Destiny 2 Cheat Codes and Unlocks

Learn more about Destiny 2 Cheat Codes and Unlocks on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in the section below.

Destiny 2 Cheat Codes and Unlocks

The second installment of Bungie’s post-Halo first-person shooter (FPS) massively multiplayer (MMO) series, Destiny 2, is set in a grim future with ruthless invaders and valiant guardians. While Destiny 2 isn’t a full MMO, it does pair you up with gamers from around the world and throw you against them, so you’ll need every advantage you can get.

We’ve gathered all the Destiny 2 cheats, codes, unlocks, exploits, and extras you’ll need to raise your power level to an unimaginable height. These cheats, unlocks, and exploits are compatible with PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC games.

Codes for Destiny 2

Codes for Destiny 2 are made available from a variety of sources, and you may input them at to get in-game rewards. You must go to the redemption page on and sign in with your Xbox network, PlayStation Network, Steam, or account in order to input a Destiny 2 code and claim the rewards.

While some of these codes are free, others are only available through short-term tie-in deals and are only good for one use. Although there are rare exceptions, most Destiny 2 codes are single-use only.

Free Destiny 2 Code What Does it Unlock?
XFV-KHP-N97 Unlocks a secret emblem called The Visionary. The emblem won’t appear in your inventory, but you can find it directly in your collection in the Emblems 2 section. Requires the Curse of Osiris DLC.

Destiny 2 Weapon and Ghost Unlocks

In Destiny 2, the majority of the weapons are acquired randomly through engrams that you earn by completing various types of content. Engrams can be found in chests, foes can drop them, and you can earn the most potent ones by reaching weekly milestones. You’ll eventually acquire fantastic new weapons by playing frequently on a random basis. But, by completing certain objectives, you can unlock and level up a few weapons.

How to Get Prophecy Armor?

  1. Finish the Curse of Osiris DLC before finishing the three Mercury adventures.
  2. By speaking with Brother Vance, you can access the heroic version of the adventures.
  3. To earn Vance’s Lost Prophet award, complete one of the valiant adventures.
    assemble sufficient radiolaran cultures to create a prophesy weapon.
  4. With additional radiolarian cultures and paradox amplifying agents, this procedure can be repeated.

How to Get Perfect Paradox Shotgun?

  1. Until Brother Vance gives you the Lost Prophecy, Another Verse task, keep completing the Lost Prophet quest from him.
  2. To unlock the Perfect Paradox shotgun, complete this mission.

Destiny 2 Emblem Unlocks

In Destiny 2, gear is the most obvious way to express yourself, but emblems are the finest way to highlight your achievements. Throwing up your favorite insignia is the ideal method to demonstrate to everyone exactly where you’ve gone, what you’ve done, and how many aliens you’ve killed along the way since most emblems must be earned by completing content. Here are the greatest options for getting some free Destiny 2 emblems:

Emblem How to Unlock it
Prophetic Arsenal emblem Complete the Lost Prophet quest 11 times.
Crossroads Complete the heroic version of the public event on Mercury.
Hero of the Infinite Complete the Curse of Osiris story.
Master Cartographer Complete A Garden World (prestige difficulty) while it is the featured weekly Nightfall.
Master Gardener Complete Tree of Probabilities (prestige difficulty) while it is the featured weekly Nightfall.
Mercury Treasure Seeker Complete a Lost Sector on Mercury.
Transit of Mercury Complete a Heroic Adventure on Mercury.
Secrets of the Vex Gather and equip a full Kairos Function set as a Hunter.
Vex Destroyer Gather and equip a full Kairos Function set as a Titan.
Vex Scholar Gather and equip a full Kairos Function set as a Warlock.
Blade’s Blast Complete a Dawnblade Warlock subtree.
Breaker’s Blaze Complete a Sunbreaker Titan subtree.
Sentinel’s Shove Complete a Sentinel Titan subtree.
Slinger’s Slight Complete a Gunslinger Hunter subtree.
Stalker’s Shot Complete a Nightstalker Hunter subtree.
Storm’s Surge Complete a Stormcaller Warlock subtree.
Strider’s Slash Complete an Arcstrider Hunter subtree.
Striker’s Slam Complete a Striker Titan subtree.
Walker’s Warp Complete a Voidwalker Warlock subtree.

