Pokémon Go fan offer ideas for making the Premium Raid Pass more significant

Pokemon Go fans complain that they have too many Premium Raid Passes and beg for greater incentives to utilize them.

Pokémon Go fan offer ideas for making the Premium Raid Pass more significantAfter recent revisions to the Remote Raid Pass in April 2023, Niantic received a ton of criticism, and Pokémon GO gamers have been vocal about their frustration with the game. Fans are already outraged at the Premium Raid Pass’ lack of purpose and have ideas on how to make it more meaningful moving ahead.

The quantity of unused Premium Raid Passes was highlighted in a Reddit post by Pokémon GO player Conscious-Dingo4238 on May 4. Players who shared similar experiences and offered suggestions for ways to improve the Premium Raid Passes- which each cost 100 Pokécoins – replied to the forum.

The method for obtaining Remote Raid Passes by converting Premium Raid Passes was the one that players liked the most. Given the recent increase in the cost of Remote Raid Passes, it makes sense that trainers would ask for a chance to obtain these passes for nothing.
One participant suggested creating a selling system that would enable them to exchange valuable products for their unwanted bag contents. As other gamers on the post noted, these are merely suggestions that Niantic is probably going to reject.

The Premium Raid Pass was primarily developed for people who like to take part in live raids several times each day. Only one raid participation is permitted each day with the free-to-earn normal Raid Pass, which is insufficient for certain ardent, active trainers.

The Premium Raid Pass can be used in Pokémon GO Battle League, an online matching system allowing players to compete against trainers from around the world, for those who aren’t keen on raiding as much. You can obtain premium rewards in this mode by exchanging a Premium Raid Pass, such as increased odds of running into Legendary Pokémon with lower winnings, more Stardust, and other benefits.

Given its advantages, a sizeable portion of the user community doesn’t seem to be fully aware of all the purposes for the Pokémon GO Premium Raid Pass. However, other players preferred to keep their premium passes for forthcoming raid days and significant events or to use them in their GO Battle League matches.

The next Pokémon GO Fest in August 2023 would be an excellent spot for you to use your numerous unused Premium Raid Passes if you are one of the many people who has them.