Minecraft Guideline 2022 – Top 3 uses of bells in Minecraft

Appvn.net – Bells can often be found at Minecraft village centers!

A non-craftable Minecraft block, bells are often located in village centers. However, they are used for more than just producing sound.

Bells may not be the most useful block in the game, but they have some good upside. They may even get more as Mojang continue to tweak the game to their liking.

After all, the world’s most beloved sandbox game is always improving itself, and different blocks have received additional uses well after their introduction.

This could be true of bells in the future. However, for the time being, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at some of the best uses of bells in Minecraft.

Great uses of bell blocks in Minecraft

3) Keeping villagers safe

Bells rest in the center of Minecraft’s villages. They are used to warn villagers of incoming danger. If a village is raided or attacked by hostile mobs, players can ring the bell. This will cause villagers to retreat into their homes in an attempt to stay safe.

Depending on the difficulty, some hostile mobs can still break down doors and attack villagers. However, villagers’ chances of survival are still better in the safety of their homes as opposed to the outdoors.

Players can use this bell function at any time. No hostile mobs need to be present to encourage villagers to head home.

If a player is roaming a village and spots trouble, it’s likely not a bad idea to give the bell a ring. Unless, of course, the player wants to thin out the number of villagers or create zombie villagers to cure for trade discounts.

2) Use in Redstone machinery

Like many blocks in Minecraft, a bell can be activated through the use of a Redstone signal. This presents some interesting applications in Redstone machinery, not just to ring the bell itself but to integrate it with other machines.

Many blocks have applications within Redstone creations, even if they aren’t readily apparent. Bells may be a hidden gem of Redstone engineering, but players won’t know for sure without a little experimentation.

If players have some extra Redstone dust lying around and maybe a few comparators or other blocks, it may be fun to see how bells interact in Redstone works. You never know what you might discover. Redstone logic in Minecraft is a vast and complex thing.

1) Decoration

Given the golden quality of bells in Minecraft, it may not hurt to use them as decorations. They can make for a great addition, especially in medieval or classical-styled builds.

Some players have even managed to use redstone machinery to create functioning grandfather clocks that sound off depending on the time of day. Having a nice grandfather clock in a player’s house or base not only looks great but can also be helpful for keeping track of the time of the day.

Bells can also be attached to the side of blocks, giving them an additional decorative utility.

That’s all for uses of bells in Minecraft, now download the game free on Appvn and enjoy!


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