Resident Evil – Look Over 26 Years Of Legendary Horror Game Franchise

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The Resident Evil universe is a terrifying place to live in. It is filled with all manner of biological nightmares ready to snuff you out at the behest of corrupt corporations, mad cults, and power-hungry terrorists. Now it looks like Resident Evil will be delving into the realms of the supernatural with werewolves and vampires in Resident Evil Village. It’s time we look back on the storyline of this legendary series to prepare ourselves for potentially one of the best horror games on the PC and Xbox platforms.

Be warned; this retrospective will contain spoilers on every game listed. Do note that we will be recapping the Resident 1, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3 remakes since they’re likely regarded as the canonical versions now. There are some minor plot differences between the new versions and the originals, but the general gist is the same.

Resident Evil

Our story begins in July 1998. A series of horrific, cannibalistic murders began occurring in Raccoon City, USA. Raccoon City’s police department tracked the source of the murders to the Arklay mountains and assigned their elite task force, S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service), to investigate. S.T.A.R.S. first sends in Bravo Team to the Arklay Mountains, but they lost contact when they arrived. They immediately send in Alpha Team to check up on the situation and continue the investigation.

Once Alpha Team arrives, they find the Bravo Team’s helicopter crashed, and one of its members, Kevin Dooley, dead. Alpha Team was then immediately attacked by a pack of wild dogs, and one of their members, Joseph Frost, was torn to pieces. Alpha Team tried to save Joseph but was shocked to discover their bullets had little effect on the grotesque dogs. Seeing the horrifying scene causes Alpha Team’s pilot, Brad Vickers, to take off with their helicopter, leaving Alpha Team stranded in the Arklay Mountains.

Our heroes have no choice but to flee to whatever shelter they can find. They spot an abandoned mansion and immediately rush inside, locking the door behind them. The only members of the Alpha Team left on this mission are Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and their captain, Albert Wesker. After getting their bearings from being chased by the mutant dogs, Alpha Team decides to split into groups to explore the mansion.


They find the culprit of the cannibalistic murders feasting on the corpse of Kenneth Sullivan, one of the Bravo Team’s members. A grotesque, rotting man that felt no pain to gunfire but a bullet to the brain quickly dispatches the monster. However, he wasn’t the only one — it turns out this mansion was crawling with undead zombies. As Alpha Team’s exploration of the mansion continues, they discover that zombies weren’t the only evil residence. There were mutant crows, spiders, snakes, sharks, plants, and even humanoid lizardmen. Not to mention this mansion was also laden with death traps and puzzles to deter intruders.

After evading all of those hurdles, they manage to rescue Rebecca Chambers, the only surviving member of the Bravo Team. Alpha Team eventually finds a laboratory hidden underneath the mansion and discovers the truth. All these monsters were the result of the T-Virus, an artificial virus created by the Umbrella Corporation. Their goal was to produce Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W. for short) and sell them off to militaries worldwide. However, an accident caused the T-Virus to leak, infect all the research staff, and subsequently release all the locked-up B.O.Ws. But the most shocking revelation of all was that S.T.A.R.S. captain, Albert Wesker, was one of the top researchers at this facility.

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Our S.T.A.R.S. confronts Albert Wesker, and he coldly confesses that he was working for Umbrella the whole time. He informs them that S.T.A.R.S was brought here to test out the B.O.W.’s combat abilities. Once they were dead, Wesker would gather data and bring it back to Umbrella, but Albert Wesker has other plans. He plans to double-cross Umbrella and sell the data to one of their rival companies because he feels the outbreak will lead to Umbrella’s financial ruin.

Before he leaves, Albert Wesker activates the mansion’s self-destruct protocol to destroy any evidence of the incident. He also unleashes the T002-Tyrant, the culmination of Umbrella’s T-Virus research, and orders it to kill our heroes. However, the Tyrant proves somewhat unstable and goes berserk, killing Albert Wesker in the process. After an intense battle, our heroes manage to escape the mansion before it explodes thanks to pilot Brad Vickers coming back to pick them up at the last minute.

The only known survivors of this incident are Jill, Chris, Barry, Brad, and Rebecca. They breathe a sigh of relief, but deep down they know this nightmare is far from over.

Resident Evil 2

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Two months after the events of Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2 kicks off in late 1999. We see a young man named Leon Kennedy is driving towards Raccoon City to attend his first day on the local police force. When he gets there, however, he finds the city overrun with undead zombies. Leon meets one of the survivors amidst the chaos, a young woman named Claire Redfield. Claire tells Leon she came to Raccoon city looking for her brother Chris Redfield because she lost contact with him a couple of months ago. After a disastrous car crash, the pair get separated and agree to meet up at the Raccoon City Police Department.

When they get there, they find the Police Department crawling with zombies and mutated abominations. They managed to find a surviving officer, Marvin Branagh, but he’s been bitten by the zombies. He informs our heroes that everyone else has been killed, and they should save themselves. Claire also finds a diary left behind by Chris, which implies that he has left Raccoon City and traveled to Europe. With no reason left to stay, Leon and Claire decide to escape Raccoon City while rescuing any survivors along the way.

It is here where Leon and Claire’s paths diverge. After using an emergency escape exit provided by Marvin, Leon meets an FBI agent named Ada Wong. Leon asks Ada if she knows what’s going on, but she tells him to get out while he still can. He later encounters Ben Bertolucci, a journalist locked up in prison. He tells Leon that the Umbrella Corporation was responsible for the zombie outbreak, and they bribed the chief of police, Brian Irons, to keep his mouth shut. Leon is skeptical, but before he can ask any more questions, a giant man busts through the walls and kills Ben.

resident-evil-look-over-26-years-of-legendary-horror-game-franchise 2

This is the T00-Tyrant (a.k.a. Mr. X), a B.O.W. sent by Umbrella to kill witnesses to the viral outbreak. Mr. X almost kills Leon, but Ada Wong saves at the last minute by ramming Mr. X with a police van. She confirms Ben’s story and says she’s been tracking down an Umbrella scientist responsible for this disaster, Annette Birkin. Leon demands that he joins her investigation so they can bring down the people who ruined Raccoon City and its people. She reluctantly allows him to join her, and together they begin tracking down Annette and the virus that caused the outbreak: the G-Virus.

Meanwhile, Claire Redfield encounters a little girl named Sherry Birkin looking for her mother. Not long afterward, Sherry gets kidnapped by police chief Irons and takes her to the Raccoon City orphanage. When Claire gets there, she finds Irons killed, with a parasite bursting out of his chest. Thankfully, Sherry is alive, and they make their escape through a secret passage in Irons’ office. However, Mr. X arrives and gives chase. Mr. X corners Claire and Sherry in an elevator, but he gets ripped apart by the mutant that infected Irons with the parasite. Sherry says the monster is (or was) her father, before the elevator collapses from the chaos, causing them all to fall into Umbrella’s sewer facility.

Claire wakes up to meet Annette Birkin, Sherry’s mother, who takes Sherry Birkin to a secure location. Claire goes after Sherry to make she’s okay despite Annete’s protests. Claire is shocked to discover that Sherry has been infected, and she’s beginning to turn. Annette, via an intercom, says there’s a way to cure her at the NEST facility. Claire asks for her help, but Annette refuses, as she is busy trying to stop the monster she calls William. So Claire decides to take Sherry to NEST by herself. Coincidentally, that’s where Leon and Ada headed to as well.

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Both parties arrive at NEST with their objectives — Leon and Ada are tracking down the G-Virus while Claire is looking for a cure for Sherry. Along the way, they discover the cause of the outbreak in Raccoon City. An Umbrella scientist, Dr. William Birkin, created the G-Virus and was planning to independently sell it to the USA military. Umbrella higher-ups find out about William’s betrayal and send in their paramilitary unit, the Umbrella Secret Service (U.S.S. for short) to secure the G-Virus. William refused to hand over the virus and was gunned down by U.S.S. agents when he resisted. In a last-ditch effort to stop Umbrella from stealing his life’s work, William injects the G-Virus and mutates into the B.O.W. now stalking the facilities. Driven mad by the mutations, William kills the U.S.S. agents and destroys the virus samples they took. Rats ingest the shattered samples and they quickly spread the virus throughout Raccoon City.

