Hogwarts Legacy: Top 7 Core Skills you shouldn’t miss

If you want to be a tycoon in the next match, you shouldn’t skip the top 7 core skills in Hogwarts Legacy in the article below.

Hogwarts Legacy: Top 7 Core Skills you shouldn't missThe Talent System in Hogwarts Legacy consists of five different categories: Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and Room of Requirement. The role-playing game set in the universe of Harry Potter follows the story of a fifth-year transfer student at Hogwarts who must catch up with their peers. One of the most important mechanics of the title that helps the protagonist in leveling up in terms of strength is the Talent System.

A player gets rewarded with a Talent Point each time they level up. Since the Talent System unlocks once the character reaches level 5, players can spend their points on 36 different Talents. Of these categories, the Core Talent has a total of 16 unlockable skills to learn. However, there are a handful that stand out among the lot.


7/ Spell Knowledge I, II, III

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Spells in Hogwarts Legacy are stored in inventories known as Spell Sets. Each of these can hold 4 spells at a time, making it inconvenient for the player to swap a spell with another one every time its need arises. This is where Spell Sets come in handy. Players can unlock 3 additional sets (besides the one they start with), leaving them room for a total of 16 spells when all the Spell Knowledge Talents have been unlocked.

Once the specific Talents have been unlocked, players will be able to switch between spells and Spell Sets seamlessly, ultimately making the combat easier. Each level in Spell Knowledge gives the player an additional Spell Set.

Level Requirements

  • Spell Knowledge I: Level 5
  • Spell Knowledge II: Level 5
  • Spell Knowledge III: Level 16

6/ Wiggenweld Potency I, II

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The Wiggenweld Potion heals the character to a certain extent. Although it doesn’t fully heal the player, some kind of aid is better than nothing in a difficult fight. When players start out, Wiggenweld Potion has a pretty small healing effect. In order to increase the potion’s potency, the Wiggenweld Potency Talent needs to be unlocked.

There are two levels of the Wiggenweld Potency Talent, each of which booses the potion’s potency. Players might wonder what would happen if they skip the first Talent and get the second one. In that case, the potion would get the boost of only one Talent. Both of them add the same value, and getting both would mean getting a greater healing effect.

Level Requirements

  • Wiggenweld Potency I: Level 5
  • Wiggenweld Potency II: Level 16

5/ Swift

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Dodging is one of the most important elements of combat in a role-playing game. Swift is a simple but effective Talent that is just a superior version of dodging in Hogwarts Legacy. It gives players the ability to disappear and quickly reappear (on holding the dodge button) in a specific direction, giving a small teleportation magic effect.

While it does not guarantee an advantage over enemies, the Talent works very well against the big, flashy, and destructive attack types with a large area of effect. It also works well in regular combat, as long as one times the dodge perfectly and doesn’t overuse it. Players must be at Level 5 or above to unlock Swift.

4/ Evasion Absorption

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Ancient Magic is a powerful type of magic that deals massive damage to enemies when the Ancient Magic Meter is charged to full before use. It serves as an ultimate attack that can be charged up by engaging in combat. Usually, the fastest way to fill up the meter would be to land hits on the enemies, but the Evasion Absorption Talent makes it easier to collect Ancient Magic faster.

As the name suggests, with the Talent unlocked, evasion comes with its own benefits, such as successfully dodging an unblockable attack contributes to the Ancient Magic Meter. This makes dodging in combat efficient and rewarding at the same time. Players Level 16 or higher can unlock Evasion Absorption.

3/ Protego Expertise

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Blocking in Hogwarts Legacy comes in the form of the defensive spell Protego. As seen in the Harry Potter franchise, Protego acts as a shield, protecting the user from enemy attacks. Protego Expertise is an upgraded version of the blocking mechanic (if the conditions are met). However, just unlocking the Talent won’t be enough for players to be able to utilize it.

Protego Expertise applies only when the user successfully blocks a spell with Perfect Protego (or perfect parry). Executing this perfectly will send two projectiles back at enemies, dealing damage even on blocking attacks. Thus, Protego Expertise levels up the blocking mechanic by one. Level 16 is required for this Talent.

2/ Protego Mastery

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Protego Mastery is as good as blocking gets, since it is the highest upgraded version of blocking in Hogwarts Legacy. It is a late-game Talent that is very useful in combat where one has to deal with multiple enemies at the same time. Unlocking Protego Mastery gives players the ability to release a damaging blast that breaks enemy shields when Perfect Protego is used for blocking.

It is difficult to break enemy shields when there are too many to focus on, with them constantly attacking at once. Since shields come in different colors, players must use a specific spell category for breaking the protective barriers. However, it is not easy to aim spells at different enemies when there are too many of them. Protego Mastery makes it possible to break enemy shields while blocking incoming attacks. Players must reach at least Level 22 for this Talent.

1/ Stupefy Expertise

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Stupefy is one of those passive spells in Hogwarts Legacy that can’t be cast at free will, and can be triggered only by parrying enemy attacks. However, the spell only stuns the enemy for a while without dealing any damage. Thankfully, the spell can be used more efficiently by unlocking a Talent that becomes available once players reach Level 22.

Stupefy Expertise is an upgraded version of parrying that deals damage to enemies when stupefy is triggered. This makes parrying efficient in combat as it inflicts stun damage to enemies.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4, and Xbox One versions launching May 5, and a Switch port releasing July 25.

With the information we shared in this article about the top 7 best core skills in Hogwarts Legacy, I hope that you are feeling confident and will apply the knowledge in the next match.