Minecraft Guide for Beginners: Basics and Features in Game

Let’s take a grasp of some basic features should not be missed in Minecraft.

Minecraft can be a daunting game to beginners. Not only was the game massive when it launched in 2009, but after more than a decade of updates, Minecraft is bursting at the seams with content. If you’re having trouble navigating the blocky terrain, here’s a brief beginner’s guide that’ll highlight some basic features you should be on the lookout for.

1. All Game Modes in Minecraft

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Minecraft has grown into a massive game over the past decade. Five game modes are now available, including:

  • Survival: Gather materials, craft items, game experience points, and try to defeat the Ender Dragon.
  • Creative: Freely build structures and monuments without the threat of enemies.
  • Adventure: Used on player-created maps to limit how users can interact with the world.
  • Hardcore: Variant of Survival, where the player cannot respawn after dying.
  • Spectator: Zoom around the map and observe the action without the option to interact with it.

While the game doesn’t have a definitive story, you’re free to create your own. There’s also a way to “beat” Minecraft, which involves slaying an Ender Dragon.

2. How to Beat Minecraft

While Minecraft is a game that you can literally play for years, there is an actual way to beat the game. The Ender Dragon was added to Minecraft in a post-release update, and defeating the fearsome beast is the true test of your mining and crafting skills. There are dozens of steps you’ll need to accomplish along the way, but it’s a fun accomplishment to work towards if you’re looking for some structure in your gameplay.

3. Understanding Map Coordinates

Coordinates can help you navigate the blocky world of Minecraft and makes it easier to find your friends. These can be found on PC by pressing the F3 key on PC and are listed as “X Y Z.” For example:

  • X tells you your east(+) and west(-) location.
  • Y tells you your north (-) and south (+) location.
  • Z tells you your elevation.

4. What is a Biome and How Can You Find Them

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Biomes are unique environments in Minecraft, such as Plains, Forests, and Jungles. These come with their own set of blocks, mobs, and items to discover. Unfortunately, there’s no good way to find a specific biome without using console commands and cheats – instead, you’ll simply need to roam around the map and hope you stumble upon one. You can improve your odds by climbing to the highest mountain in your area and looking to the horizon, which can hopefully give you a nice few of everything in your immediate surroundings.

5. What are Mods and Texture Packs

Mods add new functionality to Minecraft, such as adjustments to controls or adding additional mobs. Texture Packs, meanwhile, simply offer a new art style to the game. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some simply giving the game more detail, while others can transform the world into a sci-fi wonderland.

6. How to Play Minecraft Cross-Platform

Playing Minecraft with friends on other platforms is easy, but there is one pretty big catch. Minecraft is available in both Java and Bedrock forms – and you can only play with users running the same version. For example, Bedrock players on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch can all play together, while Java players on PC are limited to other Java users.

To play Minecraft multiplayer cross-platform, simply start a game, load up your friend’s list, and invite anyone online to your current world. Keep in mind that if your world has content exclusive to a specific console, you won’t be able to invite cross-platform friends.

7. Minecraft Multiplayer

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Playing Minecraft with friends is half the fun – here are the basics of inviting other players to your world.

  • How to Add Friends on Minecraft?

Adding friends to your Minecraft world is easy. Simply navigate to the Invite to Game option on the right side of the main menu, select which player you’d like to invite, and confirm the selection. If you’d like to add a current player to your Friends List, you’ll simply need to follow the same procedure you would for any other game on your platform of choice.

8. Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Was Minecraft Released?

Minecraft was available to the public in May 2009, although a full release didn’t follow until November 2011. Over the years, the game has been ported from PC to a variety of platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

  • Who is Notch?

Markus “Notch” Persson is the creator of Minecraft. Although he hasn’t been involved in its development since selling the game to Microsoft in 2014, he played an integral role in its early popularity.

  • What is the Fastest Minecraft Speedrun?

Speedrunner “TwoLetterName” managed to beat Minecraft in just 12 minutes and 12 seconds.

  • How Long is a Day in Minecraft?

A full day/night cycle in Minecraft runs for 20 minutes.

Source: IGN