When Claire and Leon get what they came for, they run into William Birkin. Annette arrives an in attempt to kill him for good but gets critically injured by William. After beating him, the following scene is different depending on who you play as. In Leon’s story, Annette tells Leon that Ada Wong is not an FBI but a spy that’s trying to steal the virus and sell it on the black market. Leon can’t believe this and confronts Ada Wong about it. Ada immediately admits it and pulls a gun on Leon but can’t bring herself to kill him. Annette then shoots Ada, causing her to fall to her doom along with the G-Virus sample. Meanwhile, in Claire’s story, Claire and Annette manage to cure Sherry of the G-Virus. Annette dies from her injuries sustained in her earlier encounter with William.

When Leon took the G-Virus samples, NEST’s self-destruct protocols activate. With no time to spare, Leon, Claire, and Sherry rush off to find an escape route. While taking different elevator shafts, they each encounter an obstacle. Leon fights Mr. X one last time, and Claire fights William Birkin in a new, heavily mutated form. Ada manages to survive her fall thanks to her gadgets and tosses a rocket launcher to Leon (who has no idea she’s still alive), saying that they’re now even. Leon and Claire defeat the monsters and manage to get on a train, just in time to escape the exploding facility. Their reunion is cut short when the train gets boarded by William Birkin, who has mutated to the point where he’s just a giant blob of tentacles, meat, teeth, and eyeballs. Leon and Claire barely manage to cut off the train carriage William was clinging to in time before the explosion caught up to them. After many battles, William Birkin finally dies in the exploding facility.

Leon, Claire, and Sherry come out of the side of the tunnel, surviving the longest night of their lives. Afterward, Leon and Claire decide that they’re going to take down Umbrella for what they have done, once and for all.

Resident Evil 3

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Shortly after Resident Evil 1, Chris, Jill, and Barry requested a full-scale investigation of Umbrella. However, their requests are denied by the police chief, Brian Irons. They soon found out that Umbrella’s influence reached all corners of Raccoon City and that they can’t trust any officials. They were on their own. Chris heads off to Europe to investigate Umbrella’s Europe branch, with Barry following behind after relocating his family to Canada. Jill decides to stay behind to see if she can get any dirt on Umbrella in Raccoon City.

Two months later, Jill’s investigation has been ground to a halt. Brian Irons disbands S.T.A.R.S., suspends Jill from the police force, and places her under house arrest. Due to the lack of progress of her investigation and Irons’ constant surveillance, Jill decides that now is the time to leave Raccoon City and join Chris and Barry in Europe. As she prepares to leave, she is attacked by a new Tyrant creature, codenamed Nemesis.

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Umbrella has sent Nemesis to kill all members of S.T.A.R.S for their meddling in Umbrella’s affairs. After a tense chase, Jill manages to give Nemesis the slip for now. She meets up with Brad Vickers, and the pair quickly discover that Raccoon City has descended into pure chaos. Zombies are everywhere, and people are dying left and right. They quickly take shelter in a bar, but Brad gets bitten by one of the zombies. Realizing he’s doomed, he stays behind to hold off the zombie horde, buying Jill enough time to escape.

While evading the zombies, a rescue helicopter spots Jill, and the pilot tells her to rendevous at the parking garage. When she gets there, Nemesis destroys the chopper, cutting off her escape. With nowhere to run, Jill decides to take out the Tyrant by running him over with a car, to no avail. As Nemesis looms over Jill, a soldier distracts Nemesis and blasts away the Tyrant with a rocket launcher. Nemesis survives but is incapacitated. The soldier, Carlos Oliveira, takes Jill to the subway, where other survivors are gathered.

Carlos explains he is with the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S. for short), and he has been sent to rescue any survivors. When they get to the subway, they meet Carlos C.O., Mikhail Viktor. Mikhail explains that they’re trying to fix the train so they can evacuate the survivors, but their platoon has been nearly wiped out, so he asks Jill for help. Jill is apprehensive at first, considering that these guys are working for Umbrella, but she ultimately agrees because she wants to help the survivors, not Umbrella.

During her trek through the city, Jill finds an injured U.B.C.S. soldier, but he’s quickly shot dead by another U.B.C.S. soldier, Nikolai Zinoview. Jill gets into a heated argument with Nikolai, but he dismisses her for being a bleeding heart. She gets the subway system back online and heads back to the train station. When she gets back, Nemesis shows up again. She decides to lure Nemesis away to buy the U.C.B.S. soldiers enough time for the train to be fully fixed.

Jill’s battles with Nemesis are long and intense. Nemesis tries to burn her alive with a flamethrower and blow her to bits with a rocket launcher. With some quick thinking and teamwork from Carlos, they manage to defeat Nemesis by blowing up a nearby a gas tanker. Once they get back to the train station, Carlos says he has to stay behind because he has orders to find Dr. Nathanial Bard. Bard is a scientist whose vaccine research could save Raccoon City. Jill departs on the train with Mikhail, Nikolai, and the rest of the survivors.

During their ride, Nemesis attacks the trains and kills the survivors. An enraged Jill tries to fight him, but Mikhail holds her, saying they need to retreat. As they do so, Nikolai locks them inside, revealing himself to be a traitor. Nemesis mortally wounds Mikhail, but before he can kill him, Mikhail detonates a C4 charge, hoping to take Nemesis out with him. The explosions derail the train and knock Jill out cold.

Meanwhile, Carlos and fellow U.C.B.S. officer Tyrell search Raccoon City for Dr. Bard. They arrive at the Police Department and contact the doctor by using the officer computers. Dr. Bard says he’s trapped at the Spencer Memorial hospital and that Umbrella’s been killing off all the Umbrella researchers to cover up the incident. Carlos then gets a call from Jill telling him that Nemesis killed everyone on the train and that Nikolai left them to die. Jill then gets interrupted by Nemesis, who has horrifically mutated due to his injuries. Carlos immediately drops what he’s doing and rushes to help Jill.

Jill manages to fight off the animalistic Nemesis, but he manages to impale Jill with a tentacle, infecting her with the T-Virus. Carlos finds Jill unconscious, slowly but surely starting to turn into a zombie. He carries her to the hospital, hoping that Dr. Bard’s vaccine can cure her of the T-Virus. When Carlos gets to the hospital, he finds Dr. Bard has been shot in the head, most likely by Nikolai. Carlos finds Dr. Bard’s personal computer and discovers a personal log entry from the doctor. Dr. Bard details the location of the vaccine and confesses that Umbrella was indeed responsible for the viral outbreak. Carlos doesn’t take this revelation very well. Nonetheless, he gets a sample of the vaccine and gives it to Jill just in the nick of time.

Tyrell meets up with Carlos and brings him some terrible news. The US government has declared that they are launching a missile strike to destroy Raccoon City on October 1, 1998, because the outbreak has become uncontainable. Carlos tells Tyrell to contact the government to hold off the missile strike because they have found the vaccine. Carlos then heads off the Umbrella’s underground facility, NEST2, where the rest of the vaccine is located.

Jill wakes up to discover the news about Raccoon City’s impending destruction. Tyrell tells her that Carlos has gone off to get the vaccine, but he lost contact with him some time ago. Jill then heads off to NEST2 to help Carlos. Tyrell joins her after contacting the government, he says they’re willing to call off the missile strike if they can retrieve the vaccine in a few hours. When they get to NEST2, they are attacked by Nemesis again, who kills Tyrell.

