Rise of Star Guidelines – Tips and Tricks to Kickstart the Game

With these simple beginner’s guides, you will find it easier to play and earn in Rise of Star NFT game. 

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Rise of Stars is a brand new 4X strategy mobile game developed and released by the team at WeMade, giving players a vast new galaxy to discover and colonize, as well as their own space station to slowly develop, and their fleet of powerful starships to grow.

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Of note here is the fact that players can also unlock a variety of carrier ships, which are the only vessels capable of mining the extremely rare Silther Particles, which are the core of the game’s economy and can be synthesized into Silthereum, and then traded for WEMIX, the game’s cryptocurrency. Afterward, this currency can be reinvested to unlock more carriers or upgrade existing ones, or even sold for real money. This model effectively makes Rise of Stars a Play2Earn game, which rewards players for their hard work, while also making it highly competitive.

Due to its Play2Earn model and huge player base, leading to users having to go through long wait times to even log into the game, starting out in Rise of Stars can be quite intimidating. For this reason, we’ve created this simple beginner’s guide, to give you a few tips and tricks on how to get started on the right track.

Automate Your Progress and Multiply Your Income With BlueStacks

As with any game where the potential gains from being a good player are so high, players will need the very best tools if they wish to excel, which is why we highly recommend playing Rise of Stars on Android with Appvn.

Our Android app player not only lets you enjoy this game on a much larger screen so you can better appreciate every single detail of its awesome graphics, but it also gives players access to a variety of tools to improve and expedite their progress. Some of these tools include the Keymapping Tool, which lets you control most aspects of the game using keyboard shortcuts; the Instance Manager, which lets you play on multiple accounts at the same time, and the Macro Recorder, through which players can automate most of the repetitive and monotonous tasks in the game.

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Keep Your Station Busy

While Rise of Stars has the NFT and blockchain distinctions to set it apart from most other games, its core gameplay is much the same as other strategy mobile titles. In this sense, one of the best habits for progressing rapidly in this game is to always keep your base busy. In this sense, by minimizing downtime, you always ensure that your base is under development and that you’re wasting the least possible time doing nothing.

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The only times when it’s acceptable to be idle is when you’re actually short on resources and literally can’t afford any buildings, ships, or upgrades. However, even in this case, you can still be active to minimize this downtime, which leads to our next point.

Always Gather From the Sector Map

To develop your base and build your fleet, you’ll need tons of resources, especially later on in the game. These requirements are easily much more than your base can produce passively in your production buildings, which means that you’ll need to secure new sources of materials if you wish to minimize downtime.

Luckily, your sector is home to a vast variety of resources and other elements that you can tap into in order to bump up your resource generation. Case in point, you’ll find countless gathering points in your sector that, by sending your fleet to them, can be harvested for their minerals, metals, and other valuable materials. To ensure your continued development, you should always try to gather from these points.

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However, harvesting these resources can take a lot of diligence and attention, especially since you need to manually send your ships out whenever they return. This is another reason why you should play Rise of Stars on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player gives you access to macros that essentially let you automate these repetitive tasks.

Avoid Being Inactive For Too Long

While this tip might not be very relevant down the line, Rise of Stars is currently experiencing a huge influx of players at launch, which means that the server queues are very large, prompting players to wait for hours in order to actually access and play the game. Moreover, players who manage to get into the game must remain active at all times, or else they might get prompted to “refresh” their game due to inactivity, which means getting kicked and sent to the back of the line to relog.

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While this situation will probably get better in the future, the biggest obstacle to your progress at the moment is not being able to access the game. For this reason, we strongly suggest avoiding being inactive while logged in, to avoid getting kicked. Our macros are also useful for this purpose, since you can simply leave a basic macro running in a loop to simulate that you’re playing the game, and avoid getting kicked if you need to go AFK.

Follow the Main Missions

As we mentioned before, and despite its blockchain and NFT elements, Rise of Stars is actually a fairly standard strategy game. This means that, like many other games in the genre, one of the best ways to progress is simply by completing the main story missions.

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These story tasks will give you a great introduction to the game’s elements: from fighting and gathering resources, to developing your base and growing your fleet. And on top of that, every time you complete a mission, you’ll also be rewarded with experience and valuable goodies, some of which can help to speed up your development.

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It’s always worth focusing on the main missions whenever you get the chance.

Claim Your Freebies and Login Rewards

Lastly, another valuable tip for beginners to Rise of Stars is to check out every single menu in the game, since a lot of these can actually offer valuable free items and other rewards. At one point, you can even get your first carrier through these menus after you’ve progressed enough in the game.

rise-of-star-guidelines-tips-and-tricks-to-kickstart-the-game 7

We can’t stress enough the importance of thoroughly checking out every menu in Rise of Stars. In fact, if a menu or button has a red dot on it, it’s because it usually has something important to offer, so make sure to check it out whenever you see them.

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