Destiny 2 Hidden and Secret Chests

Chests can be found in a variety of sources, such as public gatherings, Lost Sectors, and even treasure maps that you can purchase from Cayde-6. You’ll encounter a ton of these completely arbitrary chests simply by playing the game.

Destiny 2 Cheat Codes and Unlocks - 1

There are a few chests, though, that can only be opened by carrying out very particular tasks in a very precise sequence and at a very precise spot. How to unlock them is given below.

How to Uncover the Lighthouse Chest

Gather 5 compelling books inside the Mercury Lighthouse in the following order:

  1. The Persuasive Book can be found on a desk outside the area where Brother Vance is standing.
  2. The Marked Book is on a bookcase between two torches along the area’s perimeter to the right of the entrance.
  3. The Old Book can be found amid a stack of volumes in front of a bookcase, past the first column past the entryway.
  4. Be on the lookout for a long row of desks to the right of the entryway. One of the desks holds The Curious Book.
  5. The Important Book can be found close to the massive 12 pointed star to the left of the entryway.

How to Uncover the Treasure in the Raid Lair of the Eater of Worlds

Your fire crew must navigate six rings in the space before the final monster in order to descend to a secure platform. You will be able to access a secret chest if all six are turned on.

Destiny 2 Cheat Codes and Unlocks - 2

How to Locate the Secret Chest in Mindbender

When you first read the Forsaken narrative, you probably won’t see this one because you’ll be in too much of a hurry, so we’ll explain how to find it.

  1. Complete the Mindbender assignment to vanquish the adversary.
  2. When notified that the Ascendant Plane is collapsing, don’t flee.
  3. Look a little to the right as you face the gateway. Behind the portal, a number of platforms ought to be visible.
  4. Leap onto the platform and ascend before navigating the gateway. Never give up looking for a key.
  5. Drop back down, grab the key, and enter the portal.
  6. Turn right to locate a door in the following room.
  7. If you go to the door, you’ll receive
  8. You will have the choice to unlock the door when you get closer to it.
  9. You may find the chest past the door. Unlock it to reveal the secret treasure insignia and the victory for Hiving in Plain Sight.

Destiny 2 Easy Loot Chest Exploit

In Destiny 2, playing the game is the greatest way to obtain treasure, but you may also take advantage of loot chest respawns to obtain free items with no work. While not exactly the quickest technique to increase your power, you may do this passively while playing a different game, watching Netflix, or engaging in any other activity that allows you to take breaks every few minutes.

Destiny 2 Cheat Codes and Unlocks - 3

The fact that chests respawn after being opened is the basis for how this vulnerability operates. Finding a chest in a somewhat secure location and opening it while waiting for it to respawn are the main objectives. Finding a small canyon near the landing area for the Exodus Black is a solid choice for this exploit. A teleporter and some foes can be found in the cave that is reached via the canyon.

Kill all the adversaries in the cave, then wait roughly three minutes before opening the chest. You can open the chest once more since it will reappear elsewhere in the cave. It is safe to just wait, open the chest as many times as you want, and relax because the monsters won’t respawn. You can acquire free stuff by turning in the planetary tokens you collect from repeatedly opening the chest.

    Destiny 2 Content Unlocks

    You definitely want to know how to acquire your first Sparrow because it can be really exhausting to go around on your own feet. Where are the social spaces, considering how lonely it can be out there in the wilderness? We have information for you if you’re wondering how to access this kind of material in Destiny 2.

    Content How to Unlock it
    Sparrow vehicle Reach level 20 to start earning bright engrams. There is a chance that a free sparrow will drop when you turn in bright engrams. You can also purchase a sparrow from Amanda Holliday in the Tower after you beat the main campaign of the base game.
    The Farm (Social Space) Complete the mission Homecoming near the beginning of the game.
    The Tower (Social Space) Complete the main campaign of the base game.
    The Lighthouse (Social Space) Purchase and install the “Curse of Osiris” DLC. Launch the game and open the Director. Select the black and yellow icon that looks like an eye to start a cutscene. Talk to Ikora at the Tower. Complete the first mission of the DLC campaign, and you will unlock Mercury and the Lighthouse social space.
    The Crucible (PVP) Complete the third campaign mission, return to the Farm, and talk to Lord Shax. Level and gear don’t matter in the Crucible, so you can jump right in.