After evading Nemesis, Jill manages to create a sample of the vaccine needed to save Racoon City. Unfortunately, she drops it after a scuffle with Nemesis. Nikolai grabs the vaccine and offers Jill a deal — if she fights Nemesis while Nikolai records the battle, he will give her back the vaccine. Jill has no choice but to do what Nikolai says for now. The battle isn’t going well for Jill, but Carlos arrives to save her by drowning Nemesis in a pool of acid.

Jill then pursues Nikolai to retrieve the vaccine but is stopped yet again by Nemesis. Who, at this point, has mutated into a giant amorphous blob of flesh and tentacles. Jill tells Carlos to go after Nikolai while she deals with Nemesis one last time. Thankfully for Jill, the area they’re in happens to contain a gigantic experimental railgun weapon. After dismembering Nemesis with the railgun, Jill fires it directly in Nemesis’s grotesque face, finally destroying the Tyrant for good.

Jill catches up with Carlo, but he’s been knocked out by Nikolai. Nikolai overpowers Jill and destroys the vaccine, dooming Raccoon City. Nikolai reveals he’s a mercenary hired to reduce Umbrella to rubble and collect combat data of the B.O.W.s in action. As Nikolai prepares to kill Jill, Carlos wakes up to put Nikolai in a chokehold and tells Jill to shoot him. They manage to incapacitate Nikolai by shooting him in the shoulder. Jill tries to interrogate Nikolai about his motives and who his employer is, but Nikolai responds with cryptic answers and asking for money. Having enough of Nikolai’s nonsense, Jill decides to leave him behind to die along with Raccoon City. Nikolai warns Jill that she’ll never find out if she leaves him, but Jill says she doesn’t mind doing some detective work.

As Carlos and Jill escape in a helicopter, they watch the missile strike reduce Raccoon City to ashes. Jill mourns the loss of her home and contemplates that this horrific tragedy wasn’t caused by viruses but by human greed. She vows to dedicate her life to bring down Umbrella and avenge all the good people who died in Raccoon City.

The T-Virus has spread to Raccoon City, turning all of its people into zombies. Jill Valentine prepares her lost city behind, but she will have to content will Umbrella’s latest creation, Nemesis, if she hopes to survive.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

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Three months have passed since the destruction of Raccoon City, and Claire Redfield is still searching for her brother, Chris Redfield. Her journey takes her to an Umbrella facility in Paris, but she is immediately discovered by security. They knock out Claire and take her to Rockford Island to interrogate her. Her imprisonment doesn’t last long as when she wakes up, she finds the island devastated and crawling with zombies.

Taking this opportunity to escape, Claire leaves her cell and tries to find a way off the island. Along the way, she runs into an inmate named Steve Burnside, and they agree to find an escape route together. Claire tells Steve she’s searching for her brother, and Steve remembers overhearing the guards keeping tabs on Chris. Claire finds a nearby computer terminal and emails Leon Kennedy, to try and inform Chris of her whereabouts and that Umbrella is onto him.

As Claire’s search continues, she encounters the commanding officer of Rockfort Island, Alfred Ashford, the grandson of one of Umbrella’s founders, Edward Ashford. Alfred demands to know why Claire attacked Rockfort Island, but Claire has no idea what he’s talking about. Alfred says an air raid strike attacked the island, and the ensuing chaos caused the island’s stockpile of T-Virus samples to leak, killing all of the island’s staff.

After overcoming numerous traps set by Alfred, Claire and Steve make their way to the Ashford Estate. When they arrive, they are obstructed not just by Alfred, but also by his sister, Alexia Ashford. However, they are shocked to discover that Alexia was actually just Alfred, portraying his sister through some warped obsession. In a moment of psychotic rage, Alfred activates the island’s self-destruct sequence to take the pair out. Claire and Steve manage to find an airplane and escape the island before it explodes. However, Alfred activates the plane’s auto-pilot by remote and directs it to crash into an Umbrella base in Antarctica.

Claire and Steve manage to survive the crash and begin exploring the base. Alfred makes one last attempt to kill the pair, but Steve shoots Alfred, causing him to fall into a deep chasm. The noise from the battle causes a failed B.O.W., Nosferatu, to awaken and attack Claire and Steve. They defeat the ancient mutant by shooting it in the heart. Claire and Steve find a nearby snowmobile and attempt to escape the base. A dying Alfred crawls to a hidden laboratory and releases the real, mutated, Alexia Ashford from cryogenic stasis. Alexa uses her mutant appendages to capture Claire and Steve to use them for her sick experiments.

Chris Redfield finally arrives at Rockfort Island only to discover it’s in ruins. He explores the island hoping that Claire is alive amongst the wreckage, but he finds the last person he ever wanted to see again — Albert Wesker. Not only did Albert Wesker survive getting impaled by the Tyrant in Resident Evil 1, but he somehow also gained superhuman speed and strength. As well as enhanced regenerative healing.

He tells Chris that he’s now working for a new company, The Organization, and has been tasked with retrieving Alexa Ashford. After dominating Chris with his newfound abilities, Albert Wesker decides to allow Chris to live. During the one-sided fight, Wesker lets slip that Alexia is in the Antarctica base alongside Claire. Wasting no time, Chris grabs one of the few remaining airplanes and flies off to save his sister.

While exploring the base, Chris discovers notes detailing the Ashford twins’ origins. Their father, Alexander Ashford, was conducting experiments to clone their ancestor, Veronica, to bolster their family’s reputation within Umbrella. The experiments resulted in two clones of Veronica — Alfred, and Alexia Ashford. When the children discovered they were nothing but a means to an end, they kidnapped their father and experimented on him as an act of revenge. Alexander was transformed into the B.O.W., Nosferatu. Their experiments on their father led to a variant of the T-Virus, which Alexia christened, the T-Veronica Virus. She injected herself with it and put herself into cryogenic stasis for 15 years so that the virus can mutate slowly without degrading her mind.

Chris eventually finds Claire, but they are soon separated again by Alexia. Chris tells Claire to rescue Steve while he deals with Alexia. Claire finds Steve but is shocked to discover that he’s been mutated by the T-Veronica Virus and has lost his mind. One of Alexia’s tentacles restrains Claire so that the mutated Steve can finish her. However, Steve manages to regain his mind upon hearing Claire’s desperate cries for help. He saves Claire but is mortally wounded by Alexia. Steve confesses his love to Claire before passing away.

After fending off a mutated Alexia, Chris activates the base’s self-destruct sequence to unlock all doors of the facility. While they are making their escape, they reencounter Alexia, who has mutated into a giant insectoid monster. Chris manages to destroy Alexia for good by using an experimental laser cannon that was nearby. Unfortunately, Albert Wesker abducted Claire while Chris was fighting Alexia. He makes Wesker release Claire by goading him into a fight. Chris tells Claire to prep Chris’s harrier jet for take-off while he fights Wesker. Just before she leaves, Wesker taunts Claire by saying that he’s taken Steve’s body back to his employer for research.

Chris and Wesker’s battle comes to a draw when the crumbling base separates the pair of them. Wesker and Chris vow to finish their fight the next time they meet. Chris catches up to Claire, and they both fly away as the Antarctica base explodes.

Claire Redfield continues to search for her missing brother after the destruction of Raccoon City. Her journey takes her to the Umbrella base, Rockfort Island, where it has been overrun with zombies. Now she must escape with the help with the aid of Steve Burnside.

Resident Evil 4

resident-evil-look-over-26-years-of-legendary-horror-game-franchise 8

After many setbacks and investigations, Umbrella was eventually found guilty by the US government for their illegal experiments and causing the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. The compensation charges bankrupted the company, and they were shut down in 2004. Umbrella may be gone, but there were other evil organizations out there, ready to terrorize the world with their biological nightmares.

Years after the destruction of Raccoon City, Leon was recruited by the US government to become a secret service agent owing to his skill and experience. After his training was complete, Leon was assigned his first mission. He must quietly travel to Spain and retrieve Ashley Graham, the United States president’s daughter, who has been kidnapped by a cult known as Los Illuminados.

