Check Out The Best Real Time Tactics Games On Appvn

Real Time Tactics games make mobile warfare fun and interesting. Now, let find the best RTS games on Appvn to have great gaming moments. 

Total War Battles: Kingdom

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Total War Battles: Kingdom is for those who are bored playing Clash of Clans and its clones. The game’s base-building and battle elements are unique, especially for a person who hasn’t played a Total War game before.

The game’s small-scale battles can’t be compared to massive Total War battles on PC, but they are still playable and offer some great tactical opportunities to gamers. Battles take place on separate battlegrounds, where two rival factions deploy their most able troops, command their units, and use special abilities and tactics to seal victory for their army. You will need to train and order units to attack, make the most of special “church orders,” and employ standard tactics to win battles.

Top 10 Best RTS Games For Android To Play While Quarantine

Tropical Stormfront

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A military-themed RTS title, Tropical Stormfront brings land, air, and sea battles right to your mobile device. The epic fight between two powerful alliances takes place on historic islands of the Pacific. You will be siding with the good faction against the all-powerful entity ODO, which intends to rule the world.

In Tropical Stormfront, there are 25 missions consisting of intense skirmishes and large maps. Mission objectives are diverse, ranging from base defense to invading enemy territory. The focus is more on battles than on tedious resource management, which, in my opinion, is good.


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Dominations combine Clash of Clans’ fast-paced battle elements with Civilization’s notable features such as research tree and age advancement. Players can advance through the ages, researching new technologies, forging alliances, inventing advanced weapons, and battling rival nations. The game has splendid visuals, but the base design and layouts will remind you of CoC’s isometric bases. Still, there are lots to discover, and players won’t be disappointed by the research trees, different types of troops, weapons, and technologies.

Machines at War 3

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One of the best real time strategy games can now be played on your Android device. The third game of the MaW series provides better random map skirmishes, more than 100 unique units and technologies, seven mega units, and 20 challenging missions. There’s also an online multiplayer battle mode that lets you fight three more friends and use your most advanced units to defeat them.

Rusted Warfare

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If you have played Total Annihilation, then you shouldn’t miss Rusted Warfare. With fascinating retro visuals, this game brings old school RTS gaming to your mobile device. It features campaign missions that take place on large maps. There are also fun skirmishes with each mission, giving you an opportunity to take control of land, air, and sea units. But it’s the tower-defense survival mode that ups the gameplay value.


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Auralux’s abstract visuals are totally original, and its gameplay simple yet challenging. You target enemies and capture their “stars,” which are actually bases that spawn units. At the same time, you have to make sure your own stars aren’t captured by your opponents.

Auralux is free, but the paid version provides a special speed mode that ensures fast-paced gameplay, forcing you to make split-second decisions. The paid version also lets you download expansion packs with unlockable achievements and includes a tablet-version pack designed for Tegra-powered tablet PCs.

Tropical Wars

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Probably the best pirate-themed real time tactics games available for Android right now, Tropical Wars lets you command a large fleet of ships ranging from gunners and sniper ships to artillery. Ship battles occur in real-time. You can move your ships one by one by tapping a ship and dragging your finger to the desired location on your mobile screen. You will need to attack enemy ships in the same way by drawing a line between your ship and the enemy’s pirate ship.

Thank you for reading. If you want to recommend any of the best real time tactics games, let us know in the comment section below!


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