Final Fantasy Franchise Will Be Remastered Again Pixel Graphics

Square Enix announced at E3 that it’s remastering its classic Final Fantasy games with 2D pixel graphics. Coming to mobile and Steam sometime soon.

Clearly, Square is looking to sell these games all over again since many of the previous remasters offer graphics fans don’t like, whether that be the dated and undetailed 3D graphics of III and IV or the much-hated redesigned mobile graphics used in V and VI. So even though it’s nice to see that Square has finally figured out that its classic pixel graphics are what fans want, it’s pretty tiring to see Square constantly reselling its older games over and over. So here’s hoping these remasters are top-notch, as I’m sure people are getting sick of repurchasing these games.

Like most E3 announcements, Square has little to show for its planned Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series outside of the above trailer. We don’t know when these games will arrive or how they will be priced, just that the first should land “soon.”

Each title will be released as a stand-alone game, just like the originals, though I have to say I’m curious to see how Square will handle the aspect ratios for all six games since they were originally designed for 4:3 screens. This is why the previous releases on mobile are all letterboxed or pillarboxed (depending on your device), because they were not designed with dynamic ratio support even though a few of them were specifically recreated for mobile (looking at you V and VI). So here’s hoping Square will remaster these games so that they fit all screen ratios no matter the device of choice. Otherwise, I see little reason to repay for these games once again, especially with Square’s track record for extremely lackluster support on both mobile and PC.

As you would expect, more details will be released at a later date, so stay tuned since I’m sure Square Enix isn’t done trickling out information for the upcoming Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series. Until then, feel free to binge playing the original version of this series through Link

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