Dying Light Cheat Codes – Update September 2023

Everything you need to know about Dying Light Cheat Codes will be shown in the post below.

You’ve invited your pals to play Dying Light multiplayer if you’re seeking for cheats for the game and want to have some fun. You’ve come to the right place, since on this page we’ve listed every active cheat code for Dying Light that you can use to unlock goods for free quickly and easily.

Introduction to Dying Light

In the horror video game The Dying Light, you had to avoid getting eaten by zombies. The game, which was created by Techland and published by Warner Bros., was unveiled on January 26, 2015. The narrative in this game centers on undercover agent Kyle Crane.

Dying Light Cheat Codes - Update September 2023

Kyle Crane was sent to a task in the quarantine zone of the city of Harren in the Middle East. A dangerous virus is spreading through the city and turning people into zombies. These zombies are awkward and slow during the day and stronger and more hostile throughout the night.

In this game, Kyle uses cutting-edge weaponry including rifles, laser guns, swords, and many others to battle zombies and kill them. Also, the game allows for multiplayer play, so you can play Dying Light with four pals at home or at the office.

Dying Light Cheat Codes For PC

You have to utilize the trainer program Pitch or another trainer in order to use the cheat codes for the Dying Light Cheat PC. Although it is legal, there is a cache that prevents you from using the trainer to play with others in multiplayer mode. But, Pitch also offers the following other modes, which you can access.

  • Dying Light infinite ammo
  • Dying Light God mode
  • No Reload and much more

Go to the next section if you’re looking for straightforward Dying Light PC, Dying Light PS4, or Dying Light Xbox One cheats. Even if we don’t have a huge number of hacks like the most recent Roblox Star Codes, All New Satisfactory Cheats Codes, and Sims 4 Cheats, we never let you down.

These are all the Dying Light cheat codes for PC that you may use with the Plitch trainer to advance your gaming without difficulty.

Infinite money LCTRL+F2
Infinite gas (car) RCTRL+F2
Infinite nitro RCTRL+F3
Godmode (carparts) RSHIFT+F1
Godmode ALT+F1
Infinite stamina (running) ALT+F3
Indestructible weapons LCTRL+ F1
Infinite ammo LCTRL+F5
No reload LCTRL+F6
Infinite gas (flamethrower) RCTRL+F1
Infinite stamina (weapons) ALT+F2
Easy lock-picking LCTRL+F7
Fill survival-experiences HOME+F1
Fill agility-experiences HOME+F2
Fill power-experiences HOME+F3
Infinite equipment LCTRL+F3
Minimum 50 items LCTRL+F4
Infinite grappling hook LSHIFT+F5
Infinite UV-flashlight LSHIFT+F6
Infinite potion duration LSHIFT+F7
Infinite repairs (carparts) RSHIFT+F2
Infinite challenge time LCTRL+F9
Freeze time of day LSHIFT+F1
Infinite Bozak Horde time LCTRL+F10
Time of day: midday LSHIFT+F2
Time of day: midnight LSHIFT+F3

Dying Light Pro Player Advice for Newcomers

If you’re new to the dying light game, you should take into account the expert advice provided below. to enhance your gaming abilities.

Using the Dying Light console

As mobility is so important in the game, it is first and foremost important to be comfortable with the Dying Light console controls. Challenges like Dying Crazy Cut in Half demand you to kill 30 zombies in a short period of time.

Try to Avoid Going up on Roofs

Yeah, there are hundreds of zombies on the roadways, making it extremely dangerous and dangerous to survive on the ground. In order to survive for a longer period of time in the game, several professional players advise players to stay on roofs.

Dying Light Cheat Codes - Update September 2023 - 1

Maintain A Sharp Axe

If your weapons are in decent shape, you won’t have as much trouble fighting zombies or running into danger. Because the weapon usually breaks in the middle of a battle or when you come across a lot of zombies. When planning to go on the hunt in the waning light, a pro player advises maintaining your weapon in excellent condition.

Benefit from Safe Homes

As quickly as you could, you had to find every single safe house in the game. because you will be attacked by a large number of zombies. The safe houses will protect you from zombie attacks and offer you time to recover, so you can flee there.

