Guide for Blade Build in Honkai: Star Rail

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Blade is one of the most highly anticipated characters in Honkai: Star Rail, who has already garnered a fanbase due to his character. As one of the Stelleron Hunters like Kafka and Silver Wolf, he carries an air of mystery, further enhanced by his backstory, which reveals that he has transformed into the Blade, leaving his body behind.

Guide for Blade Build in Honkai: Star Rail

From a gameplay perspective, he brings a unique approach with his kit, which primarily focuses on depleting his own HP to deal more damage with his enhanced basic attacks. While depleting one’s own HP or scaling with HP are not unique individually, this is the first time in Honkai: Star Rail where both aspects are combined in a single character. With that being said, with the introduction of the newly added Planar Sets and Relic sets, players seeking to maximize Blade’s damage will have access to new options to farm and try out.

Blade Best Build In Honkai: Star Rail

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Blade Best Relics In Honkai: Star Rail

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Unlike the other DPS characters, Blade’s DPS output primarily scales with HP. Due to this, players will need to focus on farming the newly added Relic Set, Longevous Disciple, which greatly enhances his DPS potential by providing additional HP through its 2-piece bonus. Furthermore, its 4-piece bonus grants Blade additional Crit Rate when he loses HP, which synergizes exceptionally well with his kit.

However, until players obtain the ideal pieces to complete this set, they may consider utilizing only the 2-piece bonus of Longevous Disciple. They can then combine it with the Eagle of Twilight Line set to increase Blade’s Wind DMG using pieces with optimal stats, such as fitting main and sub-stats. Additionally, for those seeking a speed bonus, the other new relic set, Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, can also be paired with Longevous Disciple.

For the Planar Ornaments, Blade’s ideal choice is another new set introduced with this version update, the Rutilant Arena. This set not only increases his Crit Rate but also grants an additional increase in Basic ATK DMG when his Crit Rate reaches 80%, which is excellent as his Basic ATK is his primary source of DPS. Players may also want to consider the Fleet of the Ageless set for additional HP. However, it is worth noting that this set inherently benefits healers such as Bailu and Natasha more, as the conditional effect increases the ATK of all party members.

As for the main stats for each piece, players have a few viable choices. While Blade can obtain a significant amount of Crit Rate from his traces and the Longevous Disciple set, if players haven’t been fortunate with sub-stats or obtaining his signature weapon, they may still benefit from having a Crit Rate piece instead of Crit DMG for his Body piece.

On the other hand, for those who have achieved approximately 80% Crit Rate (including the 4-set bonus of Longevous Disciple), a Crit DMG piece will hold much greater significance. With the other pieces, an HP main stat is quite valid for each of them. However, instead of excessively focusing on HP, players may also consider going for Wind DMG or Speed pieces to avoid diminishing returns.

Lastly, for the sub-stats, players will once again want to focus on HP, as well as Crit DMG and Crit Rate. Additionally, Speed and Effect Res can be quite ideal for players who are interested in building a team that heavily relies on speed while also maintaining a defensive edge. This ensures that Blade is not afflicted with harmful status effects that can diminish his DPS potential.

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Blade Best Light Cones In Honkai: Star Rail

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Blade’s signature light cone, which comes with its own limited-time banner alongside Blade’s banner duration, is the most ideal light cone option as it is tailor-made for him and can exponentially increase his damage output. Not only does this light cone increase Blade’s Crit Rate and HP, but it also enhances his damage output when his HP is consumed or when he is hit. However, for players interested in conserving resources, there are other options that can work effectively as well. One entirely F2P option is On the Fall of an Aeon. While this light cone primarily increases ATK, it also enhances Blade’s damage once he inflicts a weakness break.

Additionally, being a 5-star light cone, it inherently has higher HP stats than its 4-star counterparts, which is also worth considering. Similarly, Clara’s signature light cone, Something Irreplaceable, can serve a similar purpose while also providing a defensive advantage to Blade through its HP restoration. However, it is recommended that players do not attempt to acquire this light cone solely for Blade.

As for the 4-star options, players can consider A Secret Vow or Nowhere to Run. Considering that Blade is capable of depleting his own HP, it is likely that in many instances he will have less HP than the target, making A Secret Vow particularly worthwhile for him. This light cone significantly increases his damage output instead of a stat like ATK. On the other hand, Nowhere to Run should be the last option if players do not have access to any of the other options since it increases ATK, although it can still be beneficial for recovering some HP.

Blade Trace Priority In Honkai: Star Rail

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As a DPS character, Blade generally benefits from improving all of his abilities. However, since his main source of DPS comes from his Basic ATK, which is enhanced by his Skill, players should initially focus on maximizing these two aspects before addressing the rest. Additionally, Blade’s Ultimate can also deal significant damage, while his Talent focuses on performing a follow-up ATK and restoring his HP. If players include a Preservation character instead of an Abundance character in the team, prioritizing the improvement of Blade’s Talent before his Ultimate may prove more advantageous in maintaining a comfortable HP level. However, in other cases, the Ultimate should be given priority over the Talent.

In conclusion, below should be the trace priority order for Blade in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Skill = Basic ATK
  • Ultimate
  • Talent

This order will assist players in managing their resources, especially considering that leveling up and building Blade with the new relic sets was not previously farmable. Therefore, players can benefit from initially focusing only on improving their Skill and Basic ATK.