Don’t Miss Out On The Best New Game Of Last Week

Welcome to the roundup of the best new game of last week. Today’s list is broken up into several segments, ranging from best, average, to mediocre. No further ado, let’s go!

Tales of the Mirror

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Tales of the Mirror is a game themed around the Ming Dynasty, offering art and music that’s fitting of this theme. While Tales of the Mirror is described as a visual novel, it’s more a point-and-click adventure game, thanks to the evolving story that revolves around solving puzzles. As you can see, the art is striking, and since this is a premium release, you won’t have to worry about any annoyances like greedy in-app purchases or distracting ads.

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Mini Blaster

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Mini Blaster is an enjoyable shooting game that you can play with your thumb. You’ll slide your thumb along the screen to move your ship (represented as a white square), all to get close enough to the game’s pink dots to blast them out of existence. Of course, should you accidentally touch one of these pink dots, it’s game over. This is why the game relies on simple twitch controls where precise movement is the only winning strategy, making for an enjoyable and challenging title that’s great for wasting a few minutes here and there.

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May’s Journal of Time Travel

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May’s Journal of Time Travel is a puzzle game where you’ll move rings in order to align pictures. You will follow a character named May as she travels back in time to 19th century Europe on a fantastic assignment to write a Travel Journal for fellow time tourists. The game will make you see how beautiful artworks complement the time travel theme. Art created more than two centuries ago is given a new life.

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Old Friends Dog Game

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This is a story game about friendship for people who love dogs, made in collaboration with the real Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.

In this beautiful studio Ghibli inspired game, you create your own dog sanctuary – nurture and care for adorable senior dogs by baking treats, petting, and playing with them. As each dog’s loyalty toward you grows, unlock story episodes with choices and learn more about the dogs’ loveable personalities.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 

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A Game of Thrones is a grand strategy board game for three to six players where each of you controls a House vying for domination over the fantasy land of Westeros. If you’re looking for a top 5 strategy board game, enjoy longer (2-4hr) game sessions, and can find good groups of friends to play with, you’ll absolutely love this game.

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