathered a list of some of the most popular Kickoffs high-ranked players are using.

  1. The Pancake: Move in the direction of the ball and leap diagonally upwards to position yourself just above the ball’s midway point. To stay in this position and maintain control, keep tapping boost as though you’ve grabbed the ball with your automobile. This will stop the ball from moving forward. Avoid flipping into the ball while performing this.
  2. The Fake: This gives you complete control of the ball while deceiving your opponents into believing you are attempting the kickoff. To accomplish this, drive toward the ball after kickoff while utilizing boost, but spin around before making contact. A deceived opponent will move the ball in your direction, giving you the chance to seize the initiative.
  3. The Brodoff: Air roll into the ball at its center by double-tapping the left joystick. a more forceful maneuver that keeps your ability to quickly flip intact while making sure you win the Kickoff. Another variation is to hold your first flip and wait for your opponent to counter you so you can flip right away.
  4. Slow: Slowly go for the ball on Kickoff, but be ready to cut off your opponent before they can contact the ball by using your flip.

3. The most effective tactics and methods for Rocket League Sideswipe beginners

Reading and duping your adversaries

Your opponent can’t guess your actions if you become the most unpredictable player in your games. Therefore, be ready to switch things up; don’t keep using the same kickoff and overall play.

Studying and honing your shots

Learn how to execute these shots flawlessly to raise your game.

Red Shot: Front flip your car into the ball to strike it with the front of the vehicle. The ball glows blue/pink when it is struck.

Purple Shot: After you’ve taken your shot (the ball glows purple), park your automobile in a defensive posture. When you are as close to the ball as possible, face the front of your car upwards and go in the direction of the ball. At that point, jump while releasing the left joystick.

Gold Shot: When going for your shot, use the back of your car (flip in the opposite direction) to hit the ball (glows gold). This is the most difficult color shot to land, but if used properly, you can pop the ball over your opponent while retaining quick recovery.

White Shot: To perform a white shot, you must flip into the ball while approaching it midair upside down. As with all shots, power depends on distance. The white shot is among the more difficult techniques to learn, but allows you to chain multiple shots in quick succession.

Delayed Flip Shot: While air dribbling, flip-shot the ball. Intended to be used to make yourself less predictable for when you’re going for a flip-shot.

No Flip Shot: When you’re in contact with the ball, spin your car by moving your left joystick 180. This is helpful when conserving your flip or if you don’t have one available.

Managing your mental game

Never forget that a player’s wrath can cause them to make bad choices while playing. If the conversation becomes too bothersome, turn it off or, if you’re playing ranked, take a break. Playing off your anger is a formula for failure.

Sideswipe offers training modes like Free Play and Exhibition that you may utilize to hone your abilities without stress if you need to let off some steam. Otherwise, finishing your Rocket Pass, looking through your Collections, and going to the Garage to give your wheels a new appearance will get you back in shape!

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Trying out advanced mechanics

Working on some of the more advanced mechanics can help open up shooting and control opportunities, a great way to succeed competitively in Rocket League Sideswipe. If you’re ever in need of inspiration on where to start, check out our tips below.

  1. Purple Flick: The best way to get height on the ball. This works by jumping, then air-roll (double-tap left joystick) until all wheels contact the ball, then jump again.
  2. The Killipop: Purple Flick followed by a fast aerial.
  3. Ceiling Stall: An excellent method to maintain your boost while waiting for the ball. Drive up to the ceiling with your car and stay there by tapping jump.
  4. Ceiling Pinch: Hitting the side of the ball when you take it up to the ceiling, you don’t have to flip into the ball while doing this.
  5. Ground Pinch: Keeps your ball low and underneath your opponents to prevent a bounce that puts the ball out of your possession but still gives the ball momentum.
  6. Boost Reset: Get on top of the ball in the air to get your boost reset. Now you’re in a position to make a play as soon as you’re ready to boost.
  7. Flip Reset: Works the same way as boost reset. Let the wheels of your car touch the ball for a flip reset. Master this move and you could be flipping indefinitely.
  8. Turtling: If you can’t beat them, confuse them. To turtle, perform a jump while on the ground, do a partial air roll, and then hold the jump button.
  9. Wavedash: Flip back into the ground, then cancel your flip. You can use this to give the ball more momentum upwards while still getting back your flip.

Perseverance is a gamer’s best asset

Although knowledge is a powerful tool, applied knowledge is superior. To make your trip in Rocket League Sideswipe easier, we’ve shared what we know. It’s time to enter the game and put what you’ve learned into practice. Feel free to share your experience in the comments section afterward.