When Leon arrives at a village where Ashley was last sighted, he is attacked by the local villagers. All of whom display unyielding loyalty to Los Illuminados’ leader, Osmund Saddler. During his investigation, he meets a man named Luis Cera, who the villagers have tied up. When Leon tries to set Luis free, he gets jumped by one of the cult’s enforcers, Bitores Mendez, and is knocked unconscious. Saddler then arrives to inject Leon with a parasite while he sleeps.

Leon and Luis manage to escape their bonds once they wake up and go their separate ways. Before Luiz leaves, he tells Leon that the cult is keeping Ashley locked in their church. After Leon fights his way through the villagers and a couple of giant monsters, he reaches the church where Ashley is being held. Once he frees Ashley, Leon comes face to face with Saddler. Saddler tells Leon that they injected Ashley with a parasite, and once they send her back, the parasite will take control of Ashley and murder the president. Leon and Ashley evade the cult’s clutches and begin to make their way to the extraction point.

Unfortunately, the chopper coming to pick them up has been shot down, so Leon and Ashley have to find shelter before another one arrives. After fighting more villagers and defeating Bitorez Mendez, Leon and Ashley find a castle they hope they can hide in until the chopper arrives. Leon and Ashley run then into Luis. He says he knows they have been infected with the parasite. Luis goes off alone to look for a cure while he tells Leon and Ashley to stay alive in the meantime. Leon and Ashley are eventually confronted by one of the Los Illuminados high-ranking members, Ramon Salazar. He has rigged the castle with dozens of traps, and one of them separates Leon and Ashley. Now Leon has to find her again while contending with Salazar’s minions.

While exploring the castle, Leon comes across memos left by Luis that reveal that the parasite is named Las Plagas. Leon then gets an unpleasant reunion with Ada Wong. Leon says that he knows that Ada Wong is now working for Albert Wesker and demands to know why she’s here. Ada responds with a flashbang and leaves him dazed and confused. Luis then meets up with Leon again with a drug that will stop the parasites infecting Leon and Ashley from growing, along with a sample of Las Plagas. However, Luis gets mortally wounded by Saddler. Saddler retrieves the Las Plagas sample and leaves Luis to die. Luis reveals to Leon that he was a researcher who worked for Saddler, but he defected once he realized how evil his employer was. With his dying breath, Luis gives Leon a drug that will stall the parasite growth and urges him to retrieve the Las Plagas sample before it’s too late.

After overcoming dozens of obstacles, Leon catches up with Salazar, but Ashley is long gone. Salazar says Ashley has been taken to an island, miles away. Salazar then mutates into a giant monster and attacks Leon. After defeating Salazar, Leon makes his way to the docks to find a boat that can take him to the island. Ada Wong offers a ride, and Leon begrudgingly agrees since there are no other boats available. Ada then leaves Leon while she does her own work.

The island is a heavily fortified research facility, crawling with armed guards and monsters with regenerative abilities. There Leon encounters Jack Krauser, a soldier that Leon thought died in an accident. Krauser reveals he was the one who kidnapped Ashley and brought her Los Illuminados in the first place. His goal is to revive Umbrella and bring order to the world. Leon’s not having of his crazy rhetoric and kills Krauser in a knife fight.

After many setbacks, Leon finally reunites with Ashley. They find a machine capable of eradicating the Las Plagas parasite within a host and use it to cure themselves. While they’re finding a way off the island, Leon and Ashley encounter Saddler, and he has taken Ada Wong hostage. Leon tells Ashley to hide and prepares to take down Saddler for good. With some assistance from Ada, Leon blows Saddler to kingdom come with a rocket launcher.

Ada makes off with the Las Plagas sample and gives Leon a key to a jet ski he can use to get Ashley. She tells Leon to get a move on because she’s rigged the island to explode in 3 minutes. Leon and Ashley escape the exploding island and proceed to make their way back home. Meanwhile, Ada Wong takes the Las Plagas sample not to Wesker but to the higher-ups of The Organization, leaving Wesker with only scraps.

Leon Kennedy has been sent to rescue the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, from a sinister cult bent on world domination. Keep your aim sharp, and preserve your ammo because the monsters of Los Illuminadoes don’t take kindly to outsiders.

Resident Evil 5

resident-evil-look-over-26-years-of-legendary-horror-game-franchise 9

When Umbrella had dissolved, a new organization had risen to protect the world from bio-terrorism, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A. for short). Chris, Jill, Barry, and Rebecca join the organization to prevent any more tragedies like Raccoon City’s destruction from ever happening again.

In 2006, the B.S.A.A. managed to track down the location of Oswell E. Spencer, the C.E.O. of Umbrella. He went to hiding after Umbrella had fallen apart. The B.S.A.A. sends in Chris and Jill to arrest him and interrogate him on the whereabouts of Albert Wesker. When they get there, they find Albert Wesker has murdered Spencer.

Albert Wesker had been busy over the years. He took over The Organization, made new viruses, and began wiping out any trace of his existence. His latest loose end to tie up was paying a visit to Spencer. However, Spencer was already on death’s door due to old age. Spencer decides to reveal to Wesker the true reason for Umbrella’s creation before he passes away.

Umbrella wasn’t making viruses and monsters for money. The viruses and B.O.W.s were part of many projects designed to create a race of superhumans that Spencer would rule over as a god. Albert Wesker himself was one of those projects, namely the Wesker Project. The company kidnapped several children and injected them with the Progenitor Virus, the first virus Umbrella created. The virus would give the host superhuman abilities but was also almost guaranteed to kill the subject. Albert Wesker survived those experiments and became an employee of the company, but Albert lost all memory of this event. This Progenitor Virus was responsible for reviving Wesker and granting him his superpowers.

Once he saw no more use for Spencer, Albert Wesker kills him in cold blood. Wesker declares that he will be the god of this world, not Spencer. It was at this time where Chris and Jill barge in, and their fight begins. Even with Jill’s back-up, Chris Redfield is still no match for Albert Wesker. As Wesker prepares to finish off Chris, Jill tackles Wesker into a nearby window, both plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean. Their bodies were never found, so they were declared dead, much to Chris’ despair.

Three years later, Chris Redfield has been assigned to investigate potential B.O.W. smuggling in Africa. When he arrives at the location where the smuggling is supposed, Kijuju, he meets up with his new partner, Sheva Alomar. They meet one of their contacts, Reynard Fisher, who provides them weapons and intel for their mission. Chris and Sheva are to rendezvous with B.S.A.A.’s Alpha Team to ambush the B.O.W. smuggler, Ricardo Irving. Before they leave, Reynard warns about a doomsday project Irving may be involved in called Uroboros.

On their way to the rendevous point, Chris and Sheva get attacked by the locals who have been infected by a parasite similar to the Las Plagas. After dodging the hostile townsfolk, Chris and Sheva find Alpha Team have been decimated with only one member barely alive, Captain Dechant. He hands Chris a data file containing information on Irving’s deal before succumbing to his wounds. Chris and Sheva are then beset upon by a brand new monstrosity, a mass of black worms merging to form a humanoid shape. They manage to burn it to ashes and find a computer to send the data file back B.S.A.A. HQ.

HQ orders Chris and Sheva to head for the mines because intel believes that’s where Irving has fled to. Along the way, Chris and Sheva are ambushed by more infected locals, but they’re saved by the arrival of the B.S.A.A. Delta Team, led by Captain Josh Stone. Before he leaves to clear the city of more infected, he gives Chris a data file containing info on Irving’s dealings. When Chris reads the files, he is shocked to discover an image of Jill Valentine among them.

Chris and Sheva eventually find and corner Irving and attempt to apprehend them. Suddenly, a masked woman crashes through a window and tosses a tear gas grenade to stun Chris and Sheva. The masked woman then carries Irving away. Once they recover their senses, Chris and Sheva read Irving’s notes to learn that his next destination is an oil refinery. After dealing with a giant bat B.O.W., a B.S.A.A. agent, Dave Johnson, arrives in a truck to escort Chris and Sheva to Delta Team.

