Splinterlands Guide: How to Play and Earn?

Splinterlands is one of the most visited NFT game in 2021. For those who are new to this game, or want to optimize your profit in game, here are detailed guides to play and earn in Splinterlands. 

Splinterlands is one of the older blockchain games on the market, but recently totally revived itself. The game originally launched as Steem Monsters on the Steem blockchain but moved to the forked Hive blockchain when Justin Ton took over. They also changed names and became Splinterlands.

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In Splinterlands, players can earn DEC tokens, and these tokens can be transferred to for example the Ethereum blockchain or Binance Smart Chain. In addition, the team created a bridge to the Wax blockchain, allowing users to wrap their NFTs and trade them on the far more popular NFT marketplaces on Wax. In August 2021, the team launched their SPS governance token, causing a tremendous interest in Splinterlands ever since.

Step by step to start playing Splinterlands

  1. Create an account, or log in via a web browser extension wallet like MetaMask.
  1. Once you’ve created an account and are logged in, you can click the “Play Now” button. Followed by the “Battle” button on the next page.
  2. The Splinterlands battle system will then find an opponent with a similar skill or experience as you.
  3. When an opponent has been found, the pop-up will tell you the limitations of the battle. For example, if you’ll be able to play with only certain types of cards, and of course the amount of Mana points you can spend for this battle.
  4. Click “Create Team”
  5. Now you will need to create a team, within the time limit and using up to the maximum amount of Mana points stated at the top left. Combining cards in a tactical way benefits your decks’ performance.
  6. When both players are ready, the battle begins. From this point on you don’t have any influence. Gamers can either watch the battle unfold or simply click to see the outcome. The winning player earns DEC tokens and gains experience points, the losing player loses some experience points.

The more you win, the higher your rank will become. Through leveling up and by completing quests, players can earn chests. These chests contain cards, credits, or DEC. They can then upgrade existing cards by combining them. The stronger your card collection, the higher the maximum level is that you can reach. Additionally, your card collection boosts your power rank, which improves your League ranking. The higher players climb the competitive ladders, the more rewards they can collect.

How to earn in Splinterlands?

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There are various methods to make the most of your Splinterlands experience. Ultimately there are three types of currencies circulating in the ecosystem: Credits, DEC, and SplinterShards (SPS).

  • Credits – an in-game currency that players can use to buy card packs or spend on the open marketplace.
  • DEC tokens – Earned through competitive gameplay, usable to purchase exclusive items and rarer card packs. Players also use DEC to rent cards.
  • SPS tokens – the governance token of the Splinterlands ecosystem. Currently you earn SPS for every NFT or DEF token you own. The more you own, the rarer your items are, the more SPS you will receive. Ultimately SPS will have governance functionalities, but those aren’t active yet. For now players can use the token to enter special tournaments. Players can also stake SPS in-game and claim passive income.

There are various ways to earn tokens in Splinterlands. The more invested you are in this game, the better positioned you become to make money. When you start to play without any initial investment (aside from the $10 Summoner’s Book), earnings will be little. Earning from battles and completing daily quests, will quickly position users to ramp up their earnings in the game.

  1. Complete your daily quests, every day, and claim those rewards. You will need five victories with a certain type of hero character (called a Splinter). This could take you anywhere between 10 minutes and up to approximately 45 minutes per day, depending on your tactical skills.
  2. Join competitive battles to earn DEC, and level up your account. Always try to reach the highest league possible. This will be Bronze 3 at first, followed by Bronze 2, all the way up to Silver, Gold etc.
  3. As you win rewards and receive cards, your account value will increase. Players with lots of cards will automatically earn a bigger, daily SPS airdrop. This airdrop will continue until August 2022.

Hopefully, these guides to play and earn in Splinterland will help you make more profit in game. 

Download Splinterland now and enjoy!



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