In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, should you choose Hearts or Stamina?

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, should you gain Hearts or Stamina? Which should you prioritize once you have four Lights of Blessing? Let’s refer to the below article.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, should you choose Hearts or Stamina?

Heart containers will add an extra heart to your health bar, allowing you to endure greater damage and withstand it longer. While stamina vessels give you a fifth of a stamina wheel, enabling you to comfortably glide farther and ascend to higher altitudes.

There is no one right answer in this situation; nonetheless, we can assist you in making a choice since both options offer advantages and disadvantages. Our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guide has more information on whether or not you should purchase heart containers or stamina vessels.

ZELDA: Tears of the Kingdom: Hearts or Stamina?

Your Lights of Blessing will benefit greatly from being exchanged for heart or strength vessels. If you’ve played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you might have some preconceived notions about how to use your Lights of Blessings, but with the new features from Tears of the Kingdom, you might need to adjust your viewpoint.

Select your heart over stamina

You’ll only have three hearts to work with at the beginning of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which isn’t much. In the beginning, adversaries won’t hurt you as much, but they’ll get tougher as you take on more of them. Even one or two hearts can keep you alive and stop enemies from killing you instantly, which happens frequently in the early stages of the game.

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A larger health pool will allow you more freedom to maneuver when fighting foes and lessen the anxiety that comes with combat, even for those who don’t consider themselves gamers.

Heart containers gain value with the addition of the Depths. You can find gloom, a gloomy substance that drains your hearts, in the Depths. You won’t be able to easily heal with your regular food or elixirs after your hearts are gone.

To get your hearts back to normal, either eat anything made with sandlewoods or go to a lightroot. Your maximum health pool will steadily decrease with each hit from gloom opponents if you don’t have sundelion dishes.

Stamina isn’t as heavily relied upon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as it once was. You won’t need to sprint or climb as Skyview Towers will lift you into the air, enabling you to glide to surrounding locations and reach greater altitudes. You can travel around Hyrule as you like by building vehicles with Ultrahand and occasionally Fuse, which reduces the need to utilize stamina.

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Finally, on the Great Sky Island, there is a door that requires four hearts to unlock. There is one other door that requires 10 hearts to open, but given that we’ve discovered another one, there’s a possibility that Hyrule contains additional heart doors.

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Stamina through hearts

You can also trade your Lights of Blessing for stamina vessels to travel Hyrule at your own pace. You might not have a lot of hearts, but you’ll learn how to dodge like it’s your life on the line because, in reality, it is.

With only one stamina wheel at the start of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you won’t have much room to run, swim, climb, or glide. Although some of Tears of the Kingdom’s improvements reduce the importance of accumulating stamina vessels, the game’s wide vertical range enhances your dependence on gliding.

You’ll quickly discover that gliding swiftly depletes your stamina wheels as you jump off a Skyview Tower or sky island. You’ll be able to go to remote locations securely if you have more endurance.

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The length of time you can shoot a bow in midair or use charged attacks depends on your stamina. The slow-motion bow-and-arrow approach is really helpful in Tears of the Kingdom because you spend a lot of time in the air and fight a lot of fast foes.

You’ll get used to the enemy assault patterns as you fight more and more of them. You’ll be more adept at avoiding damage altogether and deflecting strikes.

The options for regaining your health are more numerous than those for increasing your stamina. You can rest at a hot spring, stay at an inn, or eat a variety of foods or components to recover. Using your stamina to prepare dishes and elixirs first requires specific materials, which makes restoring your stamina wheels a little more challenging.

Our recommendations

Before boosting your stamina gauge, we advise beginners to concentrate on getting six to eight hearts. This will assist you in developing your combat skills and acclimating to the gameplay of Tears of the Kingdom.

Continue raising your hearts until you reach a more comfortable health total if you’re still experiencing trouble. If you’ve played the predecessor, Breath of the Wild, a lot, try challenging yourself by turning up your stamina wheel.

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Do not forget that you can always alter your mind afterwards! At the Horned Statue at the Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing, you can change your hearts into stamina or vice versa.

Go to the Lookout landing to discover a breach in the wall on the north side of the Emergency Shelter after finishing one of the main communities’ temples. You can convert your hearts or stamina for rupees by going inside the pit, breaking a few pebbles, then turning left to discover the Horned Statue.

The Horned Statue will steal your heart when you first encounter it. Once more interacting with it will yield a stamina vessel. After that, you must exchange one of your hearts or a fifth of a stamina wheel for 100 rupees in order to get the other for 120 rupees. To change a heart container into a stamina wheel or the other way around, you must spend a total of 20 rupees.