From 6/21/21 To 6/27/21: Sum Up Hottest Games Releases

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in the Appvn. Without further ado, here are the new and notable games released during the last week.

Unmaze – a myth of shadow & light

Unmaze is the latest release from ARTE Experience, a developer that focuses on exceptional art along with a heavy dose of narrative “experiences,” essentially combining art and culture in the form of video games. In particular, this release is a visual novel, and it’s inspired by Greek mythology, and there’s a unique light mechanic where you can influence the game through your phone’s built-in light sensor (like Boktai for the Game Boy Advance). The game is free to try, and if you like what you see, you can unlock the rest through an in-app purchase.

Railroad Ink Challenge

Railroad Ink Challenge is the mobile adaptation of the tabletop board game where the goal is to expand your network of railroads through dice rolls. This port is solid. It functions as one would expect, though familiarity with the board game or the digital PC version is recommended, as, like all board games, there are a lot of rules to learn. You can play solo to learn the ropes, and once you feel confident, you can go online to take on random players or friends and family. Cross-platform play is supported out of the box.

Not Exactly A Hero: Interactive Action Story Game

Not Exactly A Hero is an enjoyable visual novel where you’ll fill the role of a regular person tasked with supporting superheroes, which is an intriguing plot. The game has been available as a F2P release since the beginning of the month, and this week marks the release of the premium version, which is currently on sale. Like most choose your own adventure games, there are many choices in this title to make, and these will affect the outcome of the game, which offers nine different endings. So if you’re a fan of quirky visual novels that are smartly written, then I definitely recommend checking out Not Exactly A Hero.

Out Of Mana – Real-Time Fantasy Strategy!

Out Of Mana is a simple castle defense game where you’ll utilize cards to send troops out into the battlefield to attack your opponent’s troops and castle. Whoever’s castle falls first wins. There is fun to be had thanks to the familiar setup, though things do grow stale quickly. There’s also no way to remove the game’s ads, which is annoying.

Pirate Merge TD

Pirate Merge TD is precisely that, a tower defense game combined with 2048-like merging gameplay. You’ll merge your towers to make them stronger, all while placing them strategically on the map. This makes for an easy-to-understand game, though the monetization is awful, so this is a title best played casually, though the intuitive gameplay may not be enough of a draw when the typical F2P interruptions distract from the core gameplay loop. Another mobile game ruined by petty greed.

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