NBA All-World: Guide to Effectively Building Your B-Ball Legacy

Below is the guide article that was compiled for newbies for NBA All-World to assist players in effectively building their B-Ball legacy.

Niantic is at it again, trying to emulate the success of its top-earning IP, Pokémon Go. However, there’s no semblance of “catch ’em all” in NBA All-World. Instead, Niantic aims to bring sweaty 1v1 faceoffs against famous basketball players in a virtual setting.

NBA All-Worlds: Guide to Effectively Building Your B-Ball Legacy

This means it’s time to leave your (possibly) dusty collection of NBA cards behind and start scoring the world’s best players from the NBA league inside of Niantic’s newest AR game NBA All-World.

But, of course, there’s something in it for everyone, whether you’re trying to recruit your favorite players or simply looking for a new game to fiddle with on your favorite Android phone.

Featured gameplay in NBA All-World

Similar to other Niantic games, the real-life locations around you sync to the in-game map; you’ll wander neighborhoods and tap to challenge spawned NBA players to 1v1 matches.

You play one of the four minigames that involve shooting hoops, timed contests, or most points to beat out the opposing player’s score. Tapping the ball to time your throw determines if you land that shot, which takes practice. Every game has rules, which you can preview before playing.

Blocking versus stealing

Timing your action is key while playing on the defense; stealing lets you take possession of the ball, but you’ll need to predict your opponent’s body language to intercept the movement. For blocking, it’s tricky since this is all about reactively timing a block to prevent the ball from landing in the basket.

In either case, a player with a high defense stat (or a boost to the stat) will be more successful with blocking and stealing. So keep this in mind while facing off against a player with higher offensive skills.

How to recruit NBA players in All-World

NBA players spawn randomly on the map. Simply tap to challenge an NBA player to a match. Winning may earn you the right to draft these players onto your team; tapping on the player reveals if your Team level meets the requirements.

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How to increase Team level

Completing tasks under Team Profile will earn you points to reach the next team level; these include:

  • Level up your players (by playing in warmups and drills and challenging NBA players on the map).
  • Recruiting players.
  • Earning Team Rep, gained by defeating an NBA player.
  • Walking; turn on Adventure Sync through your settings.

Manage your player’s energy

Shooting hoops, challenging athletes, and participating in warmup regiments will deplete your energy. Low energy costs performance and will lose you games, so you need to tap on the energy bar to replenish these points.

To replenish a player’s energy, you need energy drinks. You earn energy drinks by acquiring them at Drop Zones, winning matches, or spending Cash at the shop.

Swapping your active starter

The other method for managing energy is swapping out your active starter. Each player offers their own energy bar, so change to another starter to work through their energy bar during scrimmages and challenges. Remember that your progress, levels, and stats don’t carry over, so you’ll need to train every player separately.

Arena Tournaments and how to enter

Niantic introduced Arena Tournaments, a timed event that participants worldwide can join. If you’re an avid Pokémon Go player, these events function like raids (but PvP). To earn wins in Arena Tournament competitively, you must build a proper team while meeting the requirements to enter. Be aware team restrictions may apply.

To enter an Arena Tournament, tap on the Basketball icon (main menu), then tap Arena Tournaments. You can select any Arena, but if you are too far from the location, you will use Arena Passes to gain entry.

Rewards earned from Arena Tournaments include XP, Gear, Star Tokens, Cred, and more.

Work your way to the top in NBA All-World

All-World promotes collecting and challenging players head-on to earn a sweet spot on your local leaderboards. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to be picky about which athletes you draft at the early levels. Thankfully that’s enough incentive to work toward a higher account level to unlock a larger pool. Hard work pays off since grinding levels lets you knab your favorites.

But of course, similar to the best Android AR games, this doesn’t happen overnight, which is why you may consider starting sooner rather than later — so we’ve included the app below.