    Unlocking Speed Boosts in Destiny 2

    Since Destiny 2 is an MMO-lite, you can’t actually employ exploits like speed boosts without running the risk of being blacklisted. But, there are methods for gaining speed boosts in the social places, and obtaining them requires playing some entertaining mini-games.

    How to Unlock the Speed Boost in the Farm

    1. Get on top of the water weel and run on it until you see a message that says Sentry Ranks x2.
    2. Head across the wires to the building where Lord Saladin is. If you see a message that says Sentry Ranks x4, you’re good.
    3. Go to the bonfire and start the Scouting Patrol. This will give you a limited amount of time to run through a series of beams of light that shoot from the ground. If you fail, and you don’t die, you can just go back to the bonfire to start again.
    4. If you get to all the beams in time, you’ll receive a speed and jumping boost at the farm that resets if you leave.

    How to Unlock the Speed Boost in the Tower

    1. Head up the slanted wall to the left of the Postmaster, and look for the catwalk to your left
    2. Pick up the object that says Don’t Pick Me Up when you examine it. This will activate the Floor is Lava minigame
    3. Look for a beam of light to the south.
    4. Any ground, other than the catwalk, will kill you, so carefully make your way to the beam of light without touching the ground.
    5. If you reach the light without dying, you will unlock a speed boost. The boost will deactivate if you leave the area.

    Destiny 2 Milestone Unlocks

    Once you hit level 20 and start on the endgame, the best way to get powerful gear is to complete your weekly milestones. You’ll eventually unlock them just by playing the game, as long as you dabble a little in everything. But if you want to get started on that powerful gear as soon as possible, here’s how to unlock all of the milestones in Destiny 2.

    Milestone How to Unlock it
    Flashpoint Complete the main campaign of the base game, and return to the European Dead Zone. Completing the patrol mission there will unlock patrol missions on the other planets. Complete three patrols on any single planet and then talk to Cayde-6 at the Tower to unlock the Flashpoint Milestone. Then complete public events on the right planet to get your weekly loot.
    Nightfall Complete the main campaign of the base game and talk to Zavala. Complete two regular strikes, and talk to Zavala again. Get your power level up high enough, and complete a Nightfall Strike for weekly loot.
    Crucible: Call to Arms Complete the main campaign and talk to Shax to get a quest to do Crucible. Complete that milestone to receive a weekly Crucible milestone. Winning completes the milestone more quickly than losing.
    Leviathan Complete the main campaign and get your power level high enough to challenge the Leviathan raid.
    Clan XP Join a clan, and most activities you complete will earn clan XP. Earn 5,000 total clan XP in one week to get your weekly loot.

    How to Unlock Heroic Public Events

    Grinding public events is an easy, if potentially monotonous, way to get experience to level up or earn bright engrams. It’s also a great way to get gear, but only if you can trigger heroic events. Each event has its own specific triggering method, so make sure to read up. Trigger the heroic event, complete it, and you might get some fantastic gear.

    Destiny 2 Cheat Codes and Unlocks - 4

    Public Event How to Activate Heroic Event
    Cabal Excavation Look for a Cabal Mosquito ship to appear during the event. Destroy the ship, and then kill the boss that spawns.
    Glimmer Extraction Look for the generators that spawn as the drill location moves around. Focus on destroying three of these to activate the heroic event. If you can’t find them, look for what other people are shooting at.
    Injection Rig Look for vents to open up on the massive injection rig. Shoot these vents to destroy them.
    Servitor Resupply Kill the three Elite Servitors before they can bug out.
    Spire Integration Locate capturable areas around the public event and stand in them.
    Taken Blight Enter the small blights to gain a buff that allows you to damage the large blight.
    Weapons Exchange Damage the spider tank to generate orbs. Pick up the orbs and put them into the shield generators.
    Witches Ritual Kill the wizards, then destroy the shielded crystals before the boss can appear.
    Vex Crossroads (Curse of Osiris) After using a man cannon to jump to the first tower, look for a crystal floating in the air. Shoot it to create a platform, and look for another crystal. Repeat this process until you find a red ring, which you need to stand in to trigger the heroic event.