Dying Light Duplication Bugs: How To Utilize Them

Read this quick guide carefully to understand how to duplicate goods in Dying Light and then use the cheats to your advantage.

Identical Articles

For this, you’ll need a friend to play as the second player in the Dying Light game while you drop the objects you want to duplicate, at which point the second player will pick them up and leave the game.

Dying Light Cheat Codes - Update September 2023 - 2

This creates storage inventory for the second player, who will then be invited back into the game. The player will then be able to drop the stuff and end the game by simply turning off and disconnecting the system. The things will stay in the first player’s inventory, and you can easily make more stuff by repeating this method.

Dying Light Money Unlimited

In Dying Light, there are other ways to acquire limitless money, however the glitch works far better than the others.

You needed to double enough melee through the expensive weaponry in order to have access to infinite money in the game. If you have a sufficient number of weapons, you can easily sell them and earn enough money. The simplest way to obtain endless money in the game without any difficulty is with this strategy.

Exploiting Agility in Dying Light

Get the “infinite adept” skill first for quick agility XP. After that, move on to “Free Running Expert.” To earn around twice as much XP, visit the tower and remain there until dusk. Climb the nearby casings first, then the building itself, to the left of the tower.

As soon as you reach the summit, turn around. Now you can climb back up the building and barrels. This will provide you up to 120 Agility XP. The Dying Light Jealous Runner assignment or the Dying Light Chasing Past reward can both benefit greatly from this issue.

Simple Power XP

A smaller house will become available whenever you reach the crossing point of the pit in the dying light mission. This is a location where you can quickly increase your power. To begin, you had to pick up a strong weapon in the game and wait until nightfall.

After doing this, go hunting and kill all zombies while remaining undetected. Two enormous zombies will then emerge in the game, and killing them will grant you a lot of XP power. You can use this bug to obtain a lot of XP Power by repeating this process one or two more times.

Sword of Excalibur

One of the great swords, the Excalibur, has the ability to instantly or repeatedly kill zombies. You can use this blade to help you fulfill half of the game’s challenges.

You had to advance to the south-eastern area, which is toward the lake, where you’ll find a gigantic boulder, and if you turn around, you’ll find a zombie with a sword in its breast. This is where you may get the Excalibur sword.

Simply press the interact button for two minutes to receive the sword, which will also cause the zombies to burn to death.

Secret Treasure Caves

The secret hidden loot caves on top of hidden spots come up when discussing Dying Light’s mysteries. On the northeastern edge of the slums, there is a secret cave.

Keep traveling down the riverbanks until you spot a capsized boat if you’ve already reached the safe house. After there, turn left and walk until you reach a barricade. Enter the tunnel now, and swim through it until you reach the tomb.

Dying Light Cheat Codes - Update September 2023 - 3

Your destiny is to create your legend, reads a message that appears as soon as you step foot inside the tomb. Now will begin the dreadful zombie barrage, which will persist for a few minutes. Once you’ve taken them all out with guns, you can start plundering.

Another notification telling you to “perform some quests” will subsequently be presented after the patch has been enabled. A stream that leads to the open cave system flows along the wall. The jewels can be found here. At some point, climb the wall to grab a few more duffel bags. Your haul is complete.

Moving Quickly

Usually gamers are unaware that the quick traveling option has been activated once the story has been finished. Now you can quickly return to the ancient town’s slum sections while also being able to hunt quickly.

You had to go to the tower and enter the bedroom in order to use the quick travel mode. You can travel from one place to another in a matter of seconds thanks to a poster that is on the room’s wall.

Simple Survivor Points

The most well-liked PlayStation 4 Dying Light bug is this one. You had to first unlock the Bolter grounds, then walk toward the closest safe house to wait until nightfall before going on the hunt and shooting the Bolter in the head.

Return to the safe house after this and get at least 3000 survivor points. Wandering women zombies will now pursue you if you go exploring on your own. You seek sanctuary in the safe house to defend yourself from the women. You can gain 30,000 survivor points by spending the night in the safe room.