DEEMO II Review – Embark On an Exquisite Music World

DEEMO II is a wonderful rhythm game that incorporates in-world storytelling as a backdrop to the various melodies that you play.

Splitting into light-hearted rhythmic gameplay and a free-roaming adventure part in which your character explores various settings, including the focal train station, DEEMO II sets itself apart from its rhythm game competitors.

A Heart-Gripping Story Goes Beyond a Rhythm Game

As previously mentioned, DEEMO II comes equipped with an assortment of songs to play but, also, a thoroughly engaging story to go along with it! DEEMO II hits on similar (pardon the pun) beats as the first story. In this sequel, you will find yourself in a world that is brought to life through music. An advent of “Hollow Rain” that causes anyone who touches it to burst into a flurry of white flowers, is currently plaguing the land.

We follow Echo, a young girl who has “bloomed” but somehow re-appears, and Deemo, a station guardian. Together, the two must find a way to save their world through music. Oftentimes, with rhythm games, the gameplay is enough to carry the entire project. However, it is great to see a game that strives to do more, going above and beyond to create a thoroughly entertaining journey that incorporates the playing of music to further the plot.

Breathtaking Music with Light-Hearted Melody

As any rhythm game should, the music in DEEMO II is what makes this game a joy to play. Before you can even log in to the game, a prompt will appear ushering you to play the game with the volume up or with headphones on. Once you start playing, it is clear to see why as almost every track in this game is a joy to play through and listen to. “Echo over you…”, the first track that is played after completing the tutorial is the perfect light-hearted piano melody to help get you in the mood for some orchestral rhythmic gameplay!

Most tracks in this game, due to the story and atmosphere used here, are characterised by its tranquil piano melody acted as the backbone of the song. There isn’t much in the way of groovy jams or popular music. Most songs do not even come with lyrics. However, if you are in the mood for a nice soothing rhythm game, DEEMO II can provide this in spades. The great music is not just limited to the rhythm sections either. The background music throughout the game is a joy to listen to and perfectly reflects the genre of the game.

Mesmerizing Art Style Drags You Into Its Melancholy Worldview

DEEMO II uses an amazing style with which to craft its characters. The game takes gothic and fantasy elements similar to games like Nier, but blends them with an intricate art style that almost like an ink art.

The world we get to explore is filled with a wide range of colorful characters each with their own unique costumes and visual quirks. Several of the inhuman characters are also well detailed and it was very amusing interacting with them or watching them go about their daily lives.

A Gameplay with Mixed Reviews

The rhythm gameplay in DEEMO II is top-notch. The game incorporates a lot of interesting mechanics such as dragging one’s finger across the screen to hit multiple notes, as well as tried-and-true rhythm game staples such as holding down longer notes for a better score. There are also several missions and achievements to complete when playing in the free-roaming portions of the game, and several items that can be collected as well. The game is also fully voiced which is a huge investment but one that pays off massively in such a story-focused game.

While the in-world movement controls can be a little annoying at times, they serve well enough for the basic act of walking through various set pieces to different locations. Additionally, while the music in DEEMO II is beautiful, there is not much in the way of variety when it comes to the song selection. Almost all of the songs fall into the same classical genre which is something that rhythm games featuring heaps of popular music can avoid. We in no way dissuade you from playing the game because of this but, if you are someone who enjoys playing a variety of different music genres in your rhythm games, DEEMO II may disappoint.

Should You Play DEEMO II?

YES! DEEMO II is a great rhythm game and a unique departure from other rhythm games on the market today. While the genre selection of songs may be limited, there are certainly enough tracks to keep you entertained whenever you’re in the mood for some bombastic piano melodies! Furthermore, the story is incredibly engaging and, even if you can feel yourself becoming burnt out on the rhythmic portion of the game, you will want to keep playing just to see what happens next!

Rhythm game fans will find little to complain about with DEEMO II as the gameplay is smooth and precise. Each button tap is incredibly satisfying and the multiple difficulty levels ensure that you can always be advancing your power level! Make sure to check out DEEMO II and let us know what you think about this game!

Download DEEMO II here


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