The Android version of World of Goo has entirely as much appeal as you expect

Certainly, most fans are expecting the Android version of World of Goo. Let’s scroll through this article below to explore the latest news.

World of Goo has been kicking around on the Play Store since its 2011 release, but Netflix Games has snapped up the abandoned game and remastered it for the modern day. Fans of the original will be happy to note that not much has changed here, barring a few improvements we doubt anyone will complain about, like cleaner graphics.

As you can see from our gameplay video, the graphics have been significantly improved. Specifically, the resolution has doubled. It’s the same art, just in high-res form. There are also cross-platform saves in the mix, so you can switch from your phone to an Android tablet without losing progress. Beyond these improvements, it’s the same spectacular goo-fest as before.

For those unfamiliar with this venerable title, World of Goo is a physics-based puzzle game where you’ll drag and drop sentient balls of goo to build bridges, towers, and more. It’s a strange concept to wrap your head around, but the result is spectacular.

The Android version of World of Goo has entirely as much appeal as you expect (1)

Much like the original, there’s a strange satisfaction to be had when squishing various blobs on your screen, and the physics are intuitive and encourage experimentation for hours and hours of fun. You’ll want to experiment, too, as some levels require you to think outside the box to solve their puzzle efficiently.

After each level, you’ll be scored on how many gooballs you’ve collected, how many moves it took, and the total time. To master the game, you’ll have to make moves as quickly as possible, a challenging prospect when there’s goo wobbling across your screen.

The Android version of World of Goo has entirely as much appeal as you expect (2)

The remastered visuals look beautiful on modern phones. Far from highlighting the dated UI, it gives the entire experience a pleasant retro feel.

World of Goo racked up numerous Game of the Year awards on its initial release, so if you’re itching to goo like its 2011, you can download the remaster now from the Play Store. It’s a title exclusive for Netflix subscribers, but just like all Netflix Games titles, you can download and play without encountering any in-app purchases or ads if you’re already subscribed.

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