The best RPGs for Android in 2022

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In recent years, the best Android games have grown beyond cheap knock-offs and pay-to-win games, and this is especially notable in the RPG genre. Ports of critically acclaimed RPGs like Stardew Valley and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic are fantastic experiences on Android, and the quality of original games continues to rise.

RPGs are perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Some games emphasize story over combat, a perfect option for casual gamers, while those looking for a challenge can find games that require careful thinking and strategy. We’ve collected the best RPGs on Android, so whether you enjoy a challenge like Baldur’s Gate or a quirky adventure like Knights of Pen & Paper, there’s something here for you.

While some of these games contain multiplayer options, they are mostly single-player experiences. If you’re looking for a dedicated multiplayer experience, there are some great MMORPGs for Android as well.

Knights of Pen & Paper

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Many RPGs take inspiration from D&D, but in Knights of Pen & Paper, you actually take control of a person playing D&D. It’s a turn-based, pixel-art title that is an original and charming experience. While this game could certainly be designed without the meta role-playing viewpoint, you’ll quickly come to realize that it isn’t just a gimmick.

Knights of Pen & Paper is perfect for all stripes of gamers. Casual players will appreciate the quirky storyline and relaxed gameplay, while those looking for a challenge will love putting together increasingly tougher enemy groups to fight.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Star Wars: KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) was originally released for Xbox and Microsoft Windows in 2003. Its enduring legacy has cemented it as one of the greatest video games of all time. Released on Android in 2014, it’s now more accessible than ever.

Star Wars: KOTOR follows a classic RPG format, leading players through an adventure set 4000 years before the events of “Star Wars: A New Hope.” Along the way, you’ll master new skills, explore classic Star Wars locations, and construct a diverse party to assist you on your quest. The UI was completely reworked for mobile, so you won’t need to worry about fishing out a controller to play.

Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley draws direct inspiration from farming RPGs like Harvest Moon but goes far beyond these nostalgic roots. Mixing original ideas with classic tropes, it’s a beautiful, heartwarming game that is certain to bring a smile to your face. It’s even earned a spot on our best Android games roundup.

If you aren’t sure what kind of RPG to play, Stardew Valley ought to be your first port of call. Whether you like building relationships, creating efficient farms, or challenging yourself in combat, Stardew Valley has something for every player.

Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is a stunning game that feels remarkably similar to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at times. It’s an open-world RPG that isn’t shy about showing off its stunning landscapes at every opportunity. But it’s far more than beautiful scenery. Genshin Impact’s story offers players a long and rewarding adventure accompanied by a spectacular soundtrack to keep things lively.

However, as a free-to-play game, Genshin Impact relies heavily on monetization. It’s one of the more egregious examples of the genre and deliberately slows the player down unless they are willing to fork over some cash. However, it’s not hard to overlook in favor of the extraordinarily high level of polish and content on the show.


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Evoland is an RPG and history lesson in one. Players start out able to only move right, but quickly unlock new game mechanics like 2D movement, music, and color. It contains plenty of nostalgic references to classic RPGs so Legend of Zelda fans, in particular, will love this.

But Evoland is much more than a nostalgia trip. With a charming story, challenging dungeons, and plenty of achievements, it’s a great RPG on its own right. If Evoland isn’t enough for you, give its sequel, Evoland 2, a shot. It explores a wider range of video game genres, from shooters to trading card games.


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Eternium is an ideal choice for those looking for an original fantasy RPG experience that doesn’t stray too far from the classics. Built to be as comfortable as possible on mobile, it’s tap-to-move controls surprisingly intuitive, so you’ll be blasting skeletons and looting dungeons like a pro in no time.

Eternium is a fully fleshed-out RPG that can stand up to any big PC or console exclusive. Eternium doesn’t throw everything at you at once, either, so you can settle down and enjoy it for a long time.

Portal Knights

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Portal Knights is an RPG for the creative gamer. Drawing inspiration from Minecraft, Portal Knights combines these mechanics with classic RPG tropes. This combination of genres offers players a purpose to the sandbox experience. This results in a satisfying gameplay loop. Players can defeat bosses, recruit NPCs, unlock new skills, and experience exciting events, all while having the freedom to explore and build at their own pace.

Chrono Trigger

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Chrono Trigger was originally released on SNES in 1995. The Android version is a direct port of the DS version from 2010 that came with extra content and cutscenes. In our original review for Chrono Trigger, we called it “one of the best games of all time in a convenient form.” While we heartily recommend this for anyone who played the original release, it’s a splendid RPG for players of all ages.

Graphics in the 90s were a mixed bag, but Chrono Trigger’s are utterly timeless; you’ll never find yourself wincing at janky animations or muddled visuals. Beyond this, Chrono Trigger combines a charming story, memorable soundtrack, and an impressive amount of replayability to create an RPG you’ll never want to put down.


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AnimA is inspired by retro RPGs, emphasizing deep customization and fast-paced combat. It can feel a little frustrating and repetitive at times, especially if you’re used to RPGs like Evoland. However, everything in this game can be overcome with strategy and patience, and it rewards you well after finding that elusive item or defeating a tricky boss.

AnimA is ideal for those who find modern RPGs too easy at times, and prefer to solve challenges without any assistance. But this doesn’t mean casual gamers can’t enjoy it, too. This title has a wealth of customization options, extensive replayability, intuitive controls, and beautiful graphics that make it a must-play.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar might have a fairly ridiculous name, but there’s nothing ridiculous about how it plays. A throwback to the JRPGs of old, it has been modernized to avoid some of the genre’s drawbacks. Battle Chasers: Nightwar offers players replayable dungeons that help keep gameplay fresh and cut down on the grind. Dungeons are randomized each time you re-enter them, which avoids the repetitive slog that afflicts so many JRPGs.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a great choice for players who like a decent amount of complexity in their RPGs. Combat can seem overwhelming at first, but once you’ve mastered the available options, you’ll be amazed at how rewarding it can be.

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