During their trip, Josh contacts Chris and confirms the locals have been infected by the Las Plagas, transformed into monsters called Majini. They lose contact with Delta shortly after. When Chris and Sheva arrive at the rendevous point, they find Delta Team has been wiped out by a giant B.O.W., which crushes Dave Johnson. After Chris and Sheva gun down the monster, they receive orders from HQ to return to base. However, Chris is staying because he believes Jill Valentine is still alive and somewhere amidst this chaos. Sheva thinks this is a bad idea but then grits her teeth and vows to stay with Chris to the end.

Chris then tells Sheva of how Jill supposedly died when they encountered Albert Wesker three years ago. Sheva then tells Chris that her parents were killed in a viral outbreak in Africa caused by Umbrella. So, she joined the B.S.A.A. to make bio-terrorists like Umbrella pay for their crimes against humanity.

As they travel to the oil refinery, they encounter indigenous tribes that have mutated into Majini. In these villages, they spot some tents belonging to TRICELL, a pharmaceutical company that helped fund the B.S.A.A. The tents contain files that implicate TRICELL helped distribute the Las Plagas in Africa. When they get to the oil field, Chris and Sheva find Josh Stone managed to survive the B.O.W. attack. Together they fight off Majini and locate Irving, who is escaping on a boat. With nowhere left to run, Irving infects himself with a Las Plagas sample, given to him by the masked woman, to mutate into a giant sea monster to kill Chris and Sheva.

After sinking Irving’s monstrous body, they interrogate Irving about Jill and Uroboros before he dies. Irving curses a woman named Excella and tells Chris he’ll find what they’re looking for in a nearby cave. Chris and Sheva head for the cave while Josh stays behind to call for backup. While they search the caves, Sheva mentions that Excella is the director of TRICELL’s African division, adding further evidence that TRICELL is involved in this mess.

Chris and Sheva find a long-lost, ancient city within the caverns where many Majini lie in wait for them. After fighting them off, they discover a grotto filled with flowers that Umbrella used to create the Progenitor Virus. They have essentially found the origins of Umbrella. Continuing onwards, they find a research facility containing hundreds of people in pods. Chris accesses a computer and finds out Jill was in one of the pods. Excella then appears on-screen and reveals she hacked the B.S.A.A.’s communications to gave the fake orders for the agents to retreat.

Chris and Sheva eventually find Extella, who reveals that Uroboros is a brand new virus designed to help mankind evolve. It merges with the host’s DNA, and if it’s successful, it will turn the host into a superhuman. Failure to merge will just turn the host into a hideous abomination. After fighting more B.O.W.s, Chris and Sheva corner Excella, but they are attacked by the masked woman again. As they fight, Albert Wesker steps out of the shadows, revealing he was behind the whole scheme all along. He then takes the masked woman’s hood off, revealing that it was Jill Valentine. Albert Wesker brainwashed Jill to do his bidding through a device crafted onto her chest.

Wesker leaves Jill to kill Chris and Sheva while he prepares the next phase of his plan. After the most emotionally difficult battle in Chris’s life, they barely managed to get the mind control device off of Jill. Jill is too tired from the battle, so she tells Chris to go on ahead stop Wesker from releasing the Uroboros Virus while she recuperates. Chris is concerned about leaving her, but Jill says she’ll be fine.

They track down Wesker and Excella to a ship and give chase. They find Excella carrying a couple of briefcases, but she drops one of them as she gets away. Sheva retrieves the contents, which happen to be syringes labeled PG67A/W. Later they reencounter Excella, but she’s been infected by the Uroboros. Heartbroken, she reveals she only committed these crimes because she fell in love with Wesker and wanted to rule the world with him. Wesker saw no more use for her, so he infected her with the virus.

Excella transforms into a massive B.O.W., but Chris destroys her by blasting her with an orbital laser. Jill contacts Chris and tells him that the virus which gives Wesker his superhuman abilities is unstable. He needs regular doses of a serum labeled PG67A/W to keep it under control, but it will poison him if Wesker takes too much. Thankfully, Sheva happens to have the serum when Excella dropped it earlier.

They confront Wesker at a stealth bomber that Wesker’s planning to use to spread the Uroboros Virus. As the stealth bomber takes off, Wesker goes on a rant about how the world has become overpopulated and plans to use Uroboros to cull humanity and rule the survivors as their god. Chris and Sheva shut Wesker up by injecting him with the serum. Their battle causes the stealth bomber to crash into a nearby volcano.

Now that his plans are completely ruined, Wesker takes in what’s left of the Uroboros virus into him. If he can’t rule the world, he can least get revenge on Chris. Their final battle is an epic for the ages, filled with fire and brimstone. After what feels like an eternity, Chris and Sheva manage to defeat Wesker, leaving him to burn alive in the volcano. Jill and Josh arrive in a helicopter to pick up Chris and Sheva before the volcano burns them. However, Wesker tries to use what little strength he has left to drag them all to hell with him. Chris and Sheva grab a couple of rocket launchers and blast Wesker to oblivion. Our heroes finally breathe a sigh of relief, content that the last remnants of Umbrella have finally been put to bed for good.

B.S.A.A. agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar have been dispatched to stop a bio-terrorist attack in Africa. Fight the Majinis alone with an AI partner or team up with a friend in co-op to stop the Uroboros project.

Resident Evil 6

resident-evil-look-over-26-years-of-legendary-horror-game-franchise 10

Before we begin, it’s important to note that Resident Evil 6’s story is told through four campaigns that intersect with each other at various points. To help you understand the events more clearly, we will recap them chronologically rather than recap the campaigns individually.

On December 24, 2012, Chris Redfield led a B.S.A.A. team to quell a B.O.W. attack in Edonia, Eastern Europe. The local rebels are using a new breed of B.O.W. called J’avo to cause widespread chaos throughout the country. Chris gives a motivational speech to his men, and they head off to fight the B.O.W.s.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Jake Muller, a mercenary working for the Edonian rebels. Jake and the rebels inject themselves with a syringe that is meant to enhance their performance in battle. Jake doesn’t feel any effects, but the rebels he’s working with mutate into B.O.W.s and attack Jake. Jake kills them without breaking a sweat, annoyed he should’ve asked for more money.

Jake then is greeted by a young woman and says Jake has antibodies that could save the world. The woman introduces herself as Sherry Birkin, now all grown up and working as a federal agent for US National Security. Sherry explains that the rebels have been tricked into taking a new virus called the C-Virus. This virus is so deadly it could endanger the entire globe if they don’t get the antibodies in Jake’s blood to stop it. Jake agrees to donate his blood, but only if he is paid 50 million dollars in compensation.

As they leave, they encounter a giant B.O.W. named Ustanak. A monster that resembles Nemesis and is equipped with a giant mechanical claw. As they flee the hulking beast, Sherry mentions that this creature was dispatched by a bio-terrorist group called Neo Umbrella, who also wants Jake’s blood for their bio-weapons research. Once they lose Ustanak, they eventually come across Chris Redfield and his team dealing with the J’avo. Chris recognizes Sherry because Claire told him about her and vice versa. One of Chris’ men, Piers Nivans, spots Jake Muller and points that he’s working for the rebels they’re currently fighting. Sherry defends Jake, saying he’s under the protection of the US government. Chris notices something familiar about Jake, but before he thinks about it more, another giant J’avo attacks them.

After they defeat the B.O.W., Chris offers some choppers to escort Sherry and Jake to safety. Piers is upset that they’re letting a heartless merc like Jake go, but Chris tells him to focus on the mission. Chris’s team then runs into Ada Wong, who has been held hostage by the rebels. She explains that Neo-Umbrella was responsible for creating the C-Virus and tricked the Edonian rebels into using it. After escorting Ada out of the rebel stronghold, she lures the B.S.A.A. soldiers into a trap. She bids them farewell with a needle-grenade that infects all of Chris’s men with the C-Virus. Chris is horrified at seeing his squad turned into monsters and is knocked out by one of them. Piers managed to avoid the needle grenade and drags Chris away before the B.O.W.s could kill him.