    How to Find Lost Sectors

    Lost Sectors are like instanced mini-dungeons that you can repeat over and over again for a chance at loot. They’re already marked on your map by the Lost Sector symbol, but we have some choice hints if you’re having trouble finding them.

    Planet Area Location
    European Dead Zone Trostland Atrium –  Look for stairs next to the Lost Sector symbol inside Devrim’s church.
    Terminus East – Look for a truck near the Atrium Lost Sector. Slide under a partially closed shutter that’s next to the truck.
    Widow’s Walk – Continue down the road from the Terminus East Lost Sector and look for a building with a blue board over it. Enter the building and head to the right.
    Outskirts Scavenger’s Den – Head from Trostland toward the Outskirts. Look for a broken road past the big fountain, and go to the left of that. Then head to the right up a hill.
    Whispered Falls – Look for the Lost Sector symbol at the bottom of a hill. You’ll find a very small cave entrance behind the hill.
    The Drain – Look under the broken road you went past on your way to the Scavenger’s Den.
    Winding Cove The Weep – Look for a Lost Sector symbol just to the right of the spawn location. Jump up to the top of the hill. You’ll find a hidden hole near a fallen tree.
    Flooded Chasm – Look for a bridge in the Winding Cove, and then check under the bridge.
    The Sludge Shaft 13 – Go to the spawn point for this area and head to the right. Follow the wall to the right until you find a set of red doors.
    Hallowed Grove – Start at the spawn point for the area and head to the right past the entrance to Shaft 13. Keep following the wall to the right until you see the Lost Sector symbol. Go behind the rock the symbol is on and enter a cave.
    Cavern of Souls – Look for a building on a hill in the middle of the area. Enter the door underneath the Lost Sector symbol.
    Firebase Hades Excavation Site XII – From the Gulch, head toward Firebase Hades. Turn left when you reach the Firebase Hades area, head up a small hill, and keep an eye out for the Lost Sector symbol.
    The Pit – Head to the main hangar of Firebase Hades. On the north side of the base, look for a corridor under the ramp. If you follow the corridor, you’ll head underground and find the Lost Sector.
    Pathfinder’s Crash – Head into Firebase Hades from the direction of Winding Cove, while keeping to the right edge of the map. The Lost Sector is close to a Patrols banner.
    Sunken Isles Skydock IV – Get to this Lost Sector from the carrier bay tunnel.
    The Quarry – You’ll find a gap in the rocks on the east side of the Sunken Isles area that leads into this Lost Sector.
    Titan Siren’s Watch Methane Flush – Head to the Siren’s Watch spawn point, turn right, jump down, and move toward the building that has solar panels on top of it. Locate the stairs on the roof, head down them, and then drop down one more level.
    The Rig Cargo Bay 3 – From the main Rig spawn point, head to the left and look for a red container. Go past the container into a hanger, drop down, and look for the Lost Sector symbol. Head into the doorway near the symbol, turn left, and go down the stairs.
    DS Quarters-2 – From the main rig spawn point, head slightly to the right. You’re looking for a flooded room, which you will heave to move through. At the end of that room, jump up and find the Lost Sector symbol. Look for a red door and head toward it to find some stairs, which you’ll have to go down.
    Nessus Artifact’s Edge The Orrery – Head to the north side of the area and look for the Lost Sector in the vicinity of a Hobgoblin.
    The Tangle Ancient’s Haunt – Look some red trees and then enter a narrow, rocky tunnel.
    The Cistern The Conflux – Head to the west side of the area, where you’ll find this Lost Sector underneath a big tree.
    Glade of Echoes The Carrion Pit – Go to the middle of the area and find a place that has a bunch of broken platforms. You’ll find the Lost Sector hidden in among these platforms.
    Exodus Black The Void – Head to the western edge and keep your eye out for a small opening.
    Io Lost Oasis Grove of Ulan-Tan – Head to the northwest part of the area and look for a cave that leads to this Lost Sector.
    The Rupture Sanctum of Bones – Go to Asher Mir and take the north road. This will take you to the Lost Sector.
    Aphix Conduit – Head to the southeast part of the area and look for a cavern. You’ll run into a lot of Goblins if you’re on the right track.
    Mercury Field of Glass Pariah’s Refuge – Head to the southeast end of Mercury. You’ll find the entrance to this Lost Sector near a cliff, and you’ll have to head down a long tunnel.