HeroVerse Beginner Guide to Play and Earn

Among a bunch of NFT games released in 2021, HeroVerse NFT game, a puzzle strategy title, has still made its name outstanding.

What could be more interesting than an NFT game combined puzzle, multiplayer, strategy elements? Those are what we got on HeroVerse, a new crypto game, where you can show off your excellent tactical ability, and earn a well-deserved profit that can exchange in real money.

For those who news or those who want to optimize their income in game, here are guides to play and earn in HeroVerse NFT game.

Firstly, we need to know clearly what HeroVerse NFT game is.

About HeroVerse 

This is the very first Match-Three Puzzle and RPG Strategy among Blockchain game ecosystem. Game provides not only entertaining moments for gamers but also unique features in both gameplay and play-to-earn mechanism.

HeroVerse trailer

Inspired by the concept of Empire & Puzzles and Candy Crush, the HeroVerse Developer Team aims at creating a hyper-casual game that is easy to understand, simple to play, and entertaining to users. Moreover, HeroVerse also focuses on prominent RPG features: exploring and looting. Thus, It is more about how the characters evolve as they interact with the narrative. Besides, HeroVerse is designed as a Play-and-Earn business model embracing both users’ economy’s sake and the gaming experience itself.

HeroVerse APK download

How to play HeroVerse?

Download and install guidelines

Here are some preparations you should carefully do before enjoying the game for the first time.

Since HeroVerse is an NFT game, for a start, you are required to connect your cryptocurrency source to a wallet. Let us take a look at the procedure.

We support connections with several Wallets such as MetaMask, Coin98 (via Extension), and other wallets just as Ledger Live, Infinity Wallet, Encrypted Ink, or Wallet 3 (via Extension and mobile app).

If you prefer MetaMask Wallet, for example, please follow the instructions. With other wallets, please follow service providers’ guidelines to connect.

– Install MetaMask Extension for Chrome

Open the Extension, click on the MetaMask icon on the top right corner → Choose “Settings”.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 1

Open the “Networks” tab on the left column → Click on the “Add Network” button on the top right corner.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 2

Enter BSC Mainnet details as follows:

  • Network Name: BSC Mainnet
  • New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com/

Then press “Save”

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 3

STEP 2: Create a HeroVerse game account.

First, you need to connect MetaMask Wallet to HeroVerse.

  • Go to: https://app.heroverse.io/.
  • Click on “Connect Wallet” on the top right corner → Choose “MetaMask”.
  • On the pop-up, select the wallet you have created by ticking the checkbox → Click “Next” → Click “Connect”.
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 4
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 5
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 6

After that, you can start creating a game account

  • Click on “Create game account” on the top right corner.
  • Fill in all the necessary fields and check the box.
  • Click “Create”
  • On the MetaMask pop-up, click “Sign” to create a digital signature for your wallet.
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 7
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 8

NOTE: If you have a problem creating HeroVerse account using Coin98 Wallet Extension, please use Coin98 Wallet Mobile app and import Coin98 account onto Coin98 Extension. After that, just create a HeroVerse account as usual.

STEP 3: Import your HER, HES and Hero Shard (HRS) into your wallet

On app.heroverse.io click on the profile button on the top right corner, Choose “My Profile” and Click on “Your Information”

(Or go to https://app.heroverse.io/profile?menu=yourInformation)

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 9

On the interface, please click on “Add to wallet” button.

On the MetaMask pop-up. Please click “Add Token” button, our system will automatically connect your wallet to corresponding contract address of each token.

Remember to repeat so that all necessary tokens are added.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 10
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 11

In case you want to know contract addresses for the tokens, take a look at this:

HeroNFT: 0x8f65f0e19e7e95701b63abe64974a3d4407793ca

HER Token: 0x6B9F6f911384886b2e622e406327085238F8A3C5

HES: 0x215Fab3842Bfa19Dc0DD7248746c0Ab72a8fE813

Hero Shard: 0xFC4287D33Bc49c67A0830d0Be0940D207CF72421

WARNING: Any user who attempt to transfer Heroes NFT without using our Marketplace will be LOCKED for 3 in-game days.

STEP 4: Buy your heroes.

To start a battle in HeroVerse, you are required to have at least four heroes. So four is the minimum purchase of heroes. Please go through these steps:

  • Go to the “Marketplace” tab on https://app.heroverse.io/ and click on your desirable heroes.
  • Click “Buy” then press “Confirm” on the MetaMask pop-up to make your payment.

STEP 5: Download HeroVerse Official Version and sign in your account.

For Android users, you just need to download HeroVerse from Appvn and install it on your Android smartphone as usual.

For PC users, please open the web browser then:

  • Go to DOWNLOAD LINK and download the install pack.
  • Extract the install pack to a folder.
  • Locate the HeroVerse application file and double click.

After opening the app, kindly enter the username/email and a corresponding password and hit “Sign in”.

