Huntdown – Amazing Solid Run And Gun To Try Right Now

Huntdown is an excellent retro-futuristic run-and-gun title first released on PC. Now, it’s available on the Google Play Store. Let’s see does this game worth playing or not with this topic. 

The above trailer offers a quick glimpse of what Huntdown brings to the table. As you can see, the game offers an awesome ’80s retro-futuristic theme that’s a throwback to all of the great action movies of the time. You can expect a solid sense of humor throughout the story, so the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and there are 20 levels to explore, so you can expect about six hours of playtime.

Huntdown is a free release, so anyone can take it for a spin, though if you want to unlock the full title, you’ll have to pony up $8.99 through a single IAP. While this is a high price for a mobile game, it’s $11 cheaper than the PC version. Having taken the game for a spin, I can confirm it supports Bluetooth controllers, and you can even adjust your layout in the settings, which is appreciated.

All in all, Huntdown is one of the better run-and-gun games we’ve seen on Android, so if you’re a fan of titles like Contra, Cuphead, or Mercenary Kings, then you’ll want to check out Huntdown. If that sounds good to you and you’d like to take a look, you can install the free trial from the Play Store widget below.

Download Huntdown now on Appvn

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