The 6 Best Storyline Horror Game Of All Time

Are you finding some horror titles that keep you scare and make you impress with compelling plot? If so, this topic is for you. 

Why do people play horror games? The answer is multiple choice, with a couple of different options. Some play horror games to get a rush. Others play them to simply get a rush. Yet. every now and then, a few play horror games for the story.

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Until Dawn – Obsessed But Amazing Plot

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Gamers always play most games the same, following the path set before them, walking the plotline that the creators made. However, one can’t help but wonder… is there another way that the game could have played out? Another path to follow?

The concept of branching paths in games has been carried out before yet none as expansive as Until Dawn. A haunting horror game that, like many recent horror movies, subverted classic tropes for the better, Until Dawn, allowed the audience to go down multiple terrifying paths in a twisting horror tale.

Resident Evil Franchise

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In the more 20+ years since the original released on PC and the original PlayStation, there have been nine mainline Resident Evil games – not to mention a few remakes and plenty of weird ports and wild spinoffs. Every plot in each version linked consistently with the others to create a complete storyline of the whole series. If there is a huge great plot game out there, that’s must be Resident Evil. We summed up the 2 centuries plotline of the game series here, you can check out for detailed information.

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Alien Isolation

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It’s always a treat when video games can continue a story from another media altogether. Set between the events of the sci-fi horror classics Alien and Aliens, Alien: Isolation was a new chapter in the horror saga that pleased many fans.

Following Ellen Ripley’s daughter as she searched the galaxy for her long lost mother, only to encounter a new outbreak of Xenomorphs. With an intelligent AI and an intense story that complimented the movie, Alien: Isolation left many screaming in a place where no one would hear it.

Bendy And The Ink Machine 

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Usually, the games that draw horror fans in the most are the ones with big named companies behind them, with this being why some games end up becoming critically acclaimed. Yet, every now and then, a small named game becomes legendary.

Bendy And The Ink Machine, a twisted indie game with a sequel on the way that spins concepts like 1940’s cartoons on its head is one such game, a game that works better and to far more an effect than any big named property game ever could.


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In almost every horror game, the same thing happens to each character. The protagonist’s dumped into some horrifying situation and forced to overcome the evil with limited supplies, adding to the horror. Of course, not all games follow this method.

From its humble beginnings to its large-scale reboot Doom has done the opposite, loading gamers up with a massive armory of weapons and sending them after hordes of demons. Add all that into a good story that reveals more information about the iconic Doom Slayer and Doom is one hell of a game with an awesome storyline.

The Last Of Us – BAFTA Games Award for Story

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Good horror games rely on fear to intrigue it’s audiences, leading them down a dark, twisting path full of scares and horrific imagery. A phenomenal horror game, however, relies on emotional impact along with terror.

The Last Of Us on its own is a great horror game on its own, pitting survivors against gruesome monsters and desperate survivors and yet, the overall emotional weight of watching Ellie and Joel, a duo many fans are already trying to cast for the upcoming HBO series, suffer time and time again. Not to mention the gut-wrenching ending sets the game in a class of its own.

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Thank you for reading. If we miss out on any great storyline game in this list, please remind us in the comment section below. 


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