PUBG mobile celebrates Ramadan with Malaysian food-inspired in-game items

PUBG Mobile has released a new in-game set inspired by Malaysian dishes ahead of Ramadan.

PUBG Mobile is celebrating Ramadan with a very interesting new set of cosmetics inspired by popular Malaysian food. Starting this week, players can use Ocean Crystals to redeem the new Nasi Lemak Suit, Nasi Lemak Hat, Nasi Lemak Glasses, and a Roti John Machete. With all that gear, you’ll look like a walking ‘pasar malam’ (night market).

Here’s a teaser video for the set:

Obviously, we have to do a deep dive into these ridiculous cosmetics. Nasi Lemak is a beloved Malaysian staple enjoyed at all times of the day, consisting of rice cooked in coconut milk, a spicy chili sauce called sambal, a hardboiled egg, some cucumbers, fried anchovies and toasted peanuts. Usually, you’ll add some fried chicken on top of these just to give your cholesterol levels an extra workout.

PUBG’s cosmetics basically turn the national dish into items of clothing, which has happened more times than it should. The Nasi Lemak suit is made up of a Banana Leaf Jacket, Coconut Rice T-shirt, Ikan Bilis Necklace and Peanut Bracelet. The Nasi Lemak Hat on the other hand, has all the basics of the dish with some fried chicken thrown in for good measure. The Nasi Lemak Glasses simply look like two cucumber slices, which seems a little hazardous for battle royale fights, but who are we to judge?

That’s not all. The battle royale game is also introducing the Roti John Machete, themed after a street food omelette sandwich made up of a bread loaf filled with fried meat, onions, cabbage slices, eggs and a sweet tomato-chili sauce. The machete is pretty much just the sandwich wrapped up in paper, for both takeaway and armed getaways.

PUBG Mobile players can redeem the Nasi Lemak cosmetic set for free if they participate in an in-game event called Nasi Lemak – Tapau All!, which runs from now until March 29, 2023. During the event, you’ll have to complete themed Ramadan missions to ‘tapau’ (take away) the full set.