HeroVerse guide to play

1. Start a battle

As you log in, there will be a “Battle” tab where you can choose a level to play and keep track of game progress. You must complete a level to move to the next one. Completed levels are marked yellow with a demon icon on top and can be replayed, while uncompleted ones are marked green. To start a battle, click on a level’s icon.

However, if this is the first time you have played HeroVerse, it is advisable to read the next part as you will probably see an interesting piece of information.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 12
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 12

2. Mind your line-up and heroes’ stats.

Move yourself to the “Heroes” tab on the left to start assigning your line-up. A line-up must comprise four different heroes. Here are the tips for beginners: You should choose four heroes of four different elements as this strategy is likely to maximize your winning chance. Then, when you level up and gain experience, you can design your line-up based on your styles and approach.

In addition, each hero has an active skill and a passive skill. Active skills are activated by players and once used, need time to cool down. When heroes give out an aura in the color of their element, you will know their active skills are available. If you believe unleashing an active skill gives you tactical advantages, click on the heroes and witness their tremendous power. Meanwhile, passive skills are uncontrollable and will be automatically activated when a certain requirement is met. You can see active and passive skills by going to the “Heroes” tab and clicking on a hero. Active and passive skills, to an extent, are influenced by a hero’s rarity and hometown. Wish yourself luck to have a chance to buy a mystic hero that would throw a K.O. at bosses. To maximize your winning possibility, try to form a line-up based on either element and skill.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 13
heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 14

Another statistic you have to bear in mind is the crypto medal. Yes, each hero will be assigned a crypto medal, and the hero’s power will go up and down by the movement of cryptocurrency prices. Therefore, although it is critical to optimize an ideal line-up with perfect element and skill combination, it is also vital to take a look at the crypto price before immersing yourself in the Hero Universe.

3. Know how to play

Your goal is to keep at least one hero alive while eliminating all of the enemies. To make your heroes attack, you have to connect similar items with a single line. Only heroes of the same element with the item will attack. The longer the chain you make (straight, diagonal and horizontal directions), the more powerful the attack is. If the chain contains a bomb, the bomb itself and other items around it will explode, rendering heroes of other elements able to attack.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 15

If you manage to keep at least one hero alive after the battle, you win. If all of your heroes die after the battle, you lose. The winners will be given a reward in HES tokens. You can use those tokens to purchase items or upgrade your heroes.

After engaging in a certain number of battles, your heroes will go out of stamina and need time to recover before continuing. Fortunately, you can skip this by upgrading your heroes.

After you complete a chapter, bosses in that chapter will be unlocked. You will be given one chance to fight the bosses each day. Other players will compete with you to defeat the boss and reach the highest position on the billboard. The longer you survive, the bigger the reward you will get.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 17

Apart from the Campaign and Daily Raid Modes, HeroVerse also provides users with Tower, PvP, and Clan Modes. At the moment, only Campaign and Daily Raid are available now. The other three features will be launched next year according to the roadmap.

4. Upgrade your heroes

It is simple: The more upgraded heroes are, the more power they will unleash during battle. Upgrading also means they will gain more H.P. and get more resistant to damage. To upgrade your heroes, you must win battles and earn HES tokens. However, the next upgrade will cost you more HES tokens than the previous ones do. So remember to use your HES tokens wisely.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 18

Note: 100% of HES used for hero upgrade will be burned. These tokens will be transferred into a frozen private address called a Burn address and become inaccessible. This mechanism is designed to keep the game financially balanced and, specifically, reduce the inflation rate.

Read more about HES Token here.

5. Awaken your heroes

When heroes reach their max level, remember to awaken them to make their strength more savage in battles. To awaken a hero, you are required to spend 10 HER each time. Any hero awakened will give you a hero shard (HRS) which can be collected and used for hero summoning.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 19

6. Summon new heroes

The summoning feature is designed to create a new hero at your disposal. To do so, you need to spend 80 HER and 4 Hero Shards (HRS). You can check if any new hero is available by clicking on the “Summon” tab on the most left. Eventually, trying to win battle to battle and saving tokens will give you advantages in this feature.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 20

7. Manage your wallet

Go to the “Wallet” tab and take a look. There will be the amount of HER, HES, and HRS showing on the screen. You can also withdraw HES token into your in-game wallet to spend on upgrading your heroes. Tokens are very important in-game, especially for a play-and-earn game like HeroVerse. Unless you have money to make it rain, please keep track of your tokens every time you purchase items or upgrade heroes.

heroverse-nft-game-how-to-play-and-earn 21

How to earn tokens in HeroVerse NFT game? 

Unlike the majority of NFT Games that only focus on Earning. We focus more on the player’s experience on and off the games to create a Play-and-Earn balance. There are 2 type of Token: pre-minted token and unlimited token. You can earn these token through:


Sale Heroes and items at the Marketplace


Players can rent out their heroes for profit. The rental price will depend on the hero’s value in the market


Lucky spin function, players will be profitable if they are lucky enough to open valuable rare heroes

That’s all for HeroVerse NFT gameplay and earn guidelines. Finally, do you find this game tutorial satisfactory? Let’s us know in the comment section below!

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