The Easiest Way To Watch 2021 Summer Olympics Free

There are plenty of ways to watch the 2021 Summer Olympics you want—and some of them are even free if you get creative. This topic will give you the easiest way above all. 

2021 Olympics brief information

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IT’S GOING TO be a weird Summer Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo games are still called the 2020 Tokyo games because they were delayed a year due to the pandemic. And even though the frantic efforts of organizers ensured the Olympics would actually take place this time, officials ultimately barred fans from attending. Then there’s the controversial disqualifications, weird cardboard beds in the Olympic village, and the fact that some athletes have already had to drop out after testing positive for Covid.

In case things weren’t complicated enough, figuring out how to watch the Olympics is a task in and of itself. The first thing to note is that the events will take place in Tokyo, which is 13 hours ahead of US Eastern time, 14 hours ahead of Central time, 15 hours ahead of Mountain time, and 16 hours ahead of Pacific time. Many events will take place during the early morning hours in the US, which means that you might wind up seeing some spoilers. If you’re concerned about that, be prepared to mute notifications and avoid social media. (Or go scorched earth and just kill your notifications altogether.)

The Olympics started at Friday, July 23. (Technically there are some events before the Opening Ceremony, but we’ll get to those in a minute.) The games will run every day for just over two weeks, with the Closing Ceremony held on August 8.

How to watch the 2021 Summer Olympics for free? 


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How To Install Tea Sport Live?

There are several reasons to make this app be the best app to watch 2021 Summer Olympics free, we will list down some of its great features for you:

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Streaming sport and Olympics has never been so easy with Tea Sport Live. Let’s download the app now and have a great sports viewing moment. 

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