Check Out The Best Multiplayer Survival Games Android And iOS

Looking for multiplayer survival games android and iOS? If so, this list is the best option for you with the tops of the genre.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

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Royal Ark, a small mobile game development studio in Cyprus made a challenging move by carving a game that today gives a tough competition to Call of Duty. Yes, we are talking about Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the last war.

Dawn of Zombies (DoZ) is one of the best multiplayer survival games Android and iOS centered in a post-apocalyptic world. In this game, you’re one of the survivors left alone on the wastelands. You can build and craft your requirements both on and under the ground. There are over 70 weapons in this game like Makarov Pistol, M-16, and AK 47 and there is a feature to customize them as per your resource. Helping and saving other people adds unique rewards to the bank.

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival adventure game with some city-building elements. Players establish a home base, build up their space, tame dinosaurs, and fend off marauding bandits and other bad things. You start alone and unarmed and must build yourself up from basically nothing. That includes weapons, buildings, resources, and other stuff. The game is free to play with an optional subscription that gives players various benefits. There are also social elements to play with friends, a crafting system, and a bunch of lands to explore. Plus, it’s one of the most graphically intense games on mobile so it should look outstanding on high-end screens.

LifeAfter – Best Multiplayer Survival Games Android

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LifeAfter is one of the newer co op survival games android and iOS on the list. It plays like most post-apocalyptic survival games. A virus sweeps the planet and leaves most people dead or as monsters. You must survive the monster hoard, collect gear, craft stuff, and figure out ways to live. Players can craft safe houses, learn to tend wounds, and forage for food wherever they can. It’s all backed up with some decent graphics and controls. The game’s free-to-play mechanics can be a little stressful at times, but they’re mostly not a big deal.

Day R Survival

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Day R Survival is another excellent freemium survival game. This one takes place in the USSR. It includes 2,700 locations on a huge map, tons of items to find, and a relatively decent survival experience. You have to stave off hunger, not get killed by zombies, and avoid radiation where possible. It also boasts an RPG progression system for skills like shelter, mechanics, chemistry, and other such things. It’s a surprisingly deep survival game for its price tag. This one should be fun for a while.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

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Last Day on Earth: Survival is one of the most popular multiplayer zombie games Android and iOS. You have to gather resources, steal stuff, craft stuff, and fight bad guys in order to stay alive. It also has shooter and zombie apocalypse elements. It also has a decent YouTube community for tips, tricks, and tutorials. This is a free-to-play game and players can buy advantages. However, and perhaps ironically, not buying anything makes it that much more difficult to survive stuff, and some players like the added challenge. It’s entertaining for what it is, but people who don’t like free-to-play games may not like it as much.


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Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer survival games Android and iOS. It’s also great for creative people and other stuff. Survival Mode is the epitome of what survival games should be. For those who don’t know, Minecraft puts you in a randomly generated world and then you do whatever you want. You can build things, mine things, kill things, grow things, and do pretty much whatever you want. Microsoft made some big moves with Minecraft in 2016 and 2017.

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Out There: Ω Edition

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Out There is perhaps one of the most underrated co op survival games Android. The premise is that you’re an astronaut who has woken up from cryogenic sleep. You’re in the middle of uncharted space, alone, and in desperate need of supplies. Your goal will be to fix your ship, find resources, and live. It also features a procedurally generated universe so no two plays are the same. It recently started getting updates again after a long pause and it’s one of the oldest survival games on Android, but it’s definitely one of the most difficult for the hardcore survival fans out there.

If we missed any of the best multiplayer survival games Android and iOS, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out The Best Action Adventure Games 2021


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