Popular Horror Title Identity V Collab With Death Note

What we will have in Identity V x Death Note crossover? Check out for more information. 

Identity V, the popular horror title from NetEase is partnering with Death Note, the hit Japanese anime for a special crossover. Experience the horror in the Eurydice Manor from now until June 27th.

Death Note is a popular Japanese manga penned by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The real story starts when Light Yagami, the main protagonist discovers a mysterious book named Death Note belonging to the Shinigami, Ryuk. After possessing the notebook, Yagami gains supernatural abilities.

Bringing all the main characters from the manga, the game assigns specific roles to them. Light becomes a lawyer and tries to flee from the Hunters. Ryuk, the Shinigami, pursues his prey in the Manor.

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L becomes a prisoner inside the Manor. He is a genius who can solve the world’s most labyrinthine cases and has the ability to control any law enforcement organization. Lastly, Misa Amane takes up the role of a mechanic in the Manor. Players can use Misa’s mechanic skills to disrupt any event.

Elsewhere, special character costumes, limited-edition accessories, special actions for each character, manor furniture, graffiti and so forth will also be available during this event. For the fans of the game and the manga, the game has added a spectacular mystery-solving event.

On top of that, from starting of the game to the login screen, the entire UI is based on the theme of Death Note. There will also be a special login event and exclusive items in the shop. There is also a good chance to grab the special items that include the limited-edition Essences, SSR furniture, and other crossover items.

Finally, the game is carrying out a challenge, “Let’s give an apple to Ryuk!” on the official Twitter account for the game. In this mini-game, players are tasked with collecting apples, especially the ones with bites taken out of them. Players successfully completing the challenge will receive a gift code as a reward.

You can download Identity V from the iOS App Store and on Appvn for Android. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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