Meanwhile, the Ustanak catches up to Jake and Sherry and attempts to kill them both. Their fight causes the helicopter they were in to crash land into a snowy mountain range. Jake wakes up to find Sherry impaled by some of the wreckage. Jake pulls it out of her, and Sherry begins to heal her wounds instantly. It turns out the G-Virus within Sherry wasn’t cured after all, merely mitigated. Thankfully, the G-Virus only grants Sherry regenerative healing abilities instead of horrible mutations like her father, William Birkin.

Ustanak and more J’avo then assault Jake and Sherry. Ustanak knocks Sherry unconscious and restrains Jake at the behest of Ada Wong, now working for Neo-Umbrella. Ada looks at Jake and reveals to him why his blood is so special — Jake Muller is the long-lost son of Albert Wesker. Ustanak knocks out a baffled Jake, and the J’avo take both him and Sherry away.

Six months later, on June 27, 2013, we see Ada Wong infiltrate a submarine. She is here because some time ago the US National Security advisor, Derek C. Simmons, contacted her, saying this submarine held information that was of great interest to her. Ada finds a mission briefing from Simmons addressed to her. It states she needs to capture Jake Muller and prevent the vaccine of the C-Virus from being made. Ada is confused, since these orders were dated six months ago, and she never received such orders before. She thinks either Simmons is playing mind games with her or somebody is impersonating her, taking orders on Ada’s behalf.

Ada gets discovered by the submarine’s security, who begin shooting at her. The ensuing battle ruptures the submarine’s hull and begins to flood the ship. As Ada is escaping the sinking sub, she gets a call from Simmons saying that tomorrow the United States, China, and various major cities will come under bio-terrorist attacks. All of which will be conducted by Neo-Umbrella’s “Ada Wong” doppelganger. Annoyed that some Umbrella wannabe is trying to use her as a scapegoat, she escapes the sub and prepares to track her impostor.

A few days later, on June 29, 2013, we find Chris drinking his woes away in a run-down bar in Eastern Europe. The trauma of seeing his men turn into monsters caused Chris to suffer immensely, who resolved to desert the B.S.C.A. Piers manages to locate Chris and helps Chris regain recollection of the event. Determined to avenge his fallen comrades, Chris returns to active duty.

Meanwhile, the president of the USA, Adam Benford, prepares to hold a speech at the Ivy University in Tall Oaks. He plans to reveal the government’s involvement in the Raccoon City incident, particularly the part where they partly funded Umbrella’s research. He hopes that by telling the truth, this will help the world unite against the war on bio-terrorists. Leon Kennedy is concerned about the backlash that may come from this, but he supports the president’s decision.

Unfortunately, a bio-terrorist attack occurs at the university. Nearly everyone at the campus is turned into zombies, including the president. With a heavy heart, Leon Kennedy puts his friend Adam Benford out of his misery. Leon’s partner, a secret service agent, named Helena Harper, starts blaming herself for this nightmare. Leon asks why it’s her fault, but Helena says she’ll explain once they reach Tall Oaks Cathedral.

They are horrified to see the city of Tall Oaks overrun with zombies and monsters as they escape the campus. Just like Raccoon City was many years ago. On their way to the Cathedral, Leon’s operator, Ingrid Hunnigan, informs that Neo-Umbrella has claimed responsibility for the attack on Tall Oaks. She urges Leon to get to the cathedral and find out what’s going on because Derek Simmons is getting anxious for info.

When they get to the cathedral, Helena takes Leon to a laboratory hidden underneath the building. They search the lab and find a VHS that displays disturbing footage of a woman resembling Ada Wong hatching out of a cocoon. Helena says that isn’t what she wanted to show Leon, and what they were looking for lies deeper beneath the cathedral. Leon and Helena find a hidden passage that leads to underground catacombs filled with C-Virus monsters.

They eventually come across what Helena was looking for, her sister Deborah Harper. They try to escort Deborah to safety but they don’t get far because she begins to mutate. Sadly though, Deborah has been infected with the C-Virus and attacks them both. The real Ada Wong comes in to help the pair, and together they put down Helena’s sister. While Helena grieves for her sister, Leon demands Ada to them what’s going on. Ada, as per usual, gives only cryptic answers and leaves to pursue her own goals.

Heartbroken over her sister’s death, Helena reveals to Leon that Derek Simmons was behind the attack on Tall Oaks. Simmons kidnapped Deborah and threatened to kill her if Helena didn’t help him assassinate the president. Simmons tasked Helena to distracting the president’s security while Simmons released a B.O.W. that spread an airborne version of C-Virus amongst the campus, infecting everybody on site.

Leon attempts to contact Hunnigan, but he gets called by Simmons instead. Simmons denies he was responsible for the attack and puts the blame squarely on Helena and Leon. Framing them for the assassination of Adam Benford.

Elsewhere, Ada Wong examines the videotape Leon found. She gets contacted by Simmons, but Ada calls him out, saying he isn’t Simmons — but the fake Ada Wong. She’s figured out that this fake Ada is the one leading Neo-Umbrella because the real Simmons would never be so cocky to reveal his plans. Especially since any info getting out would endanger Simmons’ position and expose his secret organization, The Family. Ada also says the fake Ada wants nothing more than to destroy the system that Simmons’ organization had created by causing as much chaos as possible. Before she blows up the lab underneath the cathedral, Ada contacts the real Simmons to let him know that the fake Ada is trying to destroy the world.

After making it out of the catacombs, Leon and Helena see Tall Oaks City destroyed by a missile strike in the distance. Hunnigan contacts Leon and tells him that Simmons has departed for China in a hurry. Knowing that Simmons has framed them, Leon tells Hunningan to fake his and Helena’s deaths so they can pursue Simmons without having the government on their tail.

We cut back to Chris Redfield, who has returned to the B.S.A.A to deal with a bio-terrorist attack in China. Neo-Umbrella has kidnapped UN officials and unleashed J’avos into the streets of Lanshiang. Chris struggles against the J’avos, while having horrific flashbacks of his comrades dying in Edonia. Nonetheless, Chris soldiers on.

Meanwhile, we return to Jake and Sherry. Both of whom have been locked in a research facility ever since Neo-Umbrella abducted them six months ago. Jake manages to take advantage of a lapse in security and breaks free of his cell. He manages to meet up with Sherry, and they prepare to escape the facility. Jake mentions that Neo-Umbrella has been taking his blood to enhance the C-Virus and lectured him about the history of Albert Wesker. He expresses fear that he may become a monster like his father because they share the same blood, but Sherry tells him it’s our actions that determine who we are, not our parents.

Sherry Birkin contacts her supervisor and gets the coordinates for an extraction point. She grabs Neo-Umbrella’s research data, and the pair leave the facility. Sherry and Jake get cornered by agents of Neo-Umbrella, but Chris Redfield and his B.S.A.A. squad take them out. They go their separate ways without speaking to each other because Sherry tells Jake that they’re under orders to avoid contact with anyone.

Leon and Helena arrive in China, though their trip was almost cut short when a B.O.W. was smuggled into their airplane. Sherry spots Leon and Helena amidst the wreckage and rushes to greet her old friend. Leon says that he’s here to apprehend Simmons for the bio-terrorist attacks. Sherry can’t believe it and mentions to Leon that she was on her to meet Simmons, who also happens to be her supervisor. Leon demands to know where he is, but Jake tells him to back off. Before things get too heated, they are attacked by Ustanak. The group incapacitates Ustanak by dropping a tower on it, but they get separated due to the carnage. Sherry tells Leon their rendevous point with Simmons, and the two groups head off for it.

