Don’t Miss Out The Most Anticipating AAA Games Of May 2021

This post will list down top 3 Blockbuster games of May 2021 you need to play on the month ahead. What are they? Check out this article.


Platforms: PS5, Xbox, PS4, PC

Due: 7 May

Capcom’s survival horror series keeps kicking, shrugging off a bloated and mediocre sixth core entry to deliver 2017’s compelling Resident Evil 7, which shifted gears to a first-person view and even offered optional VR support.

Resident Evil Village (there’s a “VIII” in there) will continue that theme, looping back on the same main character with a return to the first-person horror. It’s unclear whether we’ll get VR again this time around in a quest set around an entire eerie village, but it ought to be plenty spooky however we’re able to experience it.

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Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Due: 14 May

Mass Effect Andromeda might have been a buzzkill for BioWare’s vaunted sci-fi saga, but now they’re bringing the originals back with a seriously thick coat of paint in May’s Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This overhaul includes the single-player experience from the first three games, but it’s more than just a remastered port.

All three games have seen notable gameplay upgrades, especially the original role-playing entry, plus a seriously beautiful 4K upgrade and much-shortened load times. Nearly all of the series single-player DLC is also bundled in, save for the “Pinnacle Station” pack due to corrupt code.


Platforms: PS5, PC

Due: 21 May

Arkane’s work on Dishonored and Prey made clear that they don’t make typical shooters, and Deathloop is coming to put an exclamation point on that statement. It looks to blend elements of those previous games, but with a whole new schtick.

Deathloop takes place within a time loop that keeps repeating unless your assassin lead can take out eight targets – but there’s also a rival assassin on the island looking to muck up your plan. You can even control her and hop into other random online players’ games to play spoiler. It has been delayed from its planned May launch, but we say take all the time you need to get it right.

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