The Best Way To Improve Your English Skills With TeaTV App Android

If other people using TeaTV to speed up the way they watch TV programs, why don’t we use it to speed up the way we learn English too? Here are the 5 way TeaTV can improve you English.

Active watching over passive watching

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When I talk about passive watching, I mean watching for pleasure. We naturally absorb the language by hearing the actors speak it and by reading the subtitles. We mainly focus on the story and the characters’ emotions. In either case, there’s little or no language learning intention.

This way of learning can be effective but it alone is never enough if you want to see significant improvements in your English. Whereas, active watching is all about paying full attention to the way the actors use the language and imitating them. Active watching requires way more effort and time than the other one. However, its considerable effectiveness in English learning is undeniable.

To get the best results, Appvn suggests you actively practice with one short part of the movie at a time, because a 30-second clip may already take you more than 15 minutes to practice. So when you do active watching, remember to prioritize your most favorite parts of the movie.

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Improve your vocabulary using subtitle translations

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When we start learning any language, we usually try and translate what we want to say from our own expressions, and our teachers make a lot of the corrections because of this.

However, by using the conversations from TV shows on Teatv apk, which usually contain lots of natural language, you can see the differences quite easily and get rid of lots of small mistakes you might make.

Start by choosing an English show which you are interested in watching. Change the “Audio” so it is dubbed into your own language, but have the “Subtitles” in English. When you’re watching it, write down four or five short expressions which you hear in your own language a lot, but which you think are translated very differently into English. Then, during the same episode, or even in different shows, try and find the same expressions – and listen to them in English too.

Are they always used in the same contexts? Do you think they’re useful for your English? If so, try and use them in conversations and practice them as this will really help improve your vocabulary and your speaking fluency.

Develop your listening skills with a little practice everyday

Beginning to watch Teatv App shows with the audio in English can be overwhelming, however, once you get used to it you’ll never go back to watching dubbed versions again.

We don’t expect you to understand everything you hear but don’t worry, that’s normal. When you start you might find it very difficult and frustrating, but if you watch just one short episode of a TV series every day, you will get used to the speed, pronunciation, and common expressions used. This will really help you when you’re having conversations with native speakers, and give you the confidence to talk for longer.

We recommend that you start with TV series which you’ve already seen in your own languages, such as Friends or Modern Family. This is because you’ll already know the story, and you can spend more time focusing on the language.

For A2-B1 learners we suggest that you have the subtitles in your own language, so you can check the meaning of any vocabulary you don’t know easily. For B2-C1 learners try and have the subtitles in English, and pause if the characters speak too quickly, so you can make sure you’re following the story well.

Improve your speaking fluency and pronunciation by “shadowing”

For more advanced learners, such as students preparing for their C2 Proficiency certificate, using Teatv App Android programs to practice “shadowing” can really help your spoken fluency.

The idea is that you listen to someone on a TV show, and try to repeat what they’re saying at the same time. With a bit of practice, this can really help you to improve your speed, fluency, and also your pronunciation.

For a step-by-step guide on shadowing, have a look at a blog post we wrote here:

Shadowing: A New Way to Improve Fluency at C2 Level

However, this can be useful for lower levels too. Understanding and producing connected speech in English takes time and is something our students often worry about. But copying the lines you hear in famous movies and TV series on teatv apk can help you practice some common examples, and even make you sound more natural.

We recommend watching a movie or TV series with the audio and subtitles both in English and then listening for the differences between what you read, and what you hear. This can be tricky, but by using the ten-second “back” button to practice saying and repeating some short phrases a few times, you will get used to these important pronunciation features.

Talk about it!

The best way to learn a new language is to practice. People talk about what they’ve seen on teatv app at every opportunity – at work, on the bus, at university, at the gym – so try and use this to your advantage.

If you’re going to binge-watch a TV series, try to watch an episode, a season, or even the whole thing in English. Use the steps above to develop your speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills, and then find an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned.

It is very easy to find someone at a language exchange, in a language academy class, or online to talk to about these shows, and everyone has an opinion.

So that all for improving English with TeaTV app Android. Now, access TeaTV to expand your way of learning English. 

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