Meanwhile, Chris Redfield is getting increasingly mad as he learns that Ada Wong is in the area. Chris and Piers eventually corner her but get interrupted by Leon and Helena. Leon says they need her alive to prove Simmons’s guilt, but Chris is too consumed by vengeance to listen to reason, saying that Ada is behind the bio-terrorist attacks. Both of them are unaware that the Ada Wong present with them is the fake one, not the real Ada. During their argument, the fake Ada uses a flashbang and escapes. After calming down, Chris decides to trust Leon’s word and says he’ll take Ada alive. They both leave to pursue their respective targets.

Leon, Helena, Sherry, and Jake meet at the rendevous point to confront Simmons. When Sherry asks Simmons if what Leon said was true, he replies by having his bodyguards shoot them. Sherry gives Leon the research data she took earlier during the shootout, believing it could help stop the C-Virus. Simmons orders his men to keep Sherry and Jake alive because they are still useful. As he leaves, he gets injected with a syringe filled with the C-Virus by a J’avo sent by the fake Ada. Simmons collapses onto a nearby train and Leon, and Helena chase after him. Elsewhere, Jake and Sherry get captured by the J’avo.

Simmons reveals that he killed the president because he wanted to protect America’s position of power. If Adam Benford revealed the government’s involvement with Umbrella, it would’ve comprised America’s global authority. He then begins to mutate into a horrific, dog-like B.O.W. and attacks Helena and Leon. Leon and Helena dispatch the mad dog, kicking it to the tracks to be crushed by the train.

Meanwhile, the real Ada Wong locates the fake Ada on a ship parked at the docks. She finds an audio log that reveals who the fake Ada really is — Carla Radames. The story goes is that Simmons obsessed and lusted after Ada Wong, but when she rejected him, he went nuts. He began research to develop a clone of Ada Wong, but all of his attempts failed until he met Carla.

Carla was a researcher that worked directly for Simmons and responsible for creating the C-Virus. She loved Simmons, but he didn’t feel the same about her. However, he discovered that Carla’s DNA would be the best chance to clone. So, Simmons manipulated her into becoming an unwilling test subject for his experiment, and it was a success. Carla was reborn into an Ada Wong clone, whose mind was sculpted by Simmons to love him forever. However, Carla’s personality and memories began to resurface. Enraged that she was forced into becoming another woman, she spent years plotting her revenge to destroy Simmons and the world his organization, The Family, helped create. She also planned to frame Ada Wong because she was the object of Simmons’ obsession in the first place.

Chris and Piers catch up to Carla on the ship. Chris overcomes his need for vengeance in favor of upholding justice by arresting Carla. However, a chopper belonging to The Family shows up out of nowhere and shoots Carla for killing Simmons. As Carla dies, she taunts the pair of them by saying she has prepped an aircraft carrier to spread the C-Virus across the world. Pier picks up a briefcase Carla behind and retrieves a strain of the C-Virus sample within it. He points out that two virus samples were missing from the briefcase. After getting informed the B.S.A.A. has its hands full, Chris and Piers rush on their own to find some airplanes to destroy the aircraft carrier.

Chris and Piers put together a valiant effort to destroy the aircraft carrier, but they’re too late. A missile carrying the C-Virus launches into the city of Tatchi and converts every citizen into a zombie. Chris contacts Leon to see if he’s okay. Thankfully, Leon and Helena were miles away from the explosion, but now they’re struggling to escape the city. Leon tells Chris that he’s been informed that Sherry and Jake have been abducted and taken to an underwater Neo-Umbrella base. He also mentions that Jake is Albert Wesker’s son and has the antibodies needed to cure the C-Virus. Chris then informs Leon that Ada Wong is dead (still unaware that it was Carla). Chris and Piers fly off to save Sherry and Jake while Leon and Helena try to help the B.S.A.A. evacuate any survivors.

Back at the ship, Ada looks upon her imposter’s dead body expressing pity that Simmons drove her to such madness. Carla then wakes up and starts transforming into a mass of goo, revealing that she injected herself with the C-Virus just before she died. The resulting mutation causes Carla to go insane, believing herself to the real Ada Wong and declaring she will rule the world. Ada Wong kills the mutated Carla in her most difficult fight yet and takes off in a helicopter towards Tatchi to tie up some loose ends.

Ada arrives to find Leon and Helena surrounded by hundreds of zombies and lends them a helping hand. They are then set upon by Simmons, who has regenerated from being reduced to mulch thanks to the C-Virus. Leon, Helena, and Ada engage Simmons in a prolonged battle where he undergoes multiple radical mutations that defy all explanations. After many close calls, they finally destroy Simmons by impaling him with a lightning rod, so he gets struck by lightning, and Leon finishes him off with a rocket launcher for good measure. Ada then leaves Leon and Helena with a chopper to escape the city and provides them with evidence of Simmons’ crimes to clear their names. As Leon and Helena evacuate, Ada finds Carla’s secret lab and destroys her research to make sure no more Ada Wong clones are made. There’s only room for one Ada Wong.

Chris and Piers arrive at the base and free Sherry and Jake from their cells. Chris admits to Jake he knew Albert Wesker and killed him. Jake is extremely tempted to kill Chris for robbing him of the chance to get any closure with his father, but he relents. There are more important things currently at stake than revenge. Just then, an alarm triggers and activates Neo-Umbrella’s last resort, HAOS. HAOS is a ginormous B.O.W. capable of spreading the C-Virus worldwide in mere minutes if it got out of the facility.

Chris tells Jakes and Sherry to escape while he and Piers deal with HAOS. The battle against the otherworldy monster doesn’t go for Chris and Piers as HAOS is completely immune to regular gunfire. HAOS chucks a piece of debris at Piers and crushes his arm. All hope seems lost until Piers gets an idea. He injects himself with the C-Virus sample he took earlier in a desperate gamble to give himself a mutation that might damage HAOS. Piers then grows a brand arm that is capable of shooting lightning and uses it to weaken HAOS. Chris then rips HAOS’s heart out, putting an end to its life. The base begins to crumble, and they rush to find any escape pods.

Meanwhile, Sherry and Jake run into Ustanak one last time as they’re getting away. As the base falls apart, Sherry and Jake shoot Ustanak in the heart, finally stopping the monster’s endless pursuit.

Chris and Piers manage to locate some escape pods. However, Piers is sensing that his mind is beginning to rot away thanks to the C-Virus. Piers shoves Chris into an escape pod and sends him away, while Piers stays behind to perish along with the base.

In the aftermath of the C-Virus nightmare, Chris continues his work in the B.S.A.A. to honor his fallen comrades. Sherry reports the government has managed to develop a cure for the C-Virus thanks to Jake’s antibodies, though she chooses to keep Jake’s connection to Wesker a secret. Leon and Helena are cleared of all charges against them by Simmons. And Jake decides to travel to protect citizens of the world from B.O.W.s as a vigilante.

The bio-terrorist organization, Neo-Umbrella has plunged the world into chaos with the deadly C-Virus. Play as multiple characters across four campaigns to take down the bio-terrorists in the most action-packed Resident Evil game.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

resident-evil-look-over-26-years-of-legendary-horror-game-franchise 11

Resident Evil 7 moves away from the survivors of Raccoon City and starts a new story arc with a new protagonist, Ethan Winters.

in 2017, Ethan Winters travels to Louisiana to meet up with his wife, Mia Winters. Mia went missing three years ago and was presumed dead, until one day, Ethan gets an email from Mia telling him to meet her at the Bakers farm in Dulvey, Louisiana. When he arrives, Ethan explores an abandoned farmhouse and finds Mia in the basement. Mia says she doesn’t remember sending Ethan an email or how she got here. She then starts to panic, saying they need to get out before “daddy” comes back.

