New Android Games Of Last Week You Shouldn’t Miss

Here are the new and notable Android games of last week released during the last week. Check out now!

Dragonfist Limitless

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Dragonfist Limitless is a pixel-based brawler that’s a bit of a mixed bag. The graphics are simple, but they’re illustrative, and the gameplay is fun, albeit somewhat watered down compared to modern brawlers. You can only move in two directions, and your moves are limited to three buttons. Still, working through the game is fun enough. Getting into the game is a bit of a headache, thanks to tiny checkboxes that are difficult to tick. The whole game is pillarboxed for some reason too, and text size in-game is uncomfortably small. So like I said, it’s a mixed bag, but it can be fun, which is why Dragonfist Limitless is in today’s roundup.

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Royal Battleground IO

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Royal Battleground IO is exactly that. It’s an IO game. Like other IO games, you’ll create a character to see how long you can survive in the multiplayer arena. There are 10 heroes to choose from, and 15 weapons, creating a good mix of content that doesn’t feel too similar as you take down hordes of people. Ultimately, this game isn’t doing anything we haven’t seen a thousand times over, though it can be fun in short bursts.

Merge Monster Evolution: Summon & Merge RPG

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Merege games have seemingly come back into style, and so Merge Monster Evolution is the latest to offer the same mechanics you’d find in 2048 or Threes!. Of course, there’s more to this game than its inspiration, thanks to its RPG mechanics, where you’ll battle all kinds of monsters. Still, this is an average release where collecting and merging are the primary focus, which can grow stale. The game’s monetization isn’t all that great either. Still, there’s some fun to be had, especially if you enjoy merge games.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

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The Witcher: Monster Player is a mobile AR game like Pokémon Go, in which you search for creatures while viewing the world through your phone’s camera, except it’s based on The Witcher, so instead of a big-eyed Bulbasaur you might run into a gnarly-ass griffin on your roof, or find a mutilated horse in the park. Neat!

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Perfect World: Revolution

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Another week, another bland MMORPG arrives on Android. While the game is named after a PC MMO, this is entirely a mobile experience, complete with auto-play. The big seller here is that Perfect World: Revolution can be played in portrait, which is surprising for a mobile MMO, though the typical pitfalls you’d expect from a F2P game, such as pay-to-win mechanics as well as lofty in-app purchases, are all here.

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Survival: Day Zero

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Survival: Day Zero is the latest cookie-cutter survival-strategy game, pre-rendered backgrounds and all. This is also a gacha game, combined with Clash of Clans mechanics where empire building and battling are required, on top of RPG gameplay where you’ll fight zombies with your gacha draws.

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