Diving Into The Colorful World Of The Best Otome Games

If you are fan of dating sim and aesthetic games, this list of the best otome games will peak your interest!

In recent years, otome games have started to become popular among gamers not just in Asia but also in the West. In fact, a number of developers have already released English versions of popular games and it doesn’t stop there. In this article, we’ll dedicate to you the best otome games that you should be playing right now.

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Mystic Messenger – One of best mobile otome games

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Mystic Messenger is probably one of the most popular otome games to date. It is produced by Cheritz and was first released in 2016 where it hit the world by storm.

The game takes on a visual novel format where the player stumbles upon a mobile app called “Mystic Messenger.” It connects them to a group of people involved in a charity. Apart from organizing events, the player must also please their object of affection within 11 days. Apart from the ordinary story that features seven routes, the game has another story option called “Another Story.”

By far, Mystic Messenger is one of the best otome games with the largest following. It was hailed at the Best Indie Game at the 2017 Korea Game Awards and still continues to reel in an audience to this day. You can read on our Mystic Messenger guide to know about how you can win this game.

Ikemen Sengoku

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Picture this, you just managed to get your dream job as a fashion designer and you’re over the moon! However, by a strange twist of fate, you suddenly find yourself getting hurled back in time into an alternate history.

Ikemen Sengoku takes players to Japan’s Sengoku Era where she must survive three months in. But she won’t be alone. She’ll be with some of Japan’s most famous historical figures such as Nobunaga Oda and Masamune Date. A lot can happen in three months but if she wants to go home, she must not fall in love with anyone.

The game is developed by Cybird, a company known for producing otome games. Ikemen Sengoku is one of their most famous works that have been adapted into anime, manga, and even stage plays.

Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live

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Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live is one of the best mobile otome games that also doubles as a mobile rhythm game. While it can be quite challenging to play, the game mechanics are easy to follow.

The story centers on the player character as she meets the members of two boyband groups. The game will allow you to follow the everyday lives of the idols in Story mode and help them deliver the show of a lifetime.

Amnesia: Memories – High Rank On The Best Otome Games

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you woke up one day with no recollection of your past? That is exactly what this game will show you. The premise of Amnesia: Memories revolves around the player character as she tries to regain her memories.

It’s the first of August. The player character finds herself waking up with no memory from before August 1. Everything is completely blank. A boy named Orion introduces himself as a spirit attached to your mind, and under his guidance, you’ll begin the journey to regain your memories.

Dangerous Fellows

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If you’re looking for an entirely different otome game, Dangerous Fellows is perfect for you.

Set in a 21st-century apocalypse, you’ll be trying to escape from a horde of zombies only to be saved by a group of strangers. Your group hides out in a school building where you will have to fight through the apocalypse together.

The game boasts a unique setting as its one of the best otome games to be set in the 21st century. While it’s not the first to have a horror theme, it’s one that’s definitely worth a play as it brings something new to the table.

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

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While it is not entirely an otome game, The Arcana: A Mystic Romance is an otome-inspired dating sim that features the same interactive story that most otome games have. Here, the main character is the apprentice of a magician named Asra. The apprentice is invited to solve a royal murder and from there, they will have the chance to romance and date Asra, Nadia, Julian, Muriel, Portia, or Lucio.

The Arcana, as the title implies, features elements from Tarot. The story unfurls in 22 segments with each of them corresponding to the 22 cards in a Tarot deck’s Major Arcana.

If you’re into Tarot and if you’re looking for a great otome-inspired game, The Arcana is definitely one that you should look into.

In all, it can be a hit or miss if you play otome games, but it’s always the matter of finding a game that is perfect for you. There are a lot of best otome games in the market and all you have to do is to look for one that interests you.

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