As they leave the basement, Mia suddenly goes berserk and attacks Ethan. Ethan, in a panic, kills Mia in self-defense. He gets a phone call from a woman named Zoe, telling him to escape the house through the attic. When Ethan gets there, he is surprised to see Mia alive and wielding a chainsaw. He puts her down again and is wondering what happened to her. Ethan then gets sucker-punched by the man of the house, Jack Baker, dragging him and Mia back to the Baker’s main house.

Ethan wakes up to a dinner table and is greeted by Jack Baker, Marguerite Baker, his son Lucas Baker, and an old woman sitting in a wheelchair. They show their hospitality by attempting to force Ethan to eat human flesh while torturing him. Ethan is spared any more suffering when the Bakers get interrupted by a phone call. When they leave to answer it, Ethan takes this opportunity to try and escape their mansion.

While exploring the Baker’s home, he gets advice from Zoe via various phones from time to time on where to go next. She also mentions that she’s Jack Baker’s daughter, and she’s the only sane member of the Baker family left. Ethan then spots a deputy outside investigating the premises and tries to warn him about the Bakers. Jack Baker then comes back and decapitates the poor deputy. Ethan manages to take down Jack but he quickly heals his wounds, revealing that he has powerful regenerative abilities. Jack even shoots himself to demonstrate that you can’t kill him.

Ethan quickly finds out the Bakers aren’t the only monsters he has to deal with. The Bakers have been kidnapping people and turning them into grotesque humanoid monsters covered in mold. Ethan discovers a key that will allow him to leave, but Jack Baker is guarding it. With no other choice, Ethan engages Jack in a chainsaw duel, hacking Jack to pieces.

He finally gets out of the mansion and spots a trailer in the backyard he can take shelter in. Zoe contacts Ethan and says Mia is still alive because she’s infected with the same virus that mutated the Bakers. Zoe says there’s a way to save Mia, but she’ll only tell Ethan if he agrees to helps Zoe escape the Bakers. Zoe says a serum can cure both her and Zoe of the virus, but she needs Ethan to gather the ingredients first.

Ethan locates the ingredients at an old house infested with giant insects conceived by a mutated Marguerite. After killing Marguerite, Ethan brings the ingredients back to the trailer and calls Zoe. He is instead greeted by Lucas, who has kidnapped Zoe and Mia. Lucas taunts Ethan, goading him to come to get them at the barn house. On his way, Ethan begins to experience strange hallucinations of a little girl.

Ethan gets to the barn and is forced to solve many traps and puzzles set up by Lucas. Ethan manages to get past them all and causes Lucas to flee in frustration. He rescues Mia and Zoe, and together they make two doses of the serum. However, Jack Baker returns now as a giant monster to kill Ethan. Battered and bruised, Ethan is forced to use one of the serums to kill Jack for good. Now, with only have one dose left, Ethan is must choose between using the serum on Zoe or Mia. In the end, he chooses to save Mia.

They ride off on a boat, leaving a heartbroken Zoe behind though Ethan says he’ll come back later with help to save her. As they ride the bayou, they come across a tanker ship washed on the swamp. Then Ethan and Mia are attacked by giant black tendrils and dragged to the ship. Mia wakes up and tries to rescue Ethan from the black tendrils. While exploring the ship, Mia’s memories start to return. It turns out Mia used to work for The Connections organization and was transporting a B.O.W. they created called Eveline. Eveline is an artificially created human designed to brainwash her enemies by infecting them with a mind-controlling Mold. However, Eveline became unstable due to the rocky trip and began infecting the ship’s crew.

Meanwhile, Ethan has a dream where he meets Jack Baker, now acting like a normal person. He explains he found Eveline and Mia washed ashore in the bayou and took them back to his home. Eveline then started brainwashing the Bakers because she is obsessed with having a family of her own. Jack begs Ethan to stop Eveline and free his family from her control. Ethan wakes up to find Mia, freeing him from some sort of cocoon. She hands Ethan a vial containing Eveline’s DNA. With the last of her strength, she seals Ethan out of the ship before she is infected again by Eveline.

Ethan then travels down an abandoned salt mine and discovers a hidden laboratory. There he discovers notes detailing the origins of Eveline and that her body has become unstable. Eveline has begun rapidly aging as a result. Revealing that the old woman in the Baker’s mansion is Eveline. He also finds out Lucas was working for The Connections. They gave him drugs to resist Eveline’s brainwashing, and in return, he monitors Eveline’s status. Using the equipment in the lab and Eveline’s DNA sample, Ethan crafts a toxin that should be able to kill Eveline for good.

Now back at the abandoned house, Ethan confronts Eveline and stabs her with the toxin. Unfortunately, it mutates Eveline into a giant monster instead of killing her. Ethan stands no choice against Eveline but is saved when a nearby helicopter drops a special handgun that blasts Eveline to bits.

With Eveline gone, Ethan and Mia are rescued by the Umbrella Blue corporation, lead by B.S.A.A. agent, Chris Redfield. Umbrella Blue was formed by former employees who wanted to make amends for the crimes the original Umbrella committed. They ride off into the sunset, relieved that the nightmare is over.

Ethan Winters is searching for his missing wife, Mia. If he wants to save Mia, Ethan must traverse a run-down mansion, where a psychotic family and a nest of disgusting monsters lie in wait.

Resident Evil Village

resident-evil-look-over-26-years-of-legendary-horror-game-franchise 12

Resident Evil Village’s story picks up several years after the events of Resident Evil 7. The last we saw of Ethan Winters and his wife Mia, they were rescued by Chris Redfield alongside the company of Blue Umbrella, an offshoot of the Umbrella Corporation that was responsible for the incidents in past Resident Evil games.

The story begins with a quiet evening at the Winters’ home. As both Ethan and Mia settle in for dinner, gunshots ring in the dark, and we see Mia killed by Chris Redfield right in front of her husband.

A group of armed men lead Ethan and his daughter Rosemary out, and after a brief flashback highlighting the troubles Mia and Ethan have, Ethan wakes to find the armed men dead, and his daughter gone.

Dazed and confused, Ethan walks away from the site, reaching the outskirts of the titular Village, and not soon after has his first encounter against the murderous beasts that stalk it – the Lycans.

He manages to escape and meet up with a group of survivors, but they are all killed when one of the group transforms into a Lycan himself.

As Ethan makes his way to the castle, he is caught by Karl Heisenberg. Here he meets the four lords of the village and Mother Miranda. Later, after escaping from the Lycans chasing you, we learn from the mysterious Duke that all the four lords had been given flasks containing a piece of his daughter Rose.

He takes one lord after the other, defeating Lady Dimistrescu, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau until Heisenberg contacts him with a proposal.

After retrieving the last flask at the Stronghold, Ethan is taken to Heisenberg’s Factory, located just outside of the Village. There, the man asks Ethan to join him in an alliance and to use his daughter Rose as a weapon to defeat Mother Miranda.

Ethan rejects his offer, and after fighting through the vicious monsters in his factory, he manages to defeat Heisenberg himself. While in the factory, Ethan meets with Chris again and learns that Mother Miranda had impersonated Mia with her powers of mimicry. She was the one they shot and “killed,”not his wife.

Ethan is killed by Mother Miranda soon after his fight with Heisenberg, and Chris vows to fight Mother Miranda head on as retribution. He fights through monsters in the Village, quietly questioning why the BSAA was there, before finding Mia alive in Mother Miranda’s private study.

Chris learns from Mia that Ethan did, in fact, die during the events of the Baker Incident from Resident Evil 7. The Ethan we know now is a version of him built entirely of Mold. Knowing this, as his body begins to wither away, he battles and ends Mother Miranda for good, sacrificing himself so that Chris and Rose would escape safely from the bomb meant to destroy the Megamycete.

After Chris and Mia escape with Rose, we jump forward to the future, where Rose is now a teenager. She is using your powers and working with Chris. As she is driven away from Ethan’s grave, we see a faint outline of a man walking beside her car. Could it be Ethan watching over her?