Counter-Strike 2 is back with the return of Kickflipping the AK-47

Valve confirmed the release of Counter-Strike 2, along with the return of kickflip mechanics.

For the past few months a large amount of hype has been centered around the release of CS2, which would see the famed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have all its assets finally moved over to the Source 2 Engine. With this, Valve have decided to market the game as a “sequel” while still retaining all items from the original – the same move Activision Blizzard did with Overwatch 2. The new game will feature new Smoke Grenade dynamics, reworked maps, higher tick rate servers, and all the bells and whistles we have come to love in CS:GO. This includes the ability to “kickflip” the AK-47.

Almost like playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater or any of the Skate franchise games, hitting the AK-47 in just the right spot causes it to spin in an almost kickflip-like fashion. If this is timed with a jump at the right time, it looks exactly like the player is playing THPS inside CS – especially now that we can see our feet (although combat boots are not really the best for skateboarding). The so-called, “kickflip” relates more to the new physics which is part of the Source 2 engine, which has rather great interactions when shooting objects within a game.

Unfortunately, after this went viral on Twitter a few hours ago, thanks to user psp1g(@smileybeef) (the same user who rose to fame when they kickflipped an AK-47 seconds before winning a round as they were being pushed in Apartments on Inferno), the CS2 development team have responded, admitting that this is not the way in which the physics should work in CS – meaning that we probably will not be seeing much more of this once the game